Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Cardinal Ranjith is Accused of Foreknowledge of Easter Attack by Muslims

Edit: Representative Harin Fernando is a member of the center-right United National Party of Sri Lanka and was raised a Catholic at least.  He had also criticized Facebook for not controlling anti-Muslim commentary on the platform.

Sept 20, Colombo: The Auxiliary Bishops of the Archdiocese of Colombo have issued a statement saying that the allegations leveled against the Cardinal by MP Harin Fernando who recently appeared before the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the Easter Sunday Attack, are untrue and unfounded.

Archbishop Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith regrets and is shocked by a statement made by MP Harin Fernando before the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the Easter Sunday attacks, the statement said.

MP Harin Fernando appearing before the Presidential Commission of Inquiry investigating the Easter Sunday Attacks on the 16th of this month stated that the Archbishop had not conducted a Mass in a public church on the Easter Sunday morning when the tragedy took place, and that he had not held the Mass because he was aware of the impending danger.




Anonymous said...

Ranjith was ordained by Montini Paul VI and "studied" under Martini (yeah that Martini). I guess you can do the rest of the arithmetic about Ranjinth for yourself.

Simon Fernandes said...

Neither his ordination or his biblical education barely influenced his future life as a priest or bishop. He's a feudal throwback who is totally out of place and time, compromised by dark connections with dodgy politicians and his association with regressive organizations in the Churh.

Tancred said...

>believes in evolution

Anonymous said...

Another attempt by the NWO in trying to demoralize the Church and deversion over

the true perps.