Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Evil Clergy Meets in Minneapolis to Normalize Degeneracy

Edit: they could always join the aging and dying mainline Protestant sects. Those people love sodomy.

Look at the age of these people. Looks like a lot of puppet makers, old boomers who run NGOs and non-Profits for $250k a year. Absolutely geriatric and as corrupt and decrepit as the Archdiocese of Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Hey guys, it’s not 1968 any more.

What was “Bishop” Pates doing there? Lol

He’s no stranger to promoting sodomy. Here he is with the pastor of a “gay” church about 13 years ago.




Anonymous said...

The one goog thing is that all these priests look like they are at least 70. And that's close to the average age of priests in the USA. If there were any habitless rad nuns there, and I didn't see any on the video clip, they are all way past 70. The average age of nuns in the USA, especially in the radical liberal Orders, is 78-80+. RAdical liberal CAtholic laity average between 72-80 years of age. Femminist nun icons like Joan Chittister etc. are 85+. And of course their ring-leader Pope Francis is 84.
In a few years, they will all be dead. Not wishing them dead....just a fact that they will be.

I often wonder about these once great religious Orders in the Church like the Jesuits, Franciscans, Salesians, and the Sisters of Mercy, Sisters of IHM, Sisters of St. Joseph etc. if they have any remorse what has happened to their Orders...that by their radical agendas they helped drive their own Orders to extinction. Was it all worth it? Hell no. But these losers will die still clinging to the shit they espoused for 50+ years.
The Church will be glad that they are finally gone.

DAmian M. Malliapalli

Leo Ignis said...

Bring out your dead.

James said...


They have no remorse about the death of their Orders.
Most of the Orders are sitting on huge endowments that lay people, in their charity, gave or willed to them over the decades.
I recently saw an interview with a Franciscan from California who said that his Province in California is "land rich". (Translation: They are loaded.) I am guessing that St. Francis is scratching his head over that one.
They will spend their days fed, clothed and cared for in a manner that most of the unwashed Laity will never see.
I have no sympathy for their demise.

James Maxwell said...

James, other plausible explanations for the dramatic demise of the religious orders are: a) only a fraction of the 1970s Catholic community are still engaged in Church life so the vocations pool has contracted; b) that with the absolute disaster of world wide clerical child sexual abuse, young people could no longer regard the Church as Christ-like so the appeal to participate in Church practice was compromised and c) that Catholics young and old heard the voice of the Holy Spirit to protest and walk away, not from Christ but from the dysfunctional structures of the Catholic Church.
It might take another hundred years or so before the bishops can reclaim any significant moral authority. At the moment, few of them have much in common with Jesus Christ.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

What, The Bishops have not excommunicated these queer clerics?

Back in the day Pope Pius V liacised satanic sodomites like these and turned them over to the secular state to execute them. Back then, a Pope knew he was supposed to judge.

Tancred said...

The real story of course is that despite attempts to punish and magnify child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, most of the worst perpetrators go unpunished. It’s never discussed that as bad as the Catholic Church is, it is not as prevalent or hidden as it is in entertainment, secular education or politics.

There are horrific accounts of sex abuse in 60s and 70s in institutions run by Greens and Socialists in Germany, but there isn’t so much coverage of it and the Gree

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Tancred. Too true

Anonymous said...

The point of post 1951 Catholicism has been,from the so called Pope on down to most Bishops Priests Brothers and Nuns,to utterly destroy and bury any trace of the true Religion.

Personally,I'd think the Novus Ordo clergy who aren't currently suffering from Alzheimer's or terminal illness are happy and proud to have been the ones who helped destroy the Catholic Church and society along with it.

God bless -Anthony