Thursday, February 18, 2021

“Monsignor” Craig Harrison Resigns Priesthood

 Edit: wow, if only they could get rid of more narcissistic flamers like this. 

Tbh, he sounds like the kind of person who doesn’t belong in the priesthood in the first place.

Stephen Brady had this cancer in his sights

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) — Lawyers representing Monsignor Craig Harrison said he has tendered letters of resignation as the Pastor of St. Francis Parish and from his obligations as a Catholic priest.

According to a release from the Law Offices of Kyle J. Humphrey, Msgr. Harrison will address his resignation at 12:10 p.m. Thursday.

Allegations against Harrison were investigated in Kern County, Merced County and Fresno County. No authorities have moved to file charges against the monsignor.



JBQ said...

The whole system needs to be revised. These clowns are going after children. They are so "messed up in the head" that their mentality is so "sidewise" that their sexual development is only on that level. The clergy has been compromised as seen by the Boston Globe.---Instead of putting their finger in "the proverbial dike" and putting its foot down, the Church has responded unbelievably by advancing the problem to the level of the hierarchy. It is known that the Argentinian pontiff has been appointing "gay friendly" (wink-wink) candidates to the hierarchy. Cupich in Chicago is the "tip of the iceberg",---This is the same Chicago where the populace went bonkers over allegations against John Patrick Cody for supposed economic deficiencies. All that the Church has to do is set high standards of behavior and punish accordingly. The response is tragic in light of a new emphasis on the upholding of the standards of the community. The gay lifestyle has been accepted by modern culture so the Church has done likewise.---This is akin to the standards of the community in a place like Times Square. Walt Disney's "Bambi" would be forced to close because it did not uphold the "standards of the community". That is how upside down the current definition of morality in the Church has become.

James said...

Congrats, Mr. Brady. And thank you.
I find it interesting that his "Resignation" from the Priesthood is coming from a Lawyer's office and not from the Chancery in Fresno.
It appears to me that the Chancery told him, "You are on your own, Bucko".

Leo D. Lion said...

I'm a retired Criminal Investigator with 30+ years experience.
I received many hours of training in the area of crimes related to physical and sexual abuse of children. Also , I successfully conducted investigations into allegations of child abuse, sexual and non-sexual physical abuse. The good news is all the cases were successfully prosecuted in court. The bad news , it's much much worse than you can imagine, and getting worse. Inside the Church and outside the church.
In fact it's so out of control, it's beyond repair. If you get something from this short comment remember
"It's beyond repair."

Jim Hoffnung said...

Almost none of the world's bishops of whatever theological persuasion understand the extent of the catastrophic damage done, under their watch, to the Faithful entrusted to their care.
Most will always choose the protection of traditional privilege and entitlement ahead of the defense of the innocents and their dignity.
Matthew 18: 5-6 doesn't seem to be on the spiritual reading list.

wilderness of pain said...
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JBQ said...

Good comment from Leo D. That from Jim Hoffnung is not bad either. So if these two believe it is a serious problem, then why not the Church?

Peter said...

Hopefully, others such as Father Martin, will follow suit.

Leo D. Lion said...

Saw your message, post question here...
And I understand there is a lot of emotional trauma with these allegations and crimes. Others see your post and may have better insight than I,. So give it a try, Advice: if you are a victim go to your local police and talk to a victim advocate and or lawyer for help...
Criminal Investigator Retired

Anonymous said...

Is this in California, the same state that recently passed a bill defining "willing children" into sex crime law?

"Put the gays in power positions over the children, what could go wrong..." - Anonymous

Anonymous said...

This degenerate pervert novus ordo "priest" was the chaplain to the police , no wonder the cops have been and are on the side of BLM, LGBTQ, and Antifa.