Wednesday, June 30, 2021

A former libertine & a still flamboyant ex-sodomite have a chat


JBQ said...

Milo has a lot of guts for working to overcome his shortcomings. He is a victim of our radicalized and sinful culture. Unlimited forms of abortion are only a symptom of the devil's rise to power and the takeover of the Democratic Party. ---He has all of the mannerisms of Saul of Tarsus after he was knocked off his horse. God allowed him to be tested in the fire of reality. May the good Lord bless him with success in his future endeavors.

Nick Galaxas said...

This report to do with abortion or the Democratic Party. No awards for over acting, Popeye
And, BTW, Paul was not on a horse on the road to Damascus. He walked everywhere.

C. P. B. said...


Re ‘mannerisms,’ the pink shorts are very St. Paul.

C. B.

Tancred said...

He has a gullible audience with some money bags.

Why can’t he just get a job at a hair salon and stfu?

Fubar said...


Why can't he just go to a barber and get a normal haircut?
That said, I find him slightly more sincere and trustworthy than Voris:

Flat Chested Charlie said...

Tancred, serious question. Why should I trust you? I have never seen your appearance nor your resume.

JBQ said...

@Nick Galaxas: I have a background in Bible translation from the original Greek. It was small but rewarding. There is a Greek manuscript; which details the mode of transportation for the man from Tarsus. In a detailed excavation of his tomb, there was an object found which can best be described as an ancient type of skateboard.

Tim Taylor said...

Don’t let Thug Gordon know that Paul ran around on a skateboard

Tancred said...

A. I’m not a sodomite and never portrayed myself that way.

B. I don’t go on theatrical tours to colleges in order to “own the libs “ by being a sassy, fancy gay man.

C. I’ve never started projects that damaged my business partners by my negligence.

D. Everything I touch doesn’t turn to rust.

E. I’ve never tried to downplay sodomitical pederasty the way Milo does.

F. Milo is still as queer and/or queerer than Gaybrielle.

G. I never created an initiative to give substantial awardS to students who were abused by college administrators , and pocketed the money like Milo did,

Tancred said...

Oh yeah, and I have and had nothing to do whatever with the plagiarizing porn manufacturer, Steve Banon.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough Tancred. Your appearance and resume will remain a mystery to your readers.

Anonymous said...

Roosh is a Monophisyte.

God bless -Andrew