Saturday, March 27, 2021

The New Sacred Cow


Anonymous said...

The real agenda of those sons of darkness is actually a masive-scale depopulation. They are going to take our very own life. They are working on satanical project where billions will be killed.


Max said...

Until this morning, I had no use for the Conspiracies associated with the year 2020. Then I had an epiphany: If the wildest claims were actually true, how would things be playing out differently?

If the election was stolen, how would it be done.
If the magnitude of the virus was minimal but they wanted to use it, how would it be portrayed?
If the "vaccines" were dangerous or ineffective, how would they get millions to take them?

The oligarchs are not yet strong enough to impose this shit on us in the manner of Hitler or Stalin.

Anonymous said...

Fauci face masks are useless as demonstrated by millions of people who got infected despite wearing a mask. The health of the vaccinated will be no better than those who refuse the vaccine. Covid policy is all about control and being woke not about science or health.

Jake Allbright said...

This anti-vaxx pushback performance is splendid entertainment for outsiders. And it's free.
It is of a similar genre as Trump election hoax soap opera and the blatant denialist hooha generated by the slick dissemblers at Foxxxxnews.
Living in a parallel universe may be helpful for a time, but try getting on a plane to Europe over the Summer or get a job with the Federal Government without a VaxxxID!

Jim Condit Jr. said...

First four lines of Jason's comment are not clear == what is jason getting at regarding anti-vaxx pushback as entertainment?

Anonymous said...

Faux News is managed opposition and they have little time for what entertains you. All the talking heads praise the vaccine though they sometimes laugh at Biden for taking credit. As for the election, remember : “we called it!” ?

Anonymous said...

Vaccination does indeed have an important link with cows, sacred or not. Vacca is Latin for Cow. The earliest vaccines developed for human use were derived from antibodies that had formed in the bloodstream of cows.
Act responsibly: get vaccinated

Tancred said...

Cringeworthy and güe.

Anonymous said...