Friday, October 2, 2020

Russia Moves LGBT Children’s Programming from Netflix to Adult Section

 Edit: authorities have banned aberrosexual programming aimed at children in the past citing the 2013 Law.  Why not just ban Netflix?  It doesn’t look like they’ve banned the Pedo-Propaganda film, “Cuties”, either.

It would be great to cheer this on, but it looks very half-hearted.

[Orthodox Christianity] Netflix has moved several cartoon series from Netflix Kids to the adult section in its Russian service thanks to the Russian law banning LGBT propaganda against minors. 

The change will affect a “very small” number of projects, the company’s press service said, reports Interfax. Netflix has been available in Russia since early 2016. 

Netflix noted that tv and film sites are required by Russian law to set an age limit of 18+ for any titles with LGBT content. Netflix Kids is only for movies and shows with an age limit of 13. 



Anonymous said...

The Tribe who owns Netflix has its tentacles well into Mother Russia.
But then they have since 1917.
Like rats, they scurry to dark places and do their damage from there.

I will give kudos to Russia for trying to suppress this plague of filth.
The U.S. seems to welcome it.

Constantine said...

Putin has been attacked as being "contrary to democratic values" in his recent election by opponents and the Western Media for this censorship of LGBT expression. Fo you know that there are LGBT activists that get to come to the US on refugee or Asylum Status? Couples and individuals like that come here and get benefits and protection.

Joe Byrne said...
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Peter said...

Canada welcomes LGBT refugees and same sex couple to emigrate. Our population is being replaced by African immigrants, who will by 2030 outnumber whites.

Constantine said...

African immigrants may create some tensions, only in so far as they are of a different and contrary faith, with different values. And since society is secularized they cannot or will not discriminate on the basis of religion. This is the problem. They cannot and will not use religion as a criteria for immigration. And since religion is not existent in the minds of Western government and business professionals and intellectuals, it is suspected of being a pretext for racism.
Ethiopians and Eritreans are in my view the nicest and most civilized of peoples in general, because they are an Orthodox Christian civilization. Of course, as secularization dismantles their civilization, it dismantles ours too.
But, in contrast, the LGBT immigrants welcomed are by definition contrary and inconsistent with our civilization. And to make matters worse, they are ACTIVISTS, radical in the most extreme for their country to consider them a serious threat. If these LGBT people were in the closet, well no one would know, and that's that. But they are so "hardcore" as to be "in your face".
I have always been of the opinion that the greatest of civilizations, Byzantium, reflected, as best as fallen human nature can allow, the most close to the image of heaven on earth. And this image comes to my mind every time I read the last chapters in the book of Apocalypse. Byzantium is, of course, a poor, pale reflection of that heavenly glory. But it was the intention to try as best to reach the ideal. Byzantium, was, in fact, a great Christian multicultural empire, and in the end it was petty national interests that destroyed it. Nationalism, is not an ancient virtue or value. Nationalism is a creation of the Enlightenment that idolized the one nation and put them about as higher than all others. It is a perversion of the Christian virtue of "Patria" or patriotism, which means derives from "Abba"- Father. It is this life through a common Father that is the true Virtue. The last Byzantine Emperor, Constantine XI died as a Catholic. It was his dream, and the dream of almost all the emperors, including the last, to maintain the unity with Rome. It was the rank and file Greeks who stood in opposition to agreements. It was the Venetians, the Italian States' petty interests, and the interests of petty German, soon to be Protestant, aristocracy that sacked Constantinople.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see one nation on the planet can still tell the tribe to keep their filthy hands off children.

Yevgeny Petrov said...

A good Russian would not do otherwise.