Friday, January 22, 2021

The Goy Guide to History


Ivan Csete said...

Long but well worth listening to.

JBQ said...

I tried to listen to this audio. On my first attempt, I listened till the 20 minute mark. My audio then went dead. I went to my computer setting. My audio was muted. I tried to rectify this. The setting would not respond. I pulled the setting and then it would pop back to "mute". I tried this about 5 times.----I then signed out. I tried again and no luck. I signed out a second time. My audio on the computer reset fine.---I then went to the recording. It was stuck in "mute" and would not respond. I tried to sign out and reset. It would not respond.--I then went to another browser and was accepted and I listened to the entire 2.38.01. I used google for the first browser. It was obviously sabotaged.---I just now tried again the recording is still jammed in "mute".

James said...


The same thing happened to me post-election on youtube.
I was attempting to listen to a video with a similar "sensitive" subject.
It kept stopping repeatedly to the point that I could not finish it.
Your observation about sabotage is not your imagination.

JBQ said...

Thank you James. EMJ is very good. He is obnoxious and unwilling to discuss but he is brilliant.