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More Aberrosexual Bishops Coming Up! Bergoglio Might Appoint Cupich to Congregation of Bishops

Blase Cupich is the confidante who informs Pope Francis about the situation in the USA. 
As Prefect of the Congregation of Bishops, he could soon choose the type of bishops desired by Francis.

(Rome) Cardinal Marc Ouellet, prefect of the Roman bishop-kon-gre-ga-ti-on , will be soon be replaced. The successor in the conversation is Cardinal Blase Cupich, the leader of the progressive bishops in the American Bishops' Conference.

The French-Canadian Ouellet, a member of the Sulpician Order (PSS), is one of the few “Ratzingerians” who have remained in top Roman positions. As a cardinal prefect he is officially responsible for the appointment of bishops. Although he was initially expected to be replaced after the conclave, Ouellet remained in office and dignity. However, it quickly became clear that his influence was reduced to a minimum. Pope Francis selects the candidates for the appointment of bishops according to his own criteria and through his own channels and above all by bypassing the official channels. Just like Francis the published the controversial post-synodal letter Amoris laetitia with complete circumvention of the then CDF Gerhard Müller and the Motu proprio Magnum Principium without any contact with Cardinal Robert Sarah, the competent prefect of the Office of Divine Worship, so it happens since 2013 with Cardinal Ouellet in the appointment of bishops.

Ouellet recently played a role in connection with the allegations made by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the former Apostolic Nuncio in the United States, in connection with the McCarrick case against Pope Francis. When the Holy See denied Archbishop Viganó's revelations in autumn 2018 and Pope Francis declared that he could not remember, the Apostolic Nuncio cited Cardinal Ouellet as a witness for the prosecution.

Cardinal Marc Ouellet

For Cardinal Ouellet, after all the Pope's minister, this created a highly explosive situation. The Cardinal Prefect responded on October 7, 2018 with an open letterIn it he chose a double strategy. On the one hand, he vigorously reprimanded Archbishop Viganò for the nature of his approach. That sounded like a decided distancing and was communicated by the media. But that was only one aspect. At the same time, the Canadian purple bearer confirmed much of what Archbishop Viganò had revealed in the matter. He was silent about the rest. The former nuncio had attested to Cardinal Ouellet that he was not involved in the dirty McCarrick case, but at the same time urged him to "bear witness to the truth". In June 2013, the cardinal himself had received important information from Viganò and had such information on the McCarrick case, including as prefect of the Congregation of Bishops.

And Ouellet really did that: in his open letter he defended Pope Francis against the public accusations, but at the same time confirmed them. wrote on October 8, 2018:

“Cardinal Ouellet did not contradict Viganò's statement that he had informed Pope Francis on June 23, 2013 about the 'perverse and diabolical' double life of Cardinal McCarrick. On the contrary. He accepts this statement by the former nuncio as fact. However, he exculpated the Pope, because on that day he received a number of nuncios in audience for the first time and would have received 'such a large amount of information' from them that with the best will in the world, he could not have noted all the names and concerns . "Ouellet's defense seemed like an indictment to Francis. As Pope he did not have to answer and thanks to the media protection he was able to sit out a McCarrick case himself.

On June 28th, the purple bearer from the Diocese of Amos in Québec will turn 77. Pope Francis tacitly granted him an extension in office beyond his 75th birthday. A sign of papal goodwill. Francis can accept the canonically required resignation that Ouellet submitted in June 2019. In the meantime the voices are growing that Francis should replace the cardinal with a loyal follower. The name of Cardinal Blase Cupich has recently been used for this, the Archbishop of Chicago. The reason for this is that on January 30th, on the same day, both Cardinal Ouellet and Cardinal Cupich were received in audience. A direct connection cannot be deduced from this. However, one was made by CNA on February 2nd. 

The audience certainly served to ensure that Cupich informed the Pope about the current political situation in the USA ten days after Joe Biden was sworn in. It is characteristic of the current pontificate that Francis did not receive the President of the bishops' conference for it, but his confidants. Immediately after the inauguration, there was an indirect exchange of blows between the chairman of the Bishops' Conference, Archbishop José Horacio Gomez, and a group of progressive bishops around Cardinal Tobin. Monsignor Gomez had criticized Biden's abortion agenda as incompatible with Catholic teaching, while the progressive group made a statement in support of Biden's gay agenda.

The appointment of the " progressive outsider" as bishop of the most important diocese in the USA caused a sensation in September 2014. Since then Cupich is regarded as the leader of the American Bishops' Confernece, as Francis apppoints a monolithic group of progressive bishops.

Cupich is one of Pope Francis' confidants, which would speak for his appointment. Speaking against it is that he would have to vacate his position within the US Bishops' Conference. There the Redemptorist Joseph Cardinal Tobin has emerged as a progressive spokesman. Francis appointed Tobin to the Archdiocese of Newark at the end of 2016 and created him cardinal that same year, before his inauguration in his new diocese. Both Cupich and Tobin are representatives of a homophile agenda.

Msgr. Robert Prevost OSA

The unnamed Vatican source cited by the CNA named Msgr. Robert Francis Prevost from Chicago as another option that Francis considered. Prevost was Superior General of the Augustinian Order (OSA) for twelve years . He has headed the Peruvian Diocese of Chiclayo as Bishop since 2014 and has also been Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Callao since 2020. In November 2020, Francis appointed him one of the few purpless members of the Congregation of Bishops.

Overall, according to the same source quoted by CNA tend to Francis, however, more to the first option: the appointment of Cardinal Cupich the new Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation of BishopsThat has to do not only with his rank, but even more to do with the signal associated with it, which type of bishop Francis wants.

Text: Giuseppe di Nar-
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Trans: Tancred



Anonymous said...

According to Vigano, Bergoglio needs help with syntax, new bishops must have excellent grammar skills plus membership in good standing with the ADL.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

The manner of proceeding to the creation of Bishops and Cardinals. (Trent)

If, as regards all manner of degrees in the Church, a provident and enlightened care is to be taken, that in the house of the Lord there be nothing disorderly, nothing unseemly; much more ought we to strive that no error be committed in the election of him who is constituted above all those degrees. [Page 205] For the state and order of the whole household of the Lord will totter, if what is required in the body be not found in the head. For which cause, although the holy Synod has elsewhere usefully ordained certain things touching those who are to be promoted to cathedral and superior churches, yet doth it account this office to be of such a nature, as that were it to be pondered upon in proportion to its greatness, there would never seem to have been caution enough taken. Wherefore It ordains, that, as soon as a church shall become vacant, processions, and prayers shall be made in public and private; and such shall be enjoined, by the Chapter, throughout the city and diocese; that thereby both clergy and people may be enabled to obtain from God a good pastor.

And as regards all and each of those who have, in any way, any right from the Apostolic See, or who otherwise have a part, in the promotion of those to be set over the churches; the holy Synod,-without making any change herein, from a consideration of the circumstances of the present time,-exhorts and admonishes them, that they above all things bear in mind that they cannot do anything more conducive to the glory of God, and the salvation of the people, than to study to promote good pastors, and such as are capable of governing a church; and that they sin mortally, becoming partakers in others' sins, unless they carefully endeavour that those be promoted whom they themselves judge the most worthy of, and useful to, the church, not guided by entreaties, or human affection, or the solicitations of pretenders, but by what the merits of the individuals require at their hands; and seeing that they be persons whom they know to have been born in lawful wedlock, and who, by their life, learning, and in all other qualifications, are such as are required by the sacred canons, and by the decrees of this Synod of Trent.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

And forasmuch as, by reason of the diversity of nations, peoples, and customs, a uniform system cannot be followed everywhere, in receiving the grave and competent testimony of [Page 206] good and learned men on the subject of the aforesaid qualifications, the holy Synod ordains, that, in a provincial Synod, to be held by the metropolitan, there shall be prescribed for each place and province a proper form of examination, scrutiny, or information, such as shall seem to be most useful and suitable for the said places, which form is to be submitted to the approval of the most holy Roman Pontiff; yet so, however, that, after that this examination, or scrutiny, as regards the persons to be promoted, shall have been completed, it shall, after being reduced into the form of a public document, be necessarily transmitted, as soon as possible, with all the attestations and with the profession of faith made by the individual to be promoted, to the most holy Roman Pontiff, in order that the said Sovereign Pontiff, having a full knowledge of the whole matter and of the persons, may, for the advantage of the Lord's flock, in a most useful manner provide those churches therewith, if they shall have been found, by the examination or scrutiny, suitable persons. And all the scrutinies, informations, attestations, and proofs of whatsoever kind, and by whomsoever made, even though in the Roman court, touching the qualifications of the person to be promoted, shall be carefully examined by a cardinal-who shall report thereon to the consistory-aided therein by three other cardinals; and the said report shall be authenticated by the signature of the cardinal who drew up the report, and of the three other cardinals; and therein each of the four cardinals shall make affirmation that, after giving exact attention thereto, he has found the persons to be promoted, endowed with the qualifications required by law, and by this holy Synod, and that, at the peril of his eternal salvation, he doth certainly think them fit to be placed over the churches: in such wise that, after the report has been made in one consistory, the sentence shall be deferred until another consistory, in order that the said inquiry may be more maturely looked into in the mean time,-unless the most blessed Pontiff shall judge it expedient to act otherwise.

[Page 207] And the Synod ordains, that all and singular the particulars which have been elsewhere ordained, in the same Synod, touching the life, age, learning, and the other qualifications of those who are to be appointed bishops, the same are also to be required in the creation of cardinals-even though they be deacons -of the holy Roman Church; whom the most holy Roman Pontiff shall, as far as it can be conveniently done, select out of all the nations of Christendom, as he shall find persons suitable.

Finally, the same holy Synod, moved by the so many most grievous afflictions of the Church, cannot avoid recording, that nothing is more necessary for the Church of God than that the most blessed Roman Pontiff apply especially here that solicitude, which, by the duty of his office, he owes to the Universal Church,-that he take unto himself, to wit as cardinals, persons the most select only, and that he appoint over each church, above all things, good and fit pastors; and this the more, for that our Lord Jesus Christ will require at his hands the blood of those sheep of Christ which shall perish through the evil government of pastors who are negligent, and forgetful of their office.

O, well; that was just The Council of Trent. What did it know?

Anonymous said...

One consolation is that Cupich is 72 next month....3 years till he'll (supposedly) sail off into the sunset of retirement. So will most of heretic Francis' appointments. Gregory will be 74 later this year, Tobin will be 70.
Most of Francis' rad appointments in Rome are 74+, so they'll be gone in 1-2-3 years. And hopefully so will Francis.

Unfortunately, we have maybe 1 more Francis' consistory to suffer thru before he'll probably be gone. Maybe this time he'll pick some more obscurities, like the guy who does his laundry, chauffeurs him around, and takes out his trash, or someone who camps out under the stars in Piazza San Pietro.

Damian M. Malliapalli

JBQ said...

"Ride the wave", the tsunami is coming. Coupy is a "dolt" and sycophant. At least it is known that he is not papal material. In the words from the song "Everything's up to date in Kansas City" (Oklahoma), the Argentinian is not anywhere near "he's gone about as fer as he can go". This is all about the devil's agenda and it is only just beginning in league with the world socialist movement.---"The Canadian Purple bearer" is a colorful phrase. Once someone crosses the "ethically challenged pontiff", he is history as he has outlived his usefulness. Oulet did the bidding of the "majestic clown" and once he saw what was going on, poof! He is gone.----The dolt from Chicago is just one more simple minded pawn to be used like toilet paper and then thrown away. Compare this to the way that the Christ worked with and handled his apostles. These were rough hewn uneducated fishermen who did the bidding of their Lord. He did not use them and con them into doing His bidding. He educated them and made them see the truth. "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free".---The Third Secret obviously says from various sources that their will come a pontiff who is in the employ of Satan, the father of lies. It is looking more and more like Lucifer won the lottery.

Mike Slater said...

If Cardinal Cupich is appointed Prefect of the Congregation of Bishops, he will be in an excellent position to collaborate with Pope Francis in the serious task of replacing the mostly dreadful episcopal clones of the regressive, restorationists JPII and Benedict XVI with bishops who are committed to the mandate for deep, systemic reform begun at Vatican II.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mike! I hear Satan is available! Oh, wait!

Tancred said...

Part of the problem with replacing anyone is that progressive Bishops and clergy in general are past their due date, dying from AIDS or whatever.

Anonymous said...

The appointment of Cardinal Cupich to this position would be a disaster.That said, there were more than enough bad and evil bishops appointed and promoted by John Paul II and Benedict. Cupich, Tobin, McElroy,Bernardin, Gregory, Dolan, Favalora, Mahony along with plenty of other others, i.e. auxiliaries who are to many to mention. Then think of whole countries like France, England, Germany, Spain and the havoc they have created.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anon. at 1:16 PM the bishops appointed by JPII and Benedict were and are evil, (aka the homosexual Biden and EU fans) sycophants to atheists and super wealthy oligarch jews, both popes were disasters with the exception of abdicator Benedict's summorum pontificum of 2007.

Anonymous said...

" mandate for deep, systemic reform begun at Vatican II." If this garbage ever is actually mandated and enforced, two thing will happen--
The "catholic" Church of Vatican II (headquartered in the Vatican), will be reduced to next to nothing

The TRUE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH- will exist only with the SSPX and other traditionalist groups, even sede vacantist groups.

To still push for full implementation of VAtican II according to the model of Francis and company is collective ecclesiastical suicide. And it is laughable.
Since Vatican II, Mass attendance in Europe in nearly all countries (with the exception perhaps of Poland and Hungary), is down between 50-95% compared to the end of the 1950's. In the USA, Mass attendance has done from 85% (1956), to 18% (2019). In our Philly Archdiocese, it went from about the same high of 85% in the 50's, to about 15% today.
Orders like the Jesuits and OFM 's )Franciscan Friars Minor), went from 36,200 and 28,400 (1960), to 14,311 and 12,847 (2020). Others like the Trappists went from 6,600(1960), to 1,646 (2020). Median ages for priests went from about 42 in 1958-60, to about 74 today. Some religious Orders are even higher. Basically write off nearly all religious Orders on nuns as heading for extinction....there were 1.2 million nuns (1958-60), and today 604,044, with a good percentage at median ages of 76+. Some Orders (large and small), have average ages past 80!! Nearly all Orders of nuns world-wide, especially Europe, USA, Canada, Latin America and Australia, have only 1-3 entrants (postulants) per year. Many have not had any for 35 years or more. There are 400 Orders of USA nuns of Pontifical(approved) status in the USA....nearly all are rad liberal progressivists in the Pope Francis mold, and nearly all have lost anywhere from 45-85% of their membership since Vatican II. So an Order which in 1960 had 2,800 members, today might have 600 or less. Others which had maybe 550 members in 1960, today have between 80-150 members...or (depeneding how radical they became), have merged with larger groups as a stop gap towards extinction, or have actually gone extinct.
Anyone remember the Beguines? They were founded in the 1100's in what is now Belgium, but expanded into what we now know as Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, and France. They were not nuns. THey lived in community like nuns, wore a beautiful and destinctive habit, followed a rule, and took only 2 vows,obedience and chastity. They could bring some of their own furniture and dishes into the Beguinage with them( but not clothes), and use them. They also could leave whenever they wished. They grew into the tens of thousands during the Middle Ages, declined slowly after the Reformation and the ware in Europe, but there were still about 3,500 after WW I, and around 2,000 right before Vatican II. Today, they are entirely extinct. Another gift of VAtican II. The last one died about 12 years ago,and was memoralized and mourned even on CNN at her passing.
Forget about vocations, forget about Catholic education. The traditions are not taught or practiced in Catholic schools. My brother Tim, and my two sisters had no idea what the Monstrance was for (even in highschool), because it was never seen....and two of my little nephews don't know what nuns are.
This is the kind of Church we have today.....made 100% worse by Francis and company. The longer that SOB is alive and functioning, the worse it will be. But I suppose it doesn't really much is gone that if ever there was a string of traditional Popes, it'll take (as the great Cardinal Giuseppe Siri forsaw at VAtican II), 200 years to restore the Church.
Won't happen in our lifetime. The best we cam do is pray that the next Pope is not like Francis. Perhaps Benedict XVI wasn't great in his appointments (JP II was terrible), but I'd take another Benedict rather than another Francis any day.

Damian M. Malliapalli