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Twitter Ignores Incitements to Murder: "Burn the Priests" -- "Kill the Unborn"

 Burn the priests is a call for murder that Twitter did not consider objectionable.

(Berlin) Berlin's increasingly established government bloc made up of CDU / CSU, SPD and Greens - some are already ruling, others are already ready for it - wants more than a billion Euros in 2021 (where do you get all that money from, not determined by your wallet) to spend on the "fight against the right". Even the Left is delighted. However, the operation has two negative sides. In itself it is more than dubious and overlooks far more real threats.

What was once a niche product that was clearly ideologically located on the far left is now regarded as a kind of unwritten "state doctrine" due to the left-wing turn of the Union under Angela Merkel, which was heavily influenced by the GDR. The neutrality of the state, which was recently loudly demanded, is no longer valid than the aim of using this slogan to push back the influence of Christianity. In reality, real socialism has always been more dogmatic than the Christianity, at which the left is so fond of pointing the finger.

The planned tax of billions for a dubious, yet politically transparent project, is intended to support a whole armada of even more dubious associations, institutions, institutes, documentation centers and "Esperten." With one billion euros lives, in fact, a whole army of blind rage, of course tight left anti-rightist activists, sorry , "experts". Through the back door disguised in this way, the taxpayer is supposed to finance the left networks without being asked. 

This is exactly what should be excluded in a free, democratic constitutional state. In the Federal Republic of Germany, the financing of foundations close to the party in the hundreds of millions is not really compatible with the state's vaunted neutrality. The state is not there to promote private opinions, not even those of the governing parties. Political groups have to finance their employees and their concerns themselves and not pass the bills for their ideological propaganda and full-time agitators on the state, i.e. the general public.

This could be countered by the fact that all parties represented in the Bundestag benefit from party funding according to their strengths. In the case of the “fight against the right” billion, however, there is no longer any question of this “balance”.

In the ranks of the left-wing propaganda machine with such abundant supplies (socialized on the left at the university, indoctrinated, then directly in a protected agitprop department), real enemies of the liberal-democratic legal system are actually hiding. This not only refers to the increasingly dubious actions of the political elite, as shown in the Corona, climate, migration and anti-legal mania, but the solid fight. Two examples among many these days - also from abroad, because the political left is globalist:

example 1

"Burn the Priests" - Left Call for Murder

On November 24, Pope Francis gave his approval for the beatification of Father Juan Elias Median and another 126 martyrs of the Spanish between 1936 and 1939 who were victims of Popular Front. In the Popular Front, socialists, communists, anarchists and left-wing liberals had come together. In the style of the Soviet Union, these forces had already begun physically eliminating "enemies" in previous years. They also viewed the Church as an enemy, which is why priests and religious felt their hatred. Thousands of priests, women religious and seminarians were murdered on the street between 1931 and 1939. If the history of socialism were not paved with atrocities, the Church persecution carried out in Spain would have to be a particularly heinous chapter.

The left, who are supposedly morally superior, fundamentally superior and seemingly flawlessly presenting themselves as supposedly morally superior, want nothing to do with their ideological, criminal downsides. They are not embarrassed by these, but want to prevent the historical truth from coming to light, devoid of any insight. 

On the same day as the Pope announced the beatification in Rome, left-wing extremists published the hashtag #FuegoAlClero on Twitter, which means nothing less than "Burn the priests".

The slogan is not only unambiguous in its statement, but also has unequivocal histories dating back to the aforementioned Popular Front -time and was not a mere slogan but was implemented into action by murder and mayhem. 

The priest Juan Elias Median, who is now beatified, was 33 years old when, after two months of imprisonment, he and 14 confreres of Republican militias were killed in odium fidei , "out of hatred of the faith", at the entrance to the cemetery on September 25, 1936 Castro del Rio. He previously gave forgiveness to his murderers and died with the words "Viva Cristo Rey" ("Long live Christ the King"). 

The 127 new blessed are composed as follows: 80 priests, five seminarians, three Franciscan friars, one religious and 39 Catholic laymen, 29 men and ten women. They were all murdered in the diocese of Cordoba for being Catholics. The clergy and religious could be recognized by their clothing. Laymen were killed, because they were Catholic Action were active or only because they held nightly worship. The hatred of the Church was so great that it spared neither human life nor churches or the holy of holies in the tabernacle.

The use of the Popular Front - slogan in 2020 is therefore a dedicated prompt. In the 1930s, numerous churches in Spain were burned down or destroyed by bomb attacks. A total of around 7,000 priests and religious (not counting the laity) were killed out of hatred of the faith, including thirteen bishops. A good 2000 of the victims have now been raised to the altars by the Church.

Unlike misleading and euphemistic claims of today's supporters of former perpetrators of the Popular Front murders, this was not a reaction to the survey of 1936 carried out by General Francisco Franco who commanded the national forces, since 1931. The survey of General Franco rather a response to the radicalization of the Popular Front or its member forces and their policy of Sovietization.

Call for murder, but Twitter looks the other way

The incident is not only serious and calls for criminal prosecution, since it is an invyitation to murder, it also exposes the thinking of those circles who, in the narrower and broader sense, will be subsidized by the German taxpayer with one billion in the coming year in the Federal Republic of German. It's not just about agitprop columns, but also about shock troops in the extreme variant. Over the past five years, the left-wing, violent Antifa has become the establishment's foot troops. Strange but true. The new alliance was formed in the course of the so-called “refugee wave” of 2015 and was continued in the fields of “climate change” and “corona pandemic”. With this, of course, only one development that had started much earlier found its logical conclusion.

Even more frightening than the marginal but dangerous left-wing extremism is its tolerance, coverage and support by the salon left, to which even parts of the Union belong todayTwitter, which, like the other social network giants , has recently become the censor of unpleasant opinions and has fallen into unsurpassable hubris in deletion orgies, to which every second message from US President Donald Trump falls victim, found nothing to complain about in the invitation to kill the clergy kill. Neither individual entries nor the hashtag were deleted.

Trump has since announced that he no longer intends to tolerate this restriction of freedom of expression. TwitterFacebook and Google would have to decide. As a mere service provider who makes an instrument available to users, just as the Swiss Post delivers letters regardless of their content, they cannot be legally prosecuted for their content. That was one of the key factors behind their rapid rise to become quasi-monopolists. But if they should now practice censorship and give up their neutrality, they should be classified as media and would then have to be civilly and criminally liable for all content, as applies to all media. But that would be the actual end for those named.

In Spain, under the current left-wing government of Socialists (PSOE), which in the 30s was part of the Popular Front, and the radical left-wing Podemos, who are poisonin the public climate underway. The government left wants to rewrite history by concealing left crimes and pillorying right crimes in a one-sided and context-free manner. The left-wing murder and destruction orgies of the 1930s are justified more and more openly, as recently by the gay activist Beatriz Gimeno, who was ordered moved from the left-wing government to the director of the state Institute for Women and EqualityNobody wants to burn down churches anymore, but the “loathing” of the Catholic Church, according to Gimeno, is justified. Not everyone seems to be so “indulgent” about it.

On January 7, several members of the PSOE and Podemos had called for the expropriation of the Catholic Church. Assaulting someone else's property has never been a problem for socialists. The promotion of abortion is a major area of conflict with the Church, to which euthanasia has recently been added. The cruelty to life, then as now, is not an industrial accident, but an integral part of Marxist ideology.

The hypocritical behavior of Twitter, which stifles constitutionally guaranteed freedom of expression, but tolerates left-wing calls for murder, is basically no different from the behavior of a Bundestag bloc that is largely marching in lockstep, which now wants to provide a billion Euros for left-wing agitation and propaganda. This includes the piling up of "threats," which in reality seems to be more of a distraction from the real questions and the real threats.

It was only in October that Spain's Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez (PSOE) paid a visit to Pope Francis. Francis told him in an impromptu address:

"It is very sad when ideologies take over the interpretation of a nation, a country and distort the homeland."

It is not known whether Sanchez saw this as a criticism of the anti-Church policies of his government or as a reinforcement of the one-sided left historical image of the Spanish Civil War and the Franco dictatorship.

Example 2

Lust for blood - "killing fetuses"

The second example is the paint attack on the advice center of a life rights organization in Munich on November 26th. Munich Communists, represented in the City Council by the Left Party, called for the closure of these among other institutions, that are committed to the life of unborn children. In a statement from the advice center it says:

"On the opposite side of the street, on the banks of the Isar, clothes hangers with the relevant slogans were hung up: 'Decriminalize abortion', 'My body, my choice' or 'Kill fetuses'."

Not even the National Socialists dared to go that far in their public statements. The term fetus serves the rhyme, doggedly avoiding the entire abortion lobby, not just these abortion extremists, to speak of the child. The child they want to kill does not exist for them. What is a schizophrenic attitude if not that?

A radicalization is taking place, which leads to a steadily decreasing inhibition threshold among abortion extremists, according to those attacked. 

A worrying development indeed, but one that neither the executive nor the legislative seem to really move. The fixation on an alleged enemy who stands "right"  leaves them bleakly sightless.

He who kills people is not in the face of public criticism, but he who defends life. Nothing else can be expected from the communist side, as the Soviet Union was the first state in the world to legalize the killing of unborn children through abortion in 1920. The silence of the other groups weighs more heavily. If a sticker with a message is discovered on any light pole that deviates from the leftist canon of thought, the left-wing hunting society howls and turns it into a nationwide "crime".

But where it is really a matter of life or death, namely on the abortion question, there is silence and looking away by the bourgeoisie and aggressive hostility from the left, against those who have kept their hearts and minds and contradict the alleged "abortion consensus". 

But there can be no “consensus” about killing people. This cruel and deadly contradiction, however, is not addressed by either the “quality press” or the public broadcasting service. Instead, one repeatedly encounters distortions of facts and ideas that are conducive to abortion, such as those that abortion critics are sinister figures and that abortion is basically to be seen as an act of emancipation.

A clear slogan on the banks of the Isar

Popular Front majorities in Germany too

In Berlin, the left Popular Front - Majority  Borough Assembly of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, consisting of SPD, Greens and the Left, run wild in their anger against the pro-life movement. A consultation aimed at the well-being of mother and child and the rescue of the unborn child should be prevented, as the request to the district office reads. Of course, it is not that easy in a constitutional state, but such majorities no longer make it seem entirely impossible.

So how honest is the “fight against the right”, which is to take place in the coming year on a path paved with gold with a billion euros? What is this "attitude" of a large majority in the Bundestag worth while the same majority is watching the mass killing of unborn children in the middle of Germany without doing anything? Even more: the left-wing parties even want to suppress any criticism of this mass murder, ideally include it in the “fight against the right” and criminalize it.

There is really something fishy in the state of Germany.

Text: Andreas Becker 
Image: InfoVaticana / (screenshots)

Trans: Tancred



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