Sunday, January 10, 2021

Military Raids White House, Confiscates Pelosi's Laptop

By David Martin 

It’s official. For the past week we've been hearing how the military went into the White House on January 6 and raided the offices of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other treasonous officials and confiscated their computers. Below is a brief video report from Lt. General Thomas Mclnerney relaying how these special forces went in and took Nancy Pelosi's laptop. 

Among the things discovered on Pelosi's computer is a letter to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler on August 27 in which she incites him to commit acts of treason against America and President Trump. The following letter, which appeared on Twitter on January 9, is Pelosi's correspondence to Wheeler wherein she advises him how to fuel a riot and use it to tear down the President.


Mr. Ted Wheeler

1221 SW 4th Ave 340

Portland OR, 97204


Dear. Mr. Wheeler:


I have seen your response to the riots in your city and I am urging you to stick to the proven Democratic Playbook. I would like to review this with you now. 


1. Deny there is a problem. (Press will support this)


2. Refer to everything as peaceful and calm. (Press will help here also)


3. When all hell breaks loose, go on camera and show your support for anyone breaking the law. (Press will praise you for this, you will be a new hero, trust me)


4. When you can no longer keep any order "BLAME TRUMP!" (I cannot overemphasize #4. This has worked every time we have used it and again the Press has told me they will support and fast check any claim we can make!! THIS IS POLITICAL GOLD!!)


5. Go on television and condemn Trump and refuse any assistance! We CANNOT give TRUMP any victory before the election!!!


best wishes,



Speaker of the House


The Criminal “Democratic Playbook” Exposed 

Note Pelosi's criminal advice in item 4 about blaming Trump for anarchy: "This has worked every time we have used it." Herein Pelosi confesses that she and her deep-state minions have been engaged in an ongoing effort to smear Trump's reputation through lies. Note also the opening paragraph in which she confesses that the “Democratic Playbook” is one of lies and criminal maneuvers. 

According to reports, the traitors “scurried to the tunnels” when the special forces arrived at the White House. Many of their devices show they were online in real time with Chinese operatives.  This is treasonous, just as the signing and certification of the fake electoral vote on January 6 was treasonous. Biden, Harris, Pelosi, and many others are now in trouble. 

Frantic Pelosi Attempting to Immobilize Trump 

In her desperation, Nancy Pelosi on Sunday called on Vice President Mike Pence "to convene and mobilize the Cabinet to activate the 25th Amendment to declare the President incapable of executing the duties of his office." 

Pelosi knows that she and the Democrats have now moved from "conspiracy to commit treason" to treason and that Trump is now able to take legal action against them. In the next 7-10 days attorney Sidney Powell will be coming out with her special prosecutors report, so Pelosi is doing everything in her power to try to immobilize President Trump. Is it any wonder that Pelosi is trying to get Trump impeached before January 20?   

The Media Controlled 

We can expect that the media will do everything in their power to assist Pelosi. Do not heed media reports that the "Trump mobs" broke into the White House and "committed theft" on Jan. 6 because the media is working overtime with their fake narrative to keep the public divided and in the dark. The media is controlled by the Illuminati, a satanic internationalist network committed to destroying America and enslaving it under a communistic one-world government.  

Even the social media is coming more and more under this deep-state control. They suspended President Trump's Facebook and Twitter accounts last week, but this now enables him to communicate through the Emergency Broadcast System that was set up and tested to our cell phones in October 2018. 

Better times are ahead for America if America will simply pray and fan the good flame. The transition could be rough, but a united campaign of prayer for the life of America and its president promises to reap a glorious victory. 

Report: Nancy Pelosi letter to Ted Wheeler – a leak from Pelosi’s laptop? | From the Trenches World Report 




Steve said...

There are far too many of these fictions around. No one is coming to save you except Jesus Christ and we have no idea as to when this will happen.

Propaganda is not just used to encourage but also to discourage and depress people.

People have to decide what they truly believe and make a stand unto death on that ground only.

Tancred said...

I don’t think Pelosi wrote that.

commenter said...

I agree with Tancred. Pelosi wouldn't misuse uppercase in this way. She is too intelligent.

Tancred said...

It looks like it was written by a “conservative” grifter who sends spam to your email like, “What Tucker Says Next Will Cause Armageddon in the DNC” and you click on it and it’s just an advertisement for snake oil.

Unknown said...

I wouldn't put it past Nancy Pelosi to do something like this she is a crooked politician, she had the nerve to rip up President Trump's speech in front of the camera that only proves her hatred towards him!

Tancred said...

It just reads like it was written by someone who writes for beforesitenews. It preys on what we want to hear and believe. I’ve been suckered in myself.

David Martin said...

Re: Unknown - Good point. Frantic Nancy is known for showing her hand time and again and it appears she has done so now. Contrary to what is said above, she is not "too intelligent" but is known for being an impulsive ding-dong who daily discredits herself before the nation. Her ripping-up of Trump's State of the Union speech on camera is just one of many examples.

What we know for certain is that the special forces broke into Nancy's office and took her laptop. We also know she is frantic and is attempting more than ever to get Trump impeached before Jan. 20, which strongly indicates that Trump now has some legal advantage over her. And too, we see that the expression of the letter matches Nancy to the core, so unless there is some evidence that the letter was forged, the preferred evidence being the artificer himself coming forward to admit he forged it, it is far more logical to assume that the letter is her work than to automatically assume it is satire.

The fact that the individual who leaked the letter remains annonymous doesn't necessarily discredit the claim since the individual would naturally want to avoid legal backlash. For while it is legal for the military to confiscate Pelosi's laptop it is illegal for unauthorized persons to leak information from it.

As for a grifter using this to ring conservative ears, what has he to gain from this? Conservatives are generally turned off by this report so it's not a good sales plug. And while his objective might be to discredit conservative whistle-blowers by getting them to circulate foolish things, there is no solid evidence to refute the claim that the letter was extracted from Nancy's laptop.

Det. John said...


JBQ said...

Alan Dershowitz made some comments today about the legal process of impeachment. What Trump said as well as what Hawley said were protected speech in their role of government representatives. Hawley spoke on the Senate floor.---He also said that the process of impeachment has time constraints. The time for a vote on impeachment in the Senate is at 1 PM on the day of the Inauguration. This is one hour after the swearing in. Trump then becomes a civilian.---Dershowitz who visited Epstein's Island with his family for a vacation and saw nothing untoward then said that the authority of the Impeachment process only allows charges against a president Therefore, the authority of the Senate no longer applies.

Tancred said...

@David, those aren't things that Nancy Pelosi would say.

Do you know where you got that piece of fabrication?