Thursday, October 1, 2020

Bishop Schneider: COVID-19 Response Leading to World Government

By David Martin 

While deep-state Socialists and Democrats are using COVID-19 as a political tool to shackle the West and pave the way for a godless one-world government, enlightened prelates like Bishop Athanasius Schneider are speaking the truth about COVID-19 that we might be delivered from the clutches of this tyrannical new world government.  

Speaking on September 20 with’s Eva Doppelganger, Bishop Schneider said that he sees in the global response to the Coronavirus "signs of a world government" that restricts the freedoms of the people.  

"In front of our very own eyes," he said, "there is developing a scenario which has clear traits of a world government," adding that "these are clear hints that one cannot deny" otherwise "we would just bury our heads in the sand." 

Sinister World Unity

Schneider points out how the wearing of face-masks has become a unifying symbol of the one-world government, and how with the wearing of face-masks "we now all look alike in the whole world.”  

As evidence of this mushrooming world government, he cites how the world's peoples are being mocked and treated like little kids. 

"The whole world now is being treated and reprimanded, in a unified manner, like little children – up to the smallest details on how to dress, that is, with the face mask, how one may move about, how much distance to keep, on the entire globe, and in a unified manner!” 

The internationalist octopus generating this world government has several tentacles working conjointly toward this end, including the Illuminati, the Communists, and the Freemasons. In a 2017 speech given on the 300th anniversary of the founding of Freemasonry, Bishop Schneider explained how the Freemasons have been a leading force in the de-Christianization of the West, pointing out how "the laws legalizing abortion, the so-called ‘same-sex marriage’ or ‘marriage for all,’ and euthanasia were prepared in the idealistic Masonic ‘laboratories’ and then, with the help of lobbying and through their members in parliament and in the government, pushed through the legislation." 

These agents of the New World Order (NWO) are now using Coronavirus as a powerful tool in hand wherewith to lock down on society and take away our freedom.   

America Should Ignore State Lock Down Orders 

Even so, we cannot deny that the public response to COVID-19 is what has fed this globalist plan to lock down on liberty and usher in this world government. The internationalist deep-state hinges on our response to Coronavirus to enslave America, which means Americans should make a quick about-face and ignore state orders to stay home, close churches, wear masks, etc. 

They should likewise ignore fear-ridden bishops who buckle to this "pandemic plan" just to save their own skin. Let them rather listen to faithful prelates like Bishop Schneider who have courageously said the truth that we might be liberated from the virus of disinformation that is presently bewitching the West. St. Paul spoke of "the operation of error to believe lying" (2 Thess. 2:10) through which many would be misled in the last times. Our remaining a free nation hinges on our resolution to reject this daily barrage of error coming through the media.   

Christ's words certainly apply. "The truth will make you free." (John 8:32)  




Mister Jorge said...

Joseph...yes.... watch them come down with "Dreaded Flu Like Symptoms!!!!!"

I truly hope the scratchy throat, sniffles, and occasional sneeze isn't too painful.

JX said...
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Mister Jorge said...

209000 "have died of the virus".
You're either lying or you're ignorant.
20900 have not "died of the virus".

This has been well established multiple times over: dying with Covid was all lumped into a Covid death. Which is simply disingenuous to do.... especially when you're trying to keep people (like yourself) in a state of fear. To be unaware that that number is inflated is irresponsible on your part.

7.8 million INFECTED!!! Oh no!!!! This mundane fact that respiratory viruses are easily spread really seems to impress you. But, that's part of the problem when one doesn't have any real understanding on viruses but wants to further fuel the flames of fear. But again, you might be just a hapless dupe.... so for the moment I won't hold nefarious intentions over your head.

Back in March and April it was all "Hey, this is serious business. Millions in America will more than likely die from this".... Nope.

Funny how it went from in April "we can't stop this... we don't expect to stop this because this is a respiratory virus.... but we need to slow down the hospital flood that would happen."
To now, "We need to stop this thing in its tracks. It CAN be done! Just mask up (forever) and keep distance from others (forever) and we'll eventually grind this virus to a halt."

So, JX.... Millions and millions of Americans are going to get it. Millions and millions of Americans (yearly) have gotten other respiratory viruses.

Joseph Xenophon said...
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Syd Cullen said...
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Andrew Jones said...

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro – the former military man who cited his history as stabbing victim to boldly declare that "no little flu is going to take me down." It did.
And finally, Donald Trump, the reality TV star turned US President who has now become the most high-profile casualty of a vicious virus he once insisted would "go away quickly".
The shadow of the wings of the Angel of Death has passed over him and his obnoxious tribe.

Joseph Xenophon said...
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David Martin said...

Re. Mister Jorge - You're part of the fear campaign. Only 9200 people in the U.S. have died of COVID-19. The virus exists, no one is denying this, but it is not a pandemic or anything near. Deep-state globalists deliberately up the numbers to create a fake sense of urgency to justify the lock down of society.

Where I attend Mass in a very "COVID infected" area, the church which seats only 150 is packed each Sunday with nearly 200 people, this being the case since April. Maybe one in 20 wear mask and no one has COVID-19. There is no need for all this fear; fear is a tool of the devil.

Another point to consider is that many who "test positive" with COVID-19 do not have COVID-19 but health officials are only saying this. There are people who were never tested for coronavirus who have been "diagnosed" has having tested positive.

This coincides with the recent CDC report that the approximate 184,000 people previously listed as having died from coronavirus never had coronavirus but died of "other diseases" and "contributing factors."

Joseph Xenophon said...
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Anonymous said...

Pray for their moral spiritual + temporal well being.
Bp.Robert Dymek taught me it's more effective to pray for yourself and others rather than excoriate them.
Our Blessed Lord Jesu Christè is more powerful than our words and temporal political paradigms.
Sounds simple but this has
become forgotten knowledge and wisdom.
God bless

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Don't lock downs, closing churches, social distancing, wearing masks and watching members of the tribe talking on TV for more than 40 hours per week stop the transmission of Covid? No!?