Thursday, October 22, 2020

Imam Meets With Pope and Justifies Beheading of History Professor


Bergoglio (Pope Francis) and the Imam of the al-Azhar mosque, Ahmed Al-Tayeb · Photo: VoxNews

 Al-Azhar, the most influential theological and university center of Sunni Islam, reaffirmed after the beheading of the French professor on the outskirts of Paris "the need to pass international laws that criminalize attacks on religions and their symbols".

 That means a demand for a global law against "Islamophobia" so that it should no longer be the "duty" of terrorists to behead unpopular people, but rather the Islamophile governments do it directly.

 Today the Imam of Al-Azhar, Al-Tayyeb, spoke at the peace meeting in Rome, at which Pope Francis was also present.  His proclamation:

 "I distance myself and the rules of the Islamic religion" from the "sinful crime and from those who pursue perverse ideologies." "The terrorist does not represent Mohammed." But "the insults of religions and the abuse of sacred symbols under the motto of freedom of expression is a form of intellectual ambiguity."

 In short, those who behead and those who show a caricature of Muhammad are on the same level.

Source: Vox 



Luke Hamer said...
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Anonymous said...

Interesting that nothing was mentioned regarding the many SSPX ordinations that have taken place over this past year. Not surprising, of course, as it is the view of the Modernist leaders in Rome (and all who accept the notion of "full communion") that unless a priestly order pledges fidelity to the false teachings of the Second Vatican Council (absolutely required of all priests and religious of the "full communion" organizations) they are to be ignored––if not worse.

Nevertheless, inasmuch as the SSPX is the only priestly organization that continues to uphold all of the Catholic teachings that were extant prior to Vatican II, they will continue to grow and attract followers who are seeking the truth. As for the FSSP, et al, while they unquestionably celebrate the TLM in precisely the same manner as does the SSPX, and for the most part, their priests do not speak out in public support of the false teachings of Vatican II, they have taken a pledge to the pope not to deny them. That is seriously non-Catholic. And the fact that this current pope and his Modernist followers literally despise the TLM, I would be surprised if they do not require that the FSSP and other similar organizations begin including the Novus Ordo as well.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

The murderer, the one who beheaded the man, is a saint according to the logic of Mohametanism for the beheader actualises all of the teachings and praxis of the Koran and Mahomet.

David Martin said...

Sorry, but the murderer perfectly reflects the Quran in its criminal teaching that Christians and and non-Muslims be 'hunted down and slain.' This Islamic leader is perverted in his attempt to defend Islam since he and everyone knows that the problem is Islam, not the misrepresentation of Islam.

Tancred said...


John F. Kennedy said...

Is that a French kiss?

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis and his Vatican are beyond contempt.

Damian M.Malliapalli