Thursday, May 27, 2021

Technocratic Takeover Decoded


Peter said...

This is becoming the Catholic You Tube

Gladstone said...

@5:40 (((Judith Rodin))) became president of UPenn (Jew Penn) in 1994.

Data Point: The Technocratic takeover is a Jewish operation.
Replace the word Globalist with GLOBAL SYNAGOGUE


Gladstone said...

@ 6:55 " Systems of Intelligence, surveillance systems feeds signal intelligence..."

Universal Surveillance is a Jewish operation.

2019 Assigment Under TRUMP (because Jews control both political parties)

"In 2019, General Nakasone formed the NSA's Cybersecurity Directorate and named Neuberger as the first Director of Cybersecurity.[7] The directorate focuses on "preventing and eradicating" cyber threats from countries such as Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.[10][11]"

Neuberger left her role as NSA's Director of Cybersecurity in April 2021 after being becoming President Joe Biden's Deputy National Security Advisor for Cyber and Emerging Technology and joining the National Security Council.[12]

They can monitor everything and cut in before I have time to finish typing this senten

Gladstone said...

@7:12 Michael Bloomberg & Bill Gates

Bill Gates
Jew defends Gates and Fauci (would they defend goys in this way?)
33:50 Poison Pill Found. Now we know why these High IQ Leftists are still on Youtube, and not banned. Pattern detected with the pejorative comment about "running away to a cave." With this she is gaslighting the viewer. Living in a cave is what people have to do now, unable to leave their homes. Reconnecting with neighbors and land outside of the Jew money system is something that the global synagogue cannot control. This is not the only vid which subtly plants blackpills and discouraging viewer from exiting the Jew run money system and striving for self-sufficiency. (Corbett was a guest on a program that included a similar editorial angle.)

Hidden grammar/meta narrative conclusion.
The Global Synagogue is TERRIFIED of gentiles exiting their money system in advance of their gaining pushbutton/prison control of everyone and everything.
If you exit their money system, they lose and you win. Period. They know it.

Gladstone said...

PS: Don't tell Damien Gallipoli about the above facts and observations.

Bill Sandlake said...

It really must be a shit of an existence for Gladstone inhabiting his tiny little domain of paranoia and self loathing.
Get a teddy bear, Gladys.

Gladstone said...


Few things in this world are more loathsome than an aging, alcoholic homosexual priest. Soon you will face judgement. If you do not repent, then the fiends of hell who have provoked you to unnatural advice will drag you down, kicking and screaming, for all eternity. Resign the clerical state, stop buggering other men, and go to confession.