Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Black Women: Be sure to get your jab!

It's very safe. And, Covid might kill you. Believe in the Science!!


Tom Kirton said...

And Tancred developed Black Fungus after his jab.

Michael Paisley said...

Tancred didn't get jabbed. He has natural immunity which even Trump conceded on The Rush Limbaugh Show today is even better than the vaccine.

RT said...

Should be no surprise that many blacks are getting their jabs at PP clinics in the inner city

Tom Kirton said...

"He has natural immunity which even Trump conceded on The Rush Limbaugh Show today is even better than the vaccine."

Congratulations on both Boker Trump and Rush for accomplishing such a stunning metaphysical and eschatological feat. I thought Rush had changed zip codes some time ago, so what's with the "today" caper?

Sloppy cutting and pasting and even more lazy choice of handles. Go back to Orange Lodge marches and bomb throwing Mr Rosemary and Thyme.

Anonymous said...

Planned Parenthood motto "Because how many children brown and black married couples have is the business of wealthy plutocrats."

Helen Keller said...

RT: Planned Parenthood is doing yeoman’s work in the inner city making these vaccines available to the poor. They also provide family planning services and breast exams.

Anonymous said...


(Pssst! And a little secret. They also murder babies, cut them up, and sell the parts.)
That's REALLY yeoman's work.

Evangeline said...

Some people (oddies) defend the vaccine like it's their mother! And then the serious oddies come out and defend Planned Parenthood. How is it that some people feel useful in the world when they are doing the work of the devil. So crazy. What bizarre people you are. There are normal people, and then there's you. You are not normal. You have issues. You need help, a lot more than you can get here. You should seek it.
The numbers presented here are compatible with what others are finding. All indications are the jab is a bad idea for pregnant women, who were not included in any trials at all, Clinical Phase 1 or 2. We have NEVER given pregnant women drugs of any kind not tested, so for that to happen is to abandon all prior scientific precedent. It usually takes 10 to 12 YEARS of trials to bring a drug to market, and pregnant women would be included to be sure there were no ill effects on baby or mother. The number of miscarriages and stillbirths are significant if there is ONE, let alone these numbers. Yet those jabs must go on. We must ask...WHY.

Rene Sands said...

Tom Kirton:

Trump certainly did say that on the Rush Limbaugh show. He was on for a full hour yesterday.
He still thinks the vaccines are wonderful though. Dumass

Margarita said...

Not true that PP provides breast health care. Couple of years ago, when I was in-between health insurances and needed to have a mammogram, I called a woman's advocacy group advertising "free breast exam and mammo."

The first thing they asked was, "Are you African-American?"

No, I'm Asian.

"Well, we mostly serve African-Americans. But let me connect you there; they may be able to help you," and she connected me to what turned out to be Planned Parenthood.

I could not believe I was talking to PP.

"We don't have mammogram, but can train you how to do self-exam," was the answer.

I hang up. Do-it-yourself breast exam pamphlets are a dime-a-dozen and instructions are all over any garden variety women's magazine. It's not a specialized skill. You don't need PP for that.

And what's with the "African-American" screen?

Ted Hanson said...

I lived in a coEd dorm with a roommate from college. He spoke with a Welsh a accent which really impressed the girls. Before I knew it, he was having a couple girls over to the room every day and he was giving breast exams. He offered to teach me how to perform
the scam but I figured it was a good way to get oneself expelled. He wasn’t back the next semester and I never found out why.