Saturday, December 19, 2020

COVID-19: A Virus of Disinformation

By David Martin 

With all the COVID-19 warnings being issued by the-radical left, we are witnessing a virus of disinformation that has all but deranged the public mindset and turned society into a political insane asylum. Deep-state socialists are simply using COVID-19 as a political tool to lock down on liberty and to launch their "Great Reset." 

There exists no pandemic and the near-nil COVID case and death numbers only prove this. The "surging" numbers of COVID cases are fabrications, no different than the fabricated reports that "Biden won the election." There are medical facilities that haven't seen a single COVID case in months, which matches an earlier CDC report that the total COVID-19 death toll in America is closer to 12,000, not 200,000 +.  

Linked to Election Lies 

The media lies concerning COVID-19 coincide with their lies about the 2020 presidential election. In the same way that many of the votes for Trump were automatically flipped over to Biden by communist trained election workers and communist made "Dominion" voting machines, so many who simply have a cold, flu, or allergy are automatically listed as having COVID-19. There in fact are people who were never tested for COVID-19 who have been listed as having "tested positive." The system has been rigged to "diagnose" as many people as possible with COVID-19 so that the enemies of America can have an excuse to shackle us and advance their agenda. 

St. Paul speaks of "the operation of error to believe lying" that would bewitch society in the last times (2 Thessalonians 2:10) and it appears we are seeing the fulfillment of this. While the media is having a field day with fake COVID-19 numbers, people are operating out of fear and running about in a frenzy to get their COVID tests, which in turn is feeding this media delusion and turning society into a madhouse.     

Baptisms With Squirt Guns

And now we're hearing of churches in New York that are requiring that baptisms be done with squirt-guns while standing six-feet away from the baptized. What next, will priestly ordinations be done with robots imposing mechanical hands? 

The best cure for this sickness is to ignore the COVID fuss and go back to being normal. When America can finally drop the masks and distancing and ignore Socialists like Newsom, Cuomo, and Fauci, our cure will be complete. 




Unknown said...

I agree they are blowing this COVID-19 pandemic out of proportion. That's ridiculous to Baptize with squirt guns. I heard the hospitals get paid every time they diagnose someone with COVID-19

Unknown said...

I agree they are blowing the COVID-19 pandemic out of proportion. That's ridiculous to Baptize with squirt guns. I heard hospitals get paid every time they diagnose someone with COVID-19.

Anonymous said...

Baptism with a squirt gun...
Compare that to what the North American Martyrs endured for evangelization.
God bless -Andrew-

Unknown said...

Using those maga squirt guns to Baptise is a mockery it looks like something out of star wars!

Anonymous said...

Covid-19 is the 21st Century Snake Oil.
98% recovery rate while Dr's Nurses LPN's make dance videos acting as if they're going above +beyond to save mankind.
These same ppl seem to emphatically support this so called vaccine + wearing masks even though 98% of mankind recovers from Covid.
Yes they want to appear intelligent,a
medical firefighter if you will but they end up looking dumber than before.
God bless -Andrew