Thursday, November 5, 2020

Historic Election Fraud

By David Martin

Two weeks ago, Joe Biden in one of his classic blunders stated that his campaign included "the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics."

We indeed are seeing the worst voter fraud in U.S. election history. The playout in Wisconsin tells the story of what happened in other states, especially key battleground states. At the close of election night pollsters suddenly decided to stop counting the votes that had been legitimately cast by 8:00 pm. They made like the election was over despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of ballots were still left to count. 

Then at 4:00 am they smuggled in tens of thousands of fraudulent Biden votes so that Biden who had been lagging behind suddenly gained 137,000 new votes thus putting him in the "lead." 

There is a new report today about how 300,000 - 100% Biden votes were rolled into Detroit after 4:00 am Wednesday in a van, a Chrysler 300, and a Ferrari. The problem with this, aside from being a criminal act of fraud, is that ballots cast after 8:00 pm on election night are invalid, yet these ballots were counted. 

Early on Wednesday morning, President Trump tweeted: "Last night I was leading, often solidly, in many key States, in almost all instances Democrat run & controlled. Then, one by one, they started to magically disappear as surprise ballot dumps were counted. VERY STRANGE, and the 'pollsters' got it completely & historically wrong!"

With the way deep-state Democrats have shown their hand in this election—whether by their suddenly insisting on not counting the legitimate votes after 12:00 am, or by smuggling in tens of thousands of fraudulent pro-Biden votes after the polls were closed, or by arrogantly forbidding Republicans to have part in supervising the election count in Pennsylvania as they had previously agreed to—they have shown that they are determined to control and win this election for Biden though fraud.

Fortunately, their manifold 'fingerprints' have provided Trump and his attorney with a plethora of powerful evidence as they prepare to bring their case to the Supreme Court so that they can right the wrong in this election. 

In the meantime, Trump isn't conceding to any Biden victory, be assured of that. The president is expressing great optimism that he will come through with a victory.




Philip Adamson said...
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JBQ said...

May God bless his efforts. Archbishop Vigano put a human face on the deceit. Before that, it was all conjecture. ---- Nevertheless, it looks really bad. This was a mugging of the American electorate "right out in front of God and everybody" and it looks like nothing can be done about it. This was well planned and orchestrated.---The suit brought to the Supreme Court in regard to Pennsylvania just before the election was 4-4 with John Roberts voting with the liberals. Jonathan Turley, the Fox News analyst stated that the basis of the suit was to preclude fraud in Pennsylvania. This makes the actions of John Roberts very suspect. It sure is beginning to look like he is in someone's hip pocket. I know that there is pressure on him coming from his wife's sister.

Philip Adamson said...
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Unknown said...

Yes, the prince of darkness has always been a liar, cheater and murderer since the beginning let's take up our Rosaries and invoke St. Michael the Archangel to lead us in battle against this fraudulent ballot counting. St Michael the Archangel be our Protector! DEC

Anonymous said...

Proof is quite difficult to attain when the thieves are counting without oversight of the public. However, having more votes than adults in Wisconsin is quite curious.

Anonymous said...

Biden and HArris might be able to worm their way into office, but in the eyes of millions of Americans, they will never be legitimate.

God Bless President Trump. Somehow, I hope there is a last minute miracle and maybe the Supreme Cuurt will say that due to the enormity of the fraud and abuse, that the Presidential election of 2020 as it stands now is null and void and that it has tp be done over.....just the Presidential race, not any of the other congressional or senate races, although I am sure the Democrats cheated in them as well.

Damian M. Malliapalli

Dieter Mohr said...

"Proof is quite difficult to attain when the thieves are counting without oversight of the public. However, having more votes than adults in Wisconsin is quite curious."

So, then, allegations without supporting evidence is Mr Martin's acceptable standard of fact and truth. How do you think Americans would respond to that as a definition of 'the rule of law?'

Anonymous said...

The rule of law is one person, one vote; more votes than people eligible to vote equals prima facie corruption.

You know what's happening, but please feel free to go figure yourself ~ so to speak.

Dieter Mohr said...

Fox News alleges that black is white so it must be true. Who needs reason or argument?
That's what's at stake. Go figure.

Alan Bowden said...

Speaking of....Murdoch's outlets have gone cannibalistic on Trump with the NY Post and Fox News taking critical stances against Trump.

Anonymous said...

Fix News are a bunch of two-faced reporters. They still have Biden at 264 when everyone else says he's at 253. They called Arizona for Biden before 10:00 on Tuesday.
And if I hear Hannity speaking of Biden as the "old, frail, mentally challenged ...etc." again, I'll puke. Tak about how incompitant he is, not his obvious physical negatives.

No one is bad mouthing Harris, I see. God forbid that B---- ever becoming president.
I think if Biden survives his first term, and he might....there won't be a second. Harris would never win. But if I'm not mistaken, President Trump could either have had 2 consecutive terms, or skipped a term/or lost re-election, and come back in 2024. Or Don Jr. in 2024.
I'd never vote for HArris.

In my local CVS drug store, in a suburban white neighborhood, someone put up a black Santa for Christmas decorations. Obviosuly trying to make a point, and to stir up people.
Too bad someone can't do to it, what was done by ANTIFA in St.Andre Bessette Church. (See a postin about that further up).

Damian M. Malliapalli

JBQ said...

You have to pray and understand that this entire agenda was allegedly prophesied in the Third Secret. It is so explosive that in about 1950, we had allegedly a new Sister Lucia. The other one was sick and dying.----Pius XII died and his chosen successor was Guiseppe Siri. Malachi Martin who attended the consistory states that he was elected and then abdicated under threats to harm him and his family. This would invalidate the election of Angelo Roncalli who participated in the charade.---This type of chicanery makes the rabid stealing of an election "chump change" in the language of the inner city. Being devious is an art form. The JFK assassination is probably the most vivid.---If you look closely at the Zapruder film, you can actually see a bullet coming in from the "grassy knoll" and causing the president's head to explode. I then saw it "frame to frame" and it was even more vivid. There are pictures of George Bush the Elder at the Book Depository on the day in November. Richard Nixon is also in Dallas on that day. ----The CIA and LBJ carried it off. Again, stealing an election is "chump change" in comparison.