Friday, November 13, 2020

2020 Election: A Socialist Attack on Democracy

By David Martin 

The hair-raising injustices of the 2020 presidential election must not go uncontested. The numerous reports of election officials refusing to count legitimate votes that were cast before the polls closed on Nov. 3 reveal a socialist attack on our democracy. This was done not only in key battleground states but all over the country. The American people were disenfranchised by a deliberate refusal to count their votes while hundreds of thousands of fraudulent pro-Biden ballots were smuggled in and counted after hoursfake ballots that contributed to Biden's "victory." Much evidence has surfaced showing how everything from vans, suitcases, and storage containers were used to bring in fake ballots in the wee hours of November 4th.

The mere fact that election officials in Pennsylvania refused to allow Republicans to observe them during the vote count, even after the Pennsylvania appeals court had ordered officials to allow this, clearly demonstrates a deliberate intent to cheat on the election count. What else could possibly be inferred by this?  

This is not to mention that people at the polls were given their ballots and then told to vote without verifying their identity through an ID check. This allowed anyone to go to different polling places using different names of registered voters who they knew would not be voting and get away with it. In Philadelphia and Pittsburg alone it is estimated that 650,000 votes were counted illegally. 

Combine this with the fact that the vote was tabulated by a radical-left company, Dominion, with a bad reputation and rigged equipment – equipment that was funded by the notorious Socialist George Soros – and you have a rigged election. 

Million MAGA March 

Fortunately, America is well alerted to this fraud as tens of thousands of Americans took to the streets of Washington DC this past weekend to protest what is being called the biggest election heist in world history. The Vortex — MAGA March The American people in union with their president have made it clear that they are not going to tolerate the injustice of fraud that played a major part in this election. 

According to Steven Mosher, acclaimed author and speaker and founder and head of the Population Research Institute, If this had been a clean election, one in which every legal vote had been counted, and every illegal ballot thrown out, Trump would have over 300 Electoral College votes. Joe Biden would have called to concede the evening of November 3rd.”

Election Remains Undetermined 

Hence election 2020 remains undetermined until it can be corrected through due audit and recount, and as such, has conferred no right on Joseph Biden who was fraudulently proclaimed “president-elect.” 

And so, while the fake-media is blowing bubbles of disinformation and throwing a fake party over Joe Biden's supposed victory in the 2020 election, the fact remains that Biden did not win the election nor is it likely he ever will. Justice is underway in key battleground states to right the wrong that the sin of fraud has wrought. Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani says he has proof that the election will be overturned. Trump Attorney Rudy Giuliani Says Election will Be Overturned: "We Have Proof I Can't Disclose Yet" 

In the meantime, Christian America should beseech the God of our fathers that the man who He raised up to lead this country will continue another four years in the Oval Office.



Pete Grainger said...

The Department of Homeland Security has stated emphatically that the recent presidential and congressional elections were the most secure in US history. They made it abundantly clear that there was nothing that would alter the end results. Trump lost in a fair fight. Take it like a man!

susan said...



David Martin said...

Re: Pete Grainger - DHS is run by the same deep-state socialists so why would you believe them? Though Trump is president, he's not able to control everything. There was massive cheating in every state, i.e. people voting ten times, no ID check anywhere, refusing to count hundreds of thousands of legitimate votes that were cast on time, smuggling in hundreds of thousands of ballots after hours, voting machines flipping nearly all Trump votes over to Biden, etc. The mere fact that Democrats in PA refused to be observed in the vote count proves they were trying to cheat.

The rally turn-outs alone speak of the vote. Trump would easily get 60,000 people at his rallies including ex-Democrats while Biden would get maybe ten people. He had to rent several cars and jeeps to make it look like people came. He's on his way out, just watch. It'll be the embarrasment of the century.

Pete Grainger said...

Mr Martin, read the record of Court decisions on the suits filed by Trump's lawyers who have not been able to provide judges with any compelling evidence of the fraud you are asserting.
Trump lost in a fair contest and lost decisively in both the popular and EC votes.

David Martin said...

What you are citing comes from the CNN fake news. Contrary to your allegation, the court in PA has ruled in Trump's favor more than once on the grounds that fraud was committed there. The reason PA is doing a complete re-vote and not a recount is because the cheating in that state was so extensive with hundreds of thousands of fake votes to separate from true ones that it would be far too taxing and time-consuming to recount them.

As for the popular vote, Trump landslided Biden.

Pete Grainger said...

Not even Fox News, with the exception of Hannity and Carlson, is peddling this stuff anymore.
"There is no profit in last week's fish." (Vladimir Ilych Lenin)

Tomás said...

Faux News is managed opposition

Constantine said...

"Pete Grainger" quoted Lenin. How appropriate!!!! Again, Mr. "GRAINGER", the Constitutional and legal issues are Pharissaical, and it is being fought under such conditions based on details in the law. The fact remains that the Democrats are expected to violate the dignity of Trump, his family, his friends, even a voter. In the Spirit of the Constitution, violence, and threats of violence and retaliation are unconstitutional. For you, Mr. "GRAINGER", you should be aware that a defeat at the polls, in the Spirit of the Constitution, and The Church, the victor, whomever it may be, should be without rancor or revenge, and for a future openness to debate and discuss with opposition. For a political party to be so polite and gracious is impossible. How can a party who kill and sodomite their own children be expected to how a Christian Charity towards an opposition party? Especially since public statements have already been made by Democrats of reprisals? Democrats are not Christian, in the orthodox sense of the word in their behaviour, even considering the looting and violence under Trump. Without Trump, any semblance of Constitutional rule of law is discarded. If a Democrat president is elected, even by the pharissaical talley of votes, then the Democrats cannot be allowed to rule. The mentally ill women who kill their children and mentally I'll parents who pervert and gender-confuse their own children survivors are not fit to rule or vote. They need loving, charitable treatment and hospitalization in mental institutions.

Winder said...

That comment from DHS is not really the DHS. Dig deeper about who put it out.

Unknown said...

I agree an audit is desperately needed the Democrats cheated big time it's so obvious, President Donald Trump is our righteous President elect.In God we Trust!

Anonymous said...

In the end, Trump might come out the loser, but it was a rigged election, fraud and corruption, cheating only by Democrats in order to win.

Biden might win the election, but he will have lost over half the country, who believe they were cheated in a fraudulent election. With that in mind he will always be seen as an illegit president, and Harris even worse so.

Not surprisingly, there have already been 4 arrests of people planning to assassinate Biden and Harris, as well as Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, and others. I do believe that it will tragically happen, perhaps not to the lesser players but to the newly elected duo, and perhaps a few others. I was not alive when the great President JFK was assasinated, but I read where one person, because of the state of the country, believes that it will before long to Biden,HArris, and possibly more. Perhaps the story is wrong, but I would not be surprised. It would be very sad, but I would not at all be surprised.

Damian M. Malliapalli

Pete Grainger said...

"Biden further solidified his victory on Friday as results from Edison Research showed him winning Georgia, giving him a final tally of 306 Electoral College votes, far more than the 270 needed to be elected president and above Trump's 232." (AP)

The election has been decided and Trump is not the winner. He's gone in a fair and secure electoral process. Get used to it.

susan said...

It is inaccurate Damian. The left are the violent ones and assassins. Did you see ANY cities, towns, blocks, cars, pieces of paper even, burning when biden was 'proclaimed' the 'winner' (by the lying marxist media)? The right are sheep...oh we'll bluster, and fume, and then fall in line. peaceful to a sad and culpable fault.

susan said...

and rump(G)ranger is the new and uglier Tokyo Rose of the lying, cheating, murdering regime. Enjoy your 'reward' in this increasingly ugly life, cause burning forever in the next is gonna be quite.....uncomfortable.

JBQ said...

Amen Susan. Thank you for your Jean d'Arc impersonation. As for Grainger, as an act of forgiveness, I am going to send him an asbestos suit for Christmas. However, I don't think that it will work. I think that the temperature will be too high.

Kathleen1031 said...

As we see every day since the fraud became evident, we can expect no decency from Communists. Don't look for it. They aren't capable, they've had the humanity drummed out of them by a steady diet of hate for the president and some cash. Imbeciles are easily led, they don't have the cognition to understand their plight. This is why we have jails.
The election was clearly corrupted. There are at least 72 million Americans who have been disenfranchised by this election. It is not in anyone's interest, Republican or Democrat, to simply say, oh well, tough to be you, get over it. Democrats too have a vested interest in seeing that elections are free and fair, and this one certainly does not seem to be. We all need to hear the evidence, but the evidence is already indicating massive fraud, especially the Dominion software that was used. If Donald Trump did win this election and was cheated out of that win, that needs to be corrected and people need to be arrested. Since we are clearly seeing what sounds like it will be credible accounts of fraud, it begs the question as to why the FBI and DHS are not already investigating.
Are they too, corrupt and invested in a Biden win. Deep State is indeed very deep and that would be a problem.
Pray for our nation and people. We really need God's intervention.

Dieter Mohr said...

"...…. what sounds like it will be credible accounts of fraud, …."
"what sounds like" doesn't stand up in a court of law. That's precisely why the Courts have time and again rejected the Trump suits as 'hearsay' and that's why the FBI won't give this nonsense the time of day.

Trump lost in the fairest, most secure and most transparent election in US history.
Get it? Moat of your 71 million Americans will soon get it out of their systems when Trump empire collapses and he goes to jail for tax fraud.

Alea Jacta said...

Biden: 306 - Trump 232.
Trump came second.

Constantine said...

I think this a moment in history the Holy Spirit is bringing out to show us that Constitutions and voting are just costly, and time-consuming, exercise in Pharissaic legalistic procedures and laws.
Voting is a sham, and Constitutions are a sham if it means even a substantial minority is made up of mentally deranged mothers who murder their children, and families that allow sodomy, and are gender-confused and allow their gender-confused children to be mutilated and pumped up with drugs to make them look like the opposute sex. These voters belong in a mental institution and should not vote. Moreover, many "nice families" belong to parishes and churches that preach this insanity, and these nice people are gullible enough to believe. Yes, Bergoglio himself needs to be institutionalized!
Voting is wrong! Democracy us wrong! Freedom for false religions us wrong! Constitutions are wrong! All these are is a futile attempt to find the Truth. But the Truth is not found in voting. The Truth is not found in Pharassaic rules and procedures. The Truth is not found in manipulated, ephemeral majorities. Sometimes a majority vote comes out right. But, Sometimes, it crucifies the wrong person. Which one should we pick? The innocent, or the criminal insurrectionist?
And yet, the Roman procurator, who knew the law, could have overrided the majority for fear of the mobs.
Lets hope and pray that the Supreme Court does not back down in the face of threats and expediency.
But, if none of this works out, put an end to this Constitution and electoral system (which tbe Demo rats have already promised) and declare this country a Catholic State with Christ as King, and Our Lady of Guadalupe, as Queen.

Anonymous said...

One of my friends, who is a young nun in Rome (she is an American who joined a traditional religious Order in Italy because at the time (2009), she could not find a good teaching Order of traditional nuns in the USA. She entered the convent on the outskirts of Florence, and now is based in Rome where she teaches young girls in a school attached to the convent. Their "Motherhouse" in the Florence area welcomed this year 26 postulants, the largest class since the early 1960's when they were averaging 35-40 a year. They had 674 members in 1962 when they wore the old habits, dropped to 295 after 40 years if "modifications" after Vatican II and a simple black dress rather than the real habit. They saw the handwriting on the wall, and the bad example of other fairly large Orders in Italy which had radicalized and collapsed, and decided in 2002 not to follow that path. First they returned to a few of their tradiitons (including the daily recitation of the full Rosary), and the restoration of disiplines like the famous "Grand Silence" after 9:00pm. They gave uptheir short modified habits in 2005, and voted to restore the original long black habit with a "slightly" less cumbersome white collar in 2007. Before 2002, they averaged 1-2 postulants every year (still better than some better known Orders), and by 2009 when my friend joined, they had 9 new entrants. But re-building their numbers has been slow. THey have 340 sisters as of 2020. But they re-opened a wing of their Motherhouse again this year, which had been closed and empty since the late 1970's.

But the point of my post, is that I've been communicating with my friend when she is permitted to e-mail (1x per week), and we spoke about the election. She, and most of the nuns at her convent (26 sisters), were favoring Trump. My friend says that she and her sisters watch the news, and get not only programs from RAI (Italian state channel), but from BBC INternatinal…..which has shown the violence of ANTIFA and BLM all summer, and the pro-Trump protests after the election yesterday in DC and elsewhere.....millions of people.

My friend said that some of the older sisters who have served in both India and Venezuela and Peru where the sisters have other schools/missions, said that the protests in the USA and the fraud in the elections remind them of what happens in Venezuela, Peru, and other LAtin American countries....and they believe that the USA might very well be heading for civil war. Even the Italian sisters (and most are Italian, with about 4 USA sisters in Rome), believe that the election is a fraud, and that Biden is illegitimate president. They also think that he will be subjected to a huge scandal even worse than Watergate (Hunter Biden etc.), and both he and HArris will be out.
I hope it happens. I still have a very bad feeling that something will happen to Biden/Harris, and many of these radical Democrats, all within a day. I think we are headed towards something very bad......worse than what happened to JFK fifty-seven years ago.

Damian M. Malliapalli

Larry Wade said...

The New York Times gets it right again:

"Once Trump is no longer president, he is likely to be consumed by lawsuits and criminal investigations. Hundreds of millions of dollars in debt will come due. Lobbyists and foreign dignitaries won’t have much of a reason to patronize Mar-a-Lago or his Washington hotel. Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch could complete the transition from Trump’s enabler to his enemy. And, after four years of cartoonish self-abasement, Republicans with presidential aspirations will have an incentive to help take him down."

Constantine said...

Godless Protestants and secularists typified by "Wade" and "Mohr" and company, can never understand thay they are supported by preternatural dark forces, and fighting supernatural powers. They don't understand they are fighting an army of martyrs. These lost souls living in an Ivory Tower of materialistic pleasures, and comforts which they got so used to, that living without them is unimmaginable and consider it a violation of rights to not give a free cellphone to single fornicating, aborting, and repeat mothers on welfare. Their mentality is dulled by their sodomy adulating brains, and their addiction to it dulls their understanding of God's creation and purposes.

LW said...

The Telegraph, London, gets it right too:

"Imagine a Mad Max landscape of irritated cannibal mutants picking at the bones of a dying empire. That's Trump's future," says Republican strategist and arch-Trump critic Rick Wilson, one of the architects of the Lincoln Project, which was launched to stop Trump winning a second term. "His clubs and buildings were rapidly depreciating assets even before he was the worst president in American history."

susan said...

The NYT and the London THERE'S some reliable and convincing CRAP.
....right up there with Baghdad Bob.

Anonymous said...

Biden's campaigning was so enthusiastic and electrifying. It is no wonder he garnered the votes of over 500 million Americans. The man is a brilliant ball of energy, like the sun. And don't get me started on his oratorical skills. I have never seen a more exciting, inspiring, hope filled campaign.

LW said...

Biden didn't have to campaign to win the election. Trump did it for him. The result is clear: Biden 306
Trump 232

Unknown said...

President Donald Trump should be our righteous President elect, his rallies always had thousands of supporters where Biden had so few, the devil has always been a lier and a cheater the election was definitely rigged! Thy will be done!
Diana E. Contreras

Anonymous said...

LoL (literally)