Friday, October 30, 2020

Polish Priest Defends Parish With a Gun

 [GloriaTVThreatened by 300 pro-abortion rioters, Father Piotr S., 53, of Czernikowo, Poland, defended his parish-church on October 28 with a gun, reports

The video below shows the protest but not the courageous priest. Witnesses said that he held a weapon in his hand, or something looking like one.

Police intervened and stopped the priest. They found six registered hunting guns in the presbytery. Father S. is a hunter and has the weapons license.

The Polish Constitutional Court found on October 22 that in the country, a right to abort children doesn't exist. Since then, leftwing riotscause havoc all over Poland.

Criminals interrupted Masses, vandalised church walls, and stormed churches. However, in Poznań, football hooligans defended a church, and chased the A-Fascist rioters.



Constantine said...

Why are police not stationed at every church? Shooting them in the head may not stop them, since they have no brain function. Shooting them in the heart is useless, because they have no heart. I recommend shooting them in the legs, so that they can't get up. And shoot their cellphone cameras.

Anonymous said...

And I'll bet there has been not a single word of support from the Vatican, or from Pope Bergoglio. He is much more interested in making life easy for sexual deviants, sodomists, LGBTQ agitators, perverts, radicals, Muslim jihadist immigrants, progressivist politicians, abortionists,femminists etc.etc.
God bless this good priest, and the footballers who protected the Church, and all of Poland and her faithful Catholics.

It is amazing to me, and more than alittle odd, that is doing research and studying, I have found that the most radical liturgical abuses, the most radical political agendas, the most radical pro-abortion movements, the most radical movements in favor of LGBTQ deviants etc. has been orchestrated 95% by women. The ost visible male member of this group is of course, Pope Bergoglio....but we also have Bernie Sanders. But behind Sanders is an army of radicalized women like Ilhan Omar, AOC, and others. Very few men have been named.

Very peculiar. But regardless, it has to be stopped.

Damian M. Malliapalli

Constantine said...

Many years we were teaching women to hate male figures. They were sent by their fathers who spoiled them because it would teach them values condusive to corporate advancement. After a few generations the work values and skills are well internalized to make them accepted members of the globalist workplace.

Grigor Poldareck said...
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Anonymous said...

Feminism was the nuclear bomb dropped over the former Catholic West,officially in 1970.
Centuries of infiltration +
organized experiments such as the early 20th Century temperance movement were the test phase.
Is it possible 1 of the 7 Seals in book of Apocalypse is Feminism?
Men + Women both seem too far gone + incapable of going back to biblical assigned Sex roles.
God bless

Grigor Poldareck said...
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Anonymous said...

Because cops would rather ignore the complaints of religious people and instead pander to corrupt leftist LGBT Antifa big city mayors who can reward cops with pay raises bigger pensions and lots of medals.