Friday, March 26, 2021

Legal implications galore

Former friend of Bill Gates and vaccine insider spills the beans:

Are these, in fact, weapons of mass destruction?:


Anonymous said...

This hasn’t been any fun for
the Israelis.

JoBob Calhoun said...

No joy whatsoever for the 560,000 Americans who died from COVID 19. People with a moral and social conscience are getting the shot. Anti-vaxxers are anti-Life and promoters of the Culture of Death.

Anonymous said...

The fact that you're in every thread, changing your handle but using the same lame shaming tactics with the same language, suggests you're bad at this.

And the fact that low-end pharma trolls have descended on even this quiet little corner of cyberspace to pimp the (not a) vaxx suggests the free Krispy Kremes aren't working.

Anonymous said...

Excellent comment.
God bless -Andrew

JBC said...

Even sede-vacantists become infected and die of this virus. Maybe when you get a dose of it, Andrew, you'll resign from the cheer squad and become a Catholic.

Anonymous said...

46 RIP from vaxx

Anonymous said...

"46 RIP from vaxx"

Out of several hundred millon who got vaccinated.
I'm so sick of people (not necessarily from this clip) who are against vaccines because of fetal this or that, and condemn those who do get the vaccines for murdering babies. That's sick.
I heard on CNN, that when everybody gets the ordinary flu shots each year, the same fetal stem cell lines are used to create the vaccine for that.....and no one whines about it.
To a point, I am pro-life. But I am not a fanatic. I've heard and read of these people screaming at those who got the vaccines that they are murderers (because the vaccines use fetal stems cell lines).
THat's fine for these people to scream at people, and blast them for getting the vaccines.....until they get sick, or have a family member get sick, of watch their grandmother die of COvid-19 because a scumbag governor decided to put Covid-19 patients in nursing homes. Or have their parents both contract the virus and die.
I am sure the people in the USA and elsewhere during the 1918 global pandemic (where 30 million people died, including almost 2 million in the USA), wished they had had a vaccine.
That pandemic lasted two years. But them again, back then the people did what they were told, wore masks, and did not congregate. Not like today, where 4-5 million college students are down in Florida, Virginia Beach, Georgia and elsewhere on their "Spring Break", not following CDC guidelines, no masks, no distancing. I saw them on tv, mocking the guidelines, laughing and saying COVID-19 is a farce. B.S.
Look for another surge thanks to them.

The people who are not getting the vaccines are the time-bombs,unlike those with the vaccine, they are not immune. They will contract it, and spread it. They and others are helping make the COVID-19 last longer than it could have.....those, and the others who have always thought it was a joke and a farce made up by the Democrats, and so they never followed the CDC rules.

I can speak from experience...not just pontificating like some people. I caught the COVID-19. I was sick for a month. I still wake up sometimes short of breath, and worry if the virus did damage to my lungs, though I've been tested and told it didn't. I lost 25 lbs, because I really didn't feel like eating. I'm happy I gained it back, but having a fever for two weeks, and just the look or smell of food would make me sick was a horrible experience.

I'm glad I work for an agency which supported me, and gave me the time to recover. Lots of people have been fired/layed off. I don't encourage ANYONE to listen to these fear-mongering video clips. Make up your own mind to get the vaccine.....or not. But don't be scarred by fanatics (pro-life and others (anti-Trumpers, etc.) who scream and yell and pontificate against the vaccines.

If Pope Francis (hardly a model CAtholic, or even CHristian by his statements and actions) encourages people to get the vaccine like he and the Vatican did, then it should be good enough for anybody.

Damian M. Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

Nobody under the age of 82 who wasn't willfully exposed by a blue state governor or a European Fabian Socialist died *of* this virus. They died *with* it.

If you're going to shill for the Great Resetters, try not to go off-script.

susan said...

and now the vaxxed are getting it at younger ages and spreading more virulent forms.

You're pathetic now "damian"; never addressing the FACTS already brought up to refute and debunk your egregious lies, rather you just keep spreading them. It's no longer the benefit of the doubt for you being naive; it's're no better than the gamma-demon feybriel.

Just keep touting the fact that BEGOGLIO and the psychopath troll of this site are your like-minded compatriots, role-models, and fonts of wisdom...yep...sit in silence with that for a few minutes.

Y.O.U.'R.E. W.R.O.N.G.

Anonymous said...

"and now the vaxxed are getting it at younger ages and spreading more virulent forms."

Funny that you should say this, 'cause a friend and I were waiting in the parking lot this afternoon to pick up our order of Chinese food (the restaurant is closed....all one can do is pick it up when ready at the door..due to Covid). We found an article on my cell phone that COVID-19 is spreading rapidly in Latin America, especially Brazil where they already have 300,000 deaths (alomost as much as here), but that it's spreading faster there, and mutating into different strains many people have been vaccinated against the original COVID-19 that the virus has had to mutate into different strains because there's practically no one left to attack with the original strain....people are vaccinated. So since the original is dying out, it's mutating into more infectious, more lethal strains, in the hope of being to attack more people...especially those under 60 (because originally those less than 60 were either not being offered the shots, or didn't want them). So now, it's attacking young people....especially those in their 30's and 40's. BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS that the vaccination against the original COVID-19 is just as effective against the mutant strains. So the article said that those who are vaccinated are safe (and can't spread), it's those who don't have the vaccine who are vulnerable. This isn't my opinion....just rehashing the article. It quoted multiple doctors from hospitals in Brazil. Also...the article said that the COVID in all it's forms is likely to die out in the developed countries that have had good supplies and stockpiles of the vaccine.....but in coountries which either have none, or have very little, the COVID19 and all its variants will sweep thru these places very rapidly and kill tens of thousands.
(Latin America, Africa, India, maybe even China where it started). But major countries which had huge supplies of vaccines, and who vaccinate 100,000+ per day will see COVID19 and its variants slowly go down.
I predict however, we'll have another surge for 3 reasons. 1) The mutations will attack younger people (not children, but those 20-50), 2) The "Spring Breakers" who parties so hard in Fla. etc. ignoring CDC guidelines will spread it again throughout the country, and 3) The flood of migrants and "refugees"(yeah, give me a break), coming in thru Texas are over 10% positive for Covid19 and it's variants, and will spread it in the South. THANKS ALOT BIDEN AND HARRIS, ET AL.

It's really weird, almost like sci-fi how when the COVID virus loses it's power to infect, it mutates into a stronger version or multiple versions to attack more people. It's almost like it's alive and has a mind.

But I did read that people who have been vaccinated won't get it. People who had COVID19 once, (and never got vaccinated after), are open to being re-infected
Which is why I signed up for a vaccination thru my agency I work for!! I don't want the original, or any of it's mutations. I advise anyone else to do the same.

Damian M. Malliapalli

Jake Allbright said...

The hysterics of the anti-vaxx straw clutchers party are drowning in an ocean of fear, ignorance and hubris.
The big wake up call will be when they find themselves excluded from many fora and services because of their anti-social, culture of death intransigence.

susan said...

"...find themselves excluded from many fora and services..."

" that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name."

Yep...I'm good with the team I'm on....we all know who you're playing for feybriel. Get your outward mark, so that your physical matches your rotted, fetid spirit.

Fred said...

You’re a fraud. Return to your chinese bot farm!

Tancred said...

The gay lab coat party bought some phizer stock, that’s all.

Hans Kniesvonbumpsendaisie said...

When there is nothing to say, default to the lazy, sloppy, Mundabor script and tag anyone who disagrees with you, 'gay'. Now that's gravitas.

Tancred said...

Well, you ARE gay, no?

It’s a mark of your presumption, lack of awareness and poor understanding of civilized communication that you think you deserve more than utter contempt, Gaybrielle.