Thursday, September 10, 2020

Father Cekeda is Very Ill ~ Update: Let is Pray for His Poor Soul

Update from Sept 11th: Father will have a wake on Weds, the day that Cicadas will be coming out. It probably doesn’t mean anything, but these sorts of coincidences are interesting to me. Thanks to a reader for letting me know.

Edit: I just heard this now. It’s an opportunity to offer prayers for the good of his soul and if God wills, his recovery.

Fr. Cekada Celebrating Mass

Born in 1951, Anthony Cekada studied at De Sales Preparatory Seminary and St. Francis Seminary College in Milwaukee, graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Theology in 1973. He also studied organ and composition at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. Already discontent with the Vatican II changes, he entered the Cistercians of the Common Observance, a conservative monastic order.

In 1975 he entered St. Pius X Seminary in Ecêne, Switzerland, completed his studies, and was ordained to the priesthood by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in 1977.

Following his ordination, Father Cekada taught seminarians at St. Joseph's House of Studies Armada, Michigan, and St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary, Ridgefield, Connecticut.



Anonymous said...

If this is his hour, pray he dies back in the arms of the Church.

Dad29 said...

Huh. I was present at his first Mass, held in the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

"BACK in the arms of the Church"? The bio gives me no indication that he left the Church.

Anonymous said...

Pray for Fr.Cekada and his former faithful to make amends before his Death.
Thankfully,I wasn't involved but,there was an extremely intense division + split within their chapel.
1 Priest was targeted and suffered greatly for trying to give voice for the voiceless.
Amazingly,he kept his vocation,thank our Blessed Lord.
Mainly,it was over direction of their School and administrative decisions.
It was very bad,a few Men + Women lost their faith after the fallout.
There were no winners in this catastrophe.
God bless.

Anonymous said...

Fr.Cekada NEVER left the Catholic Church.
He's 1 of the literal few Priests+Bishops who offered
pre-1951 (not 1955) Holy Week and Missal during the past 43 YEARS.
He was ordained in the trad-Rite of Ordination by Bp.Lefebvre in
1977 and their Bishop
(Bp.Daniel Dolan) was ordained by Bp.Lefevbre and consecrated in the Thuc-Carmona line.
If you doubt the Thuc line,please remember
Fr.Bruno Schaeffer was ordained by Bp.Thuc in 1981 and was an SSPX Priest until 2006 and DID NOT receive conditional Holy Orders.
God bless

Anonymous said...

He died yesterday morning:

Anonymous said...

Just noticed that my reply says @9:12 p.m. when it's past midnight here on the East Coast. So EF is on PDT.

Joseph Xenophon said...
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Anonymous said...

I heard Absp Schnurr came to anoint him. I wonder how Dolan took that.

Vince said...


I thought Cicada didn’t believe in EENS

Joseph Xenophon said...
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Anonymous said...

Hopefully Bp.Dolan conditionally ordained and consecrated him.