Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Still think it was worth it?



Anonymous said...

What a horror-in-waiting for those who got the jab without an initial reaction. When the time comes and they get sick, or their bodies produce anything that the DNA gene-therapy jab reconises as an infection, God knows what they will be in for!

The jab has made people ticking time bombs.

Jake Allbright said...

Nothing of the sort. They are just typical Trump supporters who drank far too much Dettol.

Anonymous said...

First of all, none of these are "Convusions".
The first one is Tardive Dyskinesia which an adverse effect from some of the major
psychiatric medications. (Most common: Haloperidol)
The second is a person who has a longstanding neurological disorder as is evidenced by her advanced debility.

Neither of these has anything to do with the vaccine.

Biff said...

I haven’t seen anything like this but I know people
who have lost a lot of energy and MANY who are paralyzed on one side of the face.

Anonymous said...

All the super wealthy national and globalist NGOs that have supported birth control, the pill, RU 486 abortion pills, abortion, depopulation, eugenics, and euthasia for many decades all enthusiastically support the VAXX. Given the endorsement of those depopulation NGOs why would anybody refuse the VAXX? Besides the VAXX is manufactured by dismembering human infants and injecting parts of their cadavers into the bloodstream. What's not to like?

Jake Allbright said...

Anonymous 6:33, if you are referring to the use of fetal stem cell technology in the development of COVID-19 vaccines such as AstrZeneca and Johnson & Johnson, you should also be aware that exactly the same process is involved in the production of vaccines for Chickenpox, Rubella, Polio, Shingles to name a few.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn’t take those vaccines either.
These, though, are not vaccines 💉

JA said...

You probably already have old chap. So, in your scheme of things, you are at the very least a material cooperator in evil. Don't give blood will you?!

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Rational Catholics should remain part of the control group rather than choose to become part of the largest not-vaccine human drug trialsin history.

Of course almost all medicine is tainted by the fact that "scientists" strive to corrupt all men in their attempt to draw "good" out of the evil of abortion because "science' is God.

Could "scientists" develop vaccines not corrupted by the use of innocent babies assassinated by killer doctors?


Shungraix is an example of it.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...
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Amateur Brain Surgeon said...


Matilda-Beth Weiß said...

There is also Novavax which is developed morally (in moth eggs) and appears to be safe and effective. I really don't care about the effective part as I already had the koof. I do care about the morality and safety.
Unfortunately, its release has been pushed back to September.

Anonymous said...

D'ya think maybe that people are only picking the miniscule number of serious reactions to the vaccines people had, and blowing it all up as to portray that as the norm that people should expect? If that were the case, I would not have anted to get the vaccine....or anyone else.

I had COVID, and was sick fo a month or more. Bt my Dr. said that getting the vaccine couldn't hurt, and it could be extra protection, because he and other DRS. in my area have treated people who had COVID, didn't get the vaccine afterwards, and months later, contracted it again. Lesser that time, but still contracted it again.

In light of the disaster of COvid in India, it wasn't a bad idea, because that strain is in afew states here.

Aside from the USA,(naturally), I feel most sorry for the people of India (naturally), because we have family there, and my cousins told us that both the Indian government, and th media, and underreporting both cases and deaths by tens of thousands. Sometimes deliberatly. And that asshole China, where it all began, had placed troops on the border ready to massacre and Indian people who either go over the border, or near it. Then we'll have not only COVID there, but war.

Someone on the border towns should bottle the COVID-19 in India, and somehow shoot it back over the border into China where it started and where it belongs.

Wgile I was sitting in the train today, I saw two Chinese girls spit on and egged by a group of blacks as they tried to get on a train near Philly . The black girls ran off and I'm sure will be arrested. The two Chinese just stood there on the train platform wailing. THeir clothes were covered in egg.

Damian M. Malliapalli

Dave said...

>70% of the people dead from S.African Covid in the UK have been vaccinated, and they lag behind us.
This Fall will be interesting in the US for our guinea pigs. They’re already getting pneumonia and mild Bell’s Palsy, albeit with pain, is pretty common.
Most troubling is the fact that the vaccinated and making everyone sick


Jake Allbright said...

Lifesitenews.com is fake news and serial liars so toxic that, like the dissembling Trump, has been banned from social media facilities such as Facebook and Twitter.
You're in an alternative universe Dave. Have a good shot of Drano. That'll spark up the synapses and get your thinking straight!

susan said...

Hey Jake Allstupid....yeah, this is completely normal.....


You're an ass feybriel. Please DO, by all means....get the non-vaccine.

Anonymous said...

HAHAAHAHA Draino! I think Trump was a great President in most things, but wasn't he the one who told the story of reading about people suggesting drinking bleach to combat COVID-19. I remember something like He was repeating what he had heard people doing (and the media of course twisted it as to say he was encouraging people to drink bleach for Covid) :)

Damian M. Malliapalli

JA said...

Yeah it was the Donald who recommended drinking bleach as an antidote to the COVID infection. Trump probably didn't take it with his Coke but clearly used it on his hair. I thing Yeehaww Susan enjoys Draino in her shots of bats' bile on the rocks.

Shaun said...

I read the whole story behind the Drinking Draino thing. It’s pretty boring.

As for LifeSite being banned from social media, doesn’t that make them more

Jake Allbright said...

The ban on LifeSite by secular commercial companies like Twitter and Facebook illustrates that irresponsible behavior such as spreading lies about the efficacy of COVID 19 vaccines and dog whistling about alleged side effects will not be tolerated. LifeSite and a few others like it behave as though the Law does not apply to them and that truth is a Humpty Dumpty excuse for them inventing their own version of reality and promoting it as objective, verifiable truth.
It's a pity that the American Catholic bishops don't have the balls to call out their shabby performance in reporting on Church matters.
The Eschaton will take care of them.

John Vianney said...

They're banned because Covidism is dogma and not science which solicits criticism.
What I say now is an anecdote but the plural of anecdote is data.

Nine days after the second Pfizer jab, my aunt (68) has full blown dementia. Joe Biden level! I have no idea how permanent this is because the docs seem more committed to convincing us that this is not the fault of the jab than getting to the bottom of this. Why? They and the "vaccine" companies can't be sued thanks to Reagan and their experimental status. They are apologists for a religion. Don't their tactics bear a remarkable similarity to the mainstream Novus Ordo defenders?
Think of Bishop Robber Baron answering Benji Shapiro's question on the necessity of baptism and that's the awkward evasiveness you see when these people are cornered. No wonder they want to silence people.

Anonymous said...

These are not vaccines, full stop, I won't be their guinea pig.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Trump dyed /bleached his hair. I always thought it was a toupe /hair piece, until I saw the wind blow it once. It's his real hair.
I always thought it was very uncool for these media idiots to have been on his back 24/7 for the whole of his term. I suspected, but was surprised, that most of them were gay--especially the lesbians. They were on his back from day one.

I read the Draino/bleach story. He didn't encourage people to drink it or inject it. He had read that people were making up their own folk remedies and made the mistake of repeating it on air. It didn't take MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, etc. to start blasting on air that Trump encourages people to take bleach/Draino.

Nearly every smear they leveled at Trump during his term was proven false....especially the bs about RUssia. Up until now, they have not done the same thing to Biden....but with the Oil /Gas crisis, the Israeli/Palestinian escalation, Iran issues, China and Russia, they're starting to. About time.

Damian M. Malliaplli

Biden lied, check the link said...

Hey JA, Biden lied.


Anonymous said...

Biden has always been a lying doofus

Dad29 said...

Your readers using Firefox can no longer get to your blog. GOOGLE stated that your blog is a malicious site using deceptive practices.

Mine, too.

Jake Allbright said...

It is always a great consolation to have a strong Eschatology. The liars always get caught in their own deception.

Tancred said...

I think Voc Cantoris reported us for the “homophobia”.

Anonymous said...

Not surprised that girlfriend would have reported this site for "homophobia".
She gets a little snippy this time of the month.

Dad29 said...

We're back! Actually, the outage only lasted a couple of hours.

More likely it was the discussions of The Vax that triggered GOOGLE.

Anonymous said...

I can understand people being offended by rampant Islamophobia, or any phobia pertaining to Blacks, Jews, Roman Catholics, Indians, Mormons, Latinos, Asians, Zoroastrians, Yazidis, Kurds, Buddhists, Taoists, Policemen, Firemen, Mailmen, Shakers, Shintoists, Tantric Buddhists, Tibetans, Vegetarians, Vegans, etc., etc.

But "homophobia"? --------Whatever. "ZZZZZZZ" :@)

Damian M. Malliapalli