Monday, November 2, 2020

Synagogue in Vienna Under Fire by Mohammedans

Edit: how’s gun control working for you?

Footage of fighting between police and Mohamedan invaders.

Two Catholic churches were attacked by Gray Wolves and a 76 year old nun was attacked in Graz.  There are Seven dead including one policeman. 

Update 11/2 14:15 : sounds like this is getting buried. 

[Salzburg News] Several shots are said to have been fired at Schwedenplatz in Vienna, and the police are on site with a large contingent.  According to initial information, the incident took place near a synagogue in the first district.

 Shooting in Vienna city center: Large-scale operation of the police (symbol picture) SN / APA

 Shooting in downtown Vienna: large-scale police operation

 The situation is confusing.  Several shots were fired in downtown Vienna on Monday evening.  There were several injuries, reported the Austrian news agency APA.  Possibly it was an attack on a synagogue in Seitenstettengasse, which is near the crime scene.  The Vienna police reported on Twitter about a major police operation in the city center.  The exact circumstances were initially not known.  Numerous witnesses speak of a large number of police and rescue workers.  There was also talk of a dead person, which has not yet been officially confirmed.




Anonymous said...
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Tancred said...

I don't agree that Muslims deserve similar attacks as you said.

Who is it who promotes demographic change in the fist place?

Jews don't do terror attacks? You've got to be kidding.

Anonymous said...

Sorry if I posted a text which deserved to be deleted. I am not anti-Jewish like some people, but I admit to being anti-Islam,Muslims. Iam 32, and half INdian and half Caucasian (my Dad is Indian).I am not dark-skinned, but In highschool, I got into three serious fights (won all three), because some of the other students assumed that I was Arab and Muslim even though it was a CAtholic Prep school, and my last name I don't think sounds Arab or the typical Islamic sounding names. There were a handful of student who were not Muslims, but 2-3 Jews and 1 Buddhist. He was tormented by other too.
Also, I've traveled the world for 10 years in my job (I am an agent now based in Phill rather than traveling the world like I used to do, due to COVID) But every Islamic country I visited, except for Turkey which is much more European in outlook than Islamic/Middle EAstern), the people off the tourist trail , in the villages, live like the 10th century, and they hate all foreigners, especially CHristians..especially Greek Orthodox and CAtholics). We had a lot of trouble doing photo shoots and filming because these people hated us.
So for that, and their recent history over the last 40 years, I have little sympathy for Muslims.

Damian M. Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

Hey Rabbi, whatcha doing?

JBQ said...

Mehmet Ali Agca was a member of the "Gray Wolves". He was already in prison for the assassination of a journalist. He was busted out for the specific purpose of "shooting the pontiff" He served his time and was then released. He then was extradited to finish his sentence for the previous crime.----Here in Missouri, James Earl Ray was "hired" to shoot MLK in Memphis while still an inmate in the Jefferson City prison. I worked in a halfway house where I met a prison mate of Ray. This individual was African-American. --- Jeff City prison has a twenty foot wall that you see as the train goes by to the State Capitol stop. This individual told me that the wall on the inside then goes down an additional thirty feet. There is no escape.---Except that James Earl Ray escaped. He went out in a bread truck with the alleged blessing of the warden. Bread trucks are searched with a pike between loaves of bread. He still got out.---Both Agca and Ray were hired inside a prison. Both got out through a complex conspiracy. Agca claimed that he had help inside the Vatican.---Ray had no money and was arrested in London. The forces of evil have long reaches. The devil not only wears Prada but also is a spirit who is more intelligent than any creature. He even had the nerve to tempt the Son of God. Shooting a pope and putting in motion a plan to overthrow Western Civilization through his successors is just a "day at the office" for the Son of Perdition.

Anonymous said...

"He even had the nerve to tempt the Son of God. Shooting a pope and putting in motion a plan to overthrow Western Civilization through his successors is just a "day at the office" for the Son of Perdition."

So very true. And the present "successor" is an all too willing disciple of the "son of Perdition.
Today I visited a nearby parish which has the BLessed Sacrament exposed on the altar for the purpose of praying for the best outcome of the Presidential election....the best man who stands for Good vs. evil, and pro-life rather than pro-abortion/death, one who supports the rule of law, rather than violence. I won't name any name, because I don't want to jinx anything (not that I'm overly superstitious), but I hope everyone prays for the election of this outome as well.

In my forver travels as a male-model up until last year, thanks to COVID-19, I went to Mexico this time last year, and saw a monastery of a new Order of friars, dedicated to Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration. They are cloistered, and weara white habit with a maroon/ dark wine red scapular. hey already have 2-3 monasteries, but not enough friars in each one for their purpose of Perpetual Adoration, which is kind of odd, because if they had just one house, they would have plenty. THey have about 40 friars, and 12-13 canidates. I know of dozens (and saw dozens), of same type closters of nuns in my travels on shoots (instead of spending time in tourist sites and nightlife in bars during my travel years, I sought out tourist sites...and then also monasteries/churches. My sister claims I am a religious nerd, but I met and saw a lot of interesting small religious Orders where Perpetual Adoration is very essential in their apostolates) But Perpetual adoration is a wonderful apostolate which touches the Heart of God, and is especially important on days like today!!

Damian M. Malliapalli

Damian M. Malliapalli