Tuesday, April 27, 2021

EENS, always a popular topic


Anonymous said...

EENS, always a popular topic? Not as "popular" as the answer: NO!, there is not!

One often thought a great way to clear a room quickly at a chapel's coffee was to discuss Sedevacantism, until a visitor spoke of Salvation outside the Church and the even-more loaded topic of "Three Baptisms."

Kathleen said...

Ah brings back memories of the good old days of all the traddie guys rolling up their sleeves and punching each other in the head (so to speak!) in BOD debates on Angel Queen.

Good times!

Anonymous said...

I was driving my great-aunt to the Mall yesterday, and we often talk about religion. We passed a Lutheran church along the way, and she said, without any prompting from me " When I was young, we were taught that they were evil, and the Catholic Church never had anything to do with Protestants".

Back then, her sister married a Presbyterian...and that was a scandal (1956). They had to have the wedding in the rectory of the church, because the pastor would not let a Presbyterian or his family into his church.

Teaching that a certain religion was evil might have been wrong, but disallowing a Presbyterian into the Catholic Church was ok. It was a statement that "we are the true Faith". I never grew up with that taught to me. All thru school, it was "we're all one family, everyone is ok what they are". My great-aunt still tells of having Mission Drives at her parochial school every October, when the kids gave their coins at recess to the Missions to save 1 soul in Africa, or India. HAHAHAHAAHA. We never hear that today. Now I was taught in school all the way up to college that Catholic are no better than any other religion. I'm 33 on the 9th, so I missed out big time on real CAtholicism.
I did alittle research a few months ago, for a priest friend. I found out that back in 1960, there were 31,000 missionary priests,brothers, and sisters in foreign nations from the USA alone!!!
In these 55+ post-VAtican II years, if there's 1,000 missionary priests, brothers and sisters for the whole Church, I'd be surprised. (And I don't mean missionaries FROM Africa or India...(there's probably not many of them either), but I mean Europe and USA. If there are any, they're all 65-75+.....and they'll be preaching ecumenism etc....not Catholicism.

Damian M. Malliapalli

Rand Miller said...

45 minutes of rambling because he can't give the clear answer which is " Outside of the Catholic Church there is no salvation."