Friday, January 15, 2021

Poles Celebrate Their Oppressors

 CNA Staff, Jan 15, 2021 / 12:00 pm (CNA).- The Chief Rabbi of Poland on Thursday described the Catholic Church’s annual Day of Judaism as a “holy day.”

Speaking at a livestreamed press conference on Jan. 14, Rabbi Michael Schudrich expressed gratitude for the annual commemoration observed by Polish Catholics since 1998.

“The Day of Judaism in the Church for me, a Rabbi, is a holy day,” he said at the press conference, which unveiled the theme for this year’s commemoration on Sunday, Jan. 17.



Constantine said...

Started under that theologically dim Pope with a half Jewish Ukrainian mother and Polish father. No wonder that under JP2 the many crosses and Carmelite convent were taken off the Auschwitz camp to prevent Catholics from praying for their dead. Under his corrupt Pontificate, poor Polish people who had been allowed after the war, to take over property from Jews who had lost them, were expropriated by the wealthy Jews whose families had long since immigrated to the West, and built a new future for themselves. They claimed the property was theirs after all those years of success.

Jake Allbright said...

Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the Apostles and most Christians for the first hundred years after Pentecost were Jews.

Gladstone said...

Jake Allbright-stein is playing the Talmudic shell game and hoping that no one notices. Our Savior bled the New Israel, the Catholic Church, into being by His Sacrifice on Calvary. At that moment, the same moment during which the veil in the Temple was rent, the Jews became rejectors of Christ.

"most Christians for the first hundred years after Pentecost were Jews"
Wrong again, Jake. Christians were not Jews. Your statement is not only logically impossible, but historically erroneous. Let's help Jake out on this:

Christians worship Christ.
Jews, by definition, reject Christ.
Therefore Jews cannot worship Christ, and neither can Christians be Jews.

As to history, in particular the era of the Fathers, some Jews who converted to the New Israel, the Catholic Church, were known to attend the synagogue. This sort of identity crisis is known as judaizing, and was cited by saints like St. John Chrysostom as a huge problem. In fact Christians who were kicked out of the synagogues for worshipping Christ were done an unwitting favor by the Temple elders. (Thanks, Jews!)

Jews reject Christ, Jake, no matter how much you try to apply Talmudic pilpul.

For more information on this and other lies spewed out by infiltrating Opus Jew-Dei so-called Catholic media, see

Max Zerwick said...

"God is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob" Jesus Christ.
And read Paul to the Romans.

Constantine said...

No they were not Jews, they were Hebrews. They did not follow the,Talmud.

Constantine said...

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were not followers of the Talmud either. The Talmudists don't follow Christ nor the Trinity either.

Gladstone said...

Jews reject Christ, Max Zerwick-ovich, no matter how much you try to apply Talmudic pilpul.

Jake Allbright said...

And Trump won the election by "a lot!"

Anonymous said...

It is a constant frustration to see the "confusion" that modern-day Talmudic Jews create by falsely claiming Our Lord was a Jew.

It is no different than their claim of thousands of years persecution when those I have run into are Sephardic or Ashkenazi Jews and no relation to the Twelve Tribes in the Old Testament.

The claim for Our Lord being a Jew is as weak as their "right" to Occupied Palestine.

Gladstone said...

Wow, Jacob Allbright-stein, you change the subject fast.

Well, okay then. Let's change the subject again shed some light on the topic of the internet creature known by the name Hasbara Troll.

What is Hasbara, you ask? It's the Fake-Israeli Hebrew (oops! I mean Yiddish) word for public relations. You see, Jews don't want gentiles (they actually call us goyim, which means cattle) to formulate their own opinions about Jews, because gentiles who discover the truth about the Talmud, or Jewish global financial swindles, etc., are bad for the Jews. Therefore, the Israeli government, using stolen US tax dollars, pays IDF soldiers to sit in large computer rooms in cities like Tel Aviv, Israel; and logon to sites like EF. They get paid by the comment to sway gentile opinion in favor of the Jews. So Jacob Allbright-Stein is racking up the shekels right now.

Truth means nothing to these Hasbara people, other than as an object of sheer hatred. They have contempt for Truth as such. This is because our Lord, Whom they reject, said of His Divine Self: "I am the Truth." Rejection of Christ is rejection of Truth.

Anonymous said...

I fear that the flock of hook-nosed vultures are circling and will descend on this site.
Recent events have emboldened them.
I know that you are an intelligent person. You are probably aware of this.

Max Zerwick said...

Jesus is a Jew and onw cannot possibly understand him as God's chosen one, the Messiah, except in the context of his religious, Judaism and the faith of Abraham, Isaac and Joseph.
Jesus was born a Jew, lived as a Jews and died a Jew.
Get used to it fellows.

James said...

Jesus lived, died and rose again as the Saviour of mankind.
It is documented in Scripture that they rejected Him and His redemption.

Wake up and smell the coffee, fellow.

Gladstone said...

Max Zerwick said...
"Jesus is a Jew and onw cannot possibly understand him as God's chosen one, ..." @ January 15, 2021 at 11:35 PM

Sorry Max Zerwick-ovich, a.k.a. Jacob Allbright-stein, but your Talmudic contempt for Truth is even more poorly hidden than your Judaic halitosis.

Catholicism alone, the New Israel, lays claim to Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph.

"Jesus was born a Jew, lived as a Jews and died a Jew."
This statement can only be made by a Christ-hating Jew. Jesus Christ, Eternal Son of God, Supreme Ruler of Nations, Victor over sin and death, Most Dread Lord and Judge of all History; was born of the Virgin Mary, suffered, died and on the third day rose from the dead by His divine Power. Christ is Risen. Jews have denied this since they made up their dumb-ass cover story that Roman guards (who were asleep) witnessed and did nothing while the disciples allegedly removed His body.

Now, let's talk about how different the religion of the Jews really is from the New Israel, Catholicism. Consider the doctrine found in the Babylonian Talmud's Sanhedrin 54b. This doctrine says that a man who sodomizes a boy shall not be punished, as long as he molests a child who is less than nine years old. If you thought that is disgusting, then how about Babylonian Talmud Kethuboth 11a-11b: a grown man can have intercourse with a little girl as long as she is less than 3 years old. The reason for the age limit is the most disgusting of all: it's because when molesting a girl of such a young age, the molesting Jews know that her hymen will grow back and thereby cover up his crime. But that's not all! Babylonian Talmud Sanhedrin 57a-57b says that a Jew who kills a gentile shall not be punished, but a gentile who kills a Jew is subject to death. The Babylonian Talmud is a veritable cookbook of crime.

But paid Hasbara troll Jews like Max Zerwick-ovich/Jacob Allbright-stein want you to believe that his Christ-rejecting religion is the same as Christianity.

Jews must cease their worldwide swindling, slandering and slaughtering operation and convert to Christ, leaving behind their racist, criminal, gnostic and satanic religion.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Gladstone.

Gladstone said...

You are most welcome.

Tancred said...

The real anti-semites are the Ashkenazim.

Vince Hawk said...

Uh...ok, they may have genetically been "Jews", descended from the Seed of Abraham, but as we know the Catholic Church is the continuation of the old Hebrew religion now established for the salvation of all nations, not just the Jewish one. Modern Judaism is a much newer religion than Christianity, and does not contain the 3 major elements of the ancient religion...the Temple, the Priesthood, or the Sacrifice.

Jonah said...

To appreciate how far most modern "Jews" have strayed, listen to the testimony of Rabbi Marvin Antelman: