Saturday, April 24, 2021

Another reason for cops to let the hood burn.

What kind of name is Ma'Khia anyway??


Anonymous said...

Ma'Khia is Swahili for "too many Carbs".


Anonymous said...

Ma'Khia was an animal. I saw the video tape of her attacking one of the neighborhood girls with a knife. Another black guy kicked a girl in the head after she fell on the ground. The policeman ordered this Ma'Khia to stop twice, and instead, she shoved the girl against the car and raised her knife to stab her. So the policeman shot. Good riddance. No boo hoo for a hoodlum/animal like Ma'Khia. These street kids are all that way. They will go after any white person who happens to be unlucky enough to be down the city, or corssing thru their neighborhood, and they'll also think nothing of attacking/shooting/raping their own people.

Thanks to Biden and company and the Left, (Democrats), no one will be safe going to any city.
For business or for fun.

From a distance, on my way to the train last week, I saw a black guy push a nun out of his way and she fell. I ran to help her but other good people got their first (a Latino guy and a white guy).
Until last week, I communted to NYC from Philly (6:45 train), but now I told my supervisor I'm working form home. No one would likely attack me, because I'm bigger than most, but I saw two incidents in NYC by blacks last week, and don't want to risk anything.

This country under Biden is getting to be a nuthouse not fit for decent people to live in.

Damian M. Malliapalli

(my relatives in Ireland, and my friends in Italy see the USA news too, and the BLM crap, and all the shootings, and they think the USA is a sick place.)

Peter said...

Ma'Khia is a favor to employers as they instantly recognize a ghetto name and move on. I know most are unemployable anyway.

Anonymous said...

My brother was almost disiplined/layed off last year at his work, because of these ghetto girls with whom he works. They infested the place before COVID. He tried to do his own work, and excelled....but these girls (none of whom did their work), tried to get him to clean up their filing they were supposed to do themselves, or to pick up boxes of their files and cart them to the records room (like they were supposed to do). He refused, saying he had his own work.
One of them went to HR, and accused him of harasment (which even the HR knew form his record of service was hard to believe). He was put on probation....but someone else who wanted to anon. told HR it was a lie. The black girl who accused him, and her two friends who were in on it, were fired. Then came COVID.
Working form home, none of these ghetto girls met their quotas....and when the company had waves of lay-offs, the Tomeka's, Sha'kias, Lashonda's and the girl actually named Africa (believe it or now), were for first to go.... :)

Damian M. Malliapalli