Sunday, September 20, 2020

The Marxist Government of Spain Orders Benedictine Association at Valley of the Fallen to be Abolished — Remove Cross

[Liberdad Digital] There is a new ideological smokescreen to which the Government is clinging to divert attention from its poor management of the pandemic and its internal contradictions.  The Council of Ministers approved on Tuesday the draft of the Democratic Memory and Human Rights Law that aims to outlaw the Francisco Franco Foundation, teach a new subject in schools "under the paradigm of 'never again' lose our freedoms", create a  Specific Prosecutor's Office to "redress the victims", pay with public funds for the exhumation of the victims of the Franco regime from the mass graves, and annul the trials of the Franco regime.

 However, the measures already expected are added to the news about the "resignification" of the Valley of the Fallen.  The foundation of the Benedictine monks who until now manage the abbey through the desacralization of the church  will "be extinguished".  "While this suppression occurs, there will be a transitional regime that we will regulate by decree."  Once this happens, the Valley will "be re-signified", which will become "a civil cemetery that will pay tribute to the victims of both sides."  They are even considering the demolition of the emblematic Cross of the Valley of the Fallen, on which the Executive "will reflect", in the words of the first vice president, Carmen Calvo.

 Vice President Calvo began her presentation by arguing that "the best form of reparation is to declare null any trial that has resulted in the execution of important people such as President Compayns," she said, picking up on the recent claim of the Catalan president, Quim Torra, that the Government  apologize for this execution of the Franco regime.

The draft includes several expected measures such as the outlawing of the Francisco Franco Foundation and financial aid for the exhumation of the victims of the Franco regime who are in the common graves, whose identification and subsequent burial will be done through "the creation of a bank  DNA” and will be paid for with public funds.  For this, a specific Prosecutor's Office will be created to "repair his memory."

 Regarding the Francisco Franco Foundation, Calvo has made it clear that "there will be no associations of a different legal nature with public resources and that exalt dictatorial figures such as Francisco Franco."

Among the law’s features, there will be fines of between 200 and 150,000 euros for those who violate the Democratic Memory law by extolling "fascism" and the introduction of a new subject in schools to "tell our young people where we come from" and that "they will respond to the  paradigm of 'never again' we will lose our freedoms ".


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