Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Antifa Thugs Were Ushered Into the Capitol to Draw in as Many People as Possible

Edit: Seeing these reports come up earlier. I saw this on Vlad Tepes. Looks like the protesters, including one identified by Antifa as a "White Supremacist" who is seen in several other pictures with the Qanon actor who poses as a Shaman and was present at the Arizona Stop the Steal.


JBQ said...

Ashli Babbit was a 14 year Air Force veteran. She was standing behind the group breaking through a door. The police opened fire and she was hit in the neck. May God bless her good intentions.---There are now plenty of comments by law enforcement experts on the lack of security. It is against the law to even go up the steps. There should have been a response right there. ----The National Guard was no where to be seen. Their 150 or so citizen soldiers led by such as a Nancy Pelosi look alike were out there harassing little old grandmas on the Capitol Mall.

Padre Vicente Capuano, S. J. said...

Of course the pro-Trump forces were infiltrated by Antifa but because this was a spontaneous rising up of frustrated patriots there was no coordinating authority to give a heads up.

Maga said...

The Left is in a real quandary reporting on this. Look at all of the Basketball-Americans in the videos. They've been reluctant to acknowledge that Trump support is anything but white. To continue pushing this narrative makes the false flag theory more not less plausible.

The fact that Trump's Twitter ,where he made a video imploring his supporters to go home, was suspended makes me believe Team Biden wanted a riot.