Monday, September 28, 2020

To the President before the Debate

Mr. President:

As elections near, the deep-state plan is to augment the COVID-19 "emergency" so that Democrats can blame you for it. They are hinging on the high COVID death numbers to win the election, but you have powerful leverage from the CDC and other reliable sources to set America straight on these numbers. 

The CDC now says that only 9200 people in America have died from COVID-19, not 183,779 as previously reported, and with the eyes of the nation on you this Tuesday you have a prime opportunity to shatter this myth and allay the nation's fears while pointing out how this low figure is largely due to the excellent response of your administration. The numbers from the CDC are accurate and should be exploited to the full, so rub it in because it could gain you many extra votes in the process! 

The only real emergency we have is this deep-state effort to lie to the American people about COVID-19 so that Democrats can use the crisis as a political tool to restrict our freedoms, close our churches, and take away our livelihood and prosperity. Socialists have every mind to enslave America under a communist tyranny so it is crucial that the truth about COVID-19 be noised abroad before the election because only "the truth will make you free." (John 8:32)  

If America ever doubted that Socialism was at work in our country BLM revolutionaries certainly shattered this doubt this year, so Americans at this point should have no trouble believing that deep-state socialists are exaggerating COVID-19 figures so they can blame you before the election.

This Tuesday's presidential debate indeed is a prime opportunity to bring the true COVID case and death numbers to the people.

New CDC report shows 94% of COVID-19 deaths in US had contributing conditions


JBQ said...

When Joe Kennedy III is clobbered 55-45 by Ed Markey for the Massachusetts Senate, there is only one way to interpret this. The barbarians are inside and there are no gates. (Mark Steyn, Nov 2015, On Paris)

Joe Fleming said...

The official CDC figures are:
United States cases
Updated 29 Sep at 10:42 am local

David Martin said...

Re: Joe Fleming - Not so. The CDC now admits that only 9200 COVID deaths have occured in the U.S. You're citing fake numbers. Most all of the 200,000 people who died did not have COVID symptoms but "other diseases" and contributing factors contributed to their deaths. It wasn't from COVID. Numbers and death certificates have been falsified to create a fake urgency to justify the shackling of society. There exists no pandemic. It's a "scamdemic."

JF said...

The figures are from the CDF official site. The onus is on you to prove they are fake and Fox 4 and its conspiracy theory ploy no authority.

Constantine said...

@JF What does the CDF have to do with the CDC? That is so stupid! But wait!! You should also be talking about the people who "love their life, but will lose it". They are so afraid of a flu strain, that they forget they will die soon anyway and live a living death after their death in Hell or for a while suffer Purgatory. Their fears are so misplaced. And so us yours!

Aaron Aukema said...

@Joe Fleming : the CDC has columns that differentiate between dying FROM Covid and dying WITH Covid. Since March, the CDC guidelines have been telling states and doctors to list anyone who dies WITH Covid as a Covid death, in addition to every person a doctor thinks could have come into contact with Covid. In the report mentioned by Mr. Martin, the CDC is actually stating that only 9200 people died specifically OF Covid, whereas the others died with other complications. That report IS on the CDC's official website, but it is obscured because it counters the narrative.

Keep in mind, in 2009, journalist Sheryl Atkisson revealed that the CDC stopped counting H1N1 cases and deaths, and when the "pandemic" was over, made numbers up because they needed to. This is the organization you are hanging your hat on...

Anonymous said...

It’s up to you to prove that my demonstrably unreliable and partisan source is false.


Constantine said...

"It’s up to you to prove that my demonstrably unreliable and partisan source is false."
It has been explained to you.

Tancred said...


Joe Fleming said...
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Anonymous said...

Chris Wallace was co-debating
President Trump w/his BFF J.Biden during the so called debate.
I stopped watching the last 10 mins because Wallace was acting like an
insufferable forked tongue Communist lackey.

Peter Watson said...
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Anonymous said...

The Golden Jew was a joke and he HATED that.
That is what made me smile.

Tancred said...

I didn’t catch that.

Joe Fleming said...

Official Center for Disease Control COVID-19 stats for the USA 09/30/2020:
Infected: 7,327,224
Dead: 210,217
Recovered: 3,922,195

Allan Siebold said...

This is what Trump really thinks of his fellow Americans who lost their lives in the service of their country and in the protection of allied lands:

'In a conversation with senior staff members on the morning of the scheduled visit, Trump said, “Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers.” In a separate conversation on the same trip, Trump referred to the more than 1,800 marines who lost their lives at Belleau Wood as “suckers” for getting killed.'

– The Atlantic, September 3 2020

Constantine said...

You are changing into a different discussion that is not even related. But the battle of "Belleau Wood" was a World War 1 battle. The sinister forces of "democracy", the Enlightenment and global Masonry under the umbrella of "making the world safe for democracy" was designed to destroy all remaining Catholic monarchies and protestant monarchies still influenced by many Catholic values. These people died fighting to spread the evil of American "freedom" merely tolerated by Leo XIII,in "Testem Benevolentiae" in 1896.

Tancred said...

Trump won!

Qxi Wusan said...

COVID 19 also won!