Saturday, August 8, 2020

The U.N. should be sent from our shores

By David Martin

The 75th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima/Nagasaki on August 6 was an appropriate occasion to reflect on the fact that there was no need to bomb the Japanese in 1945 since they had surrendered five months earlier. 

Unbeknownst to many, the nuking of Hiroshima was the work of CFR members that had been working with FDR to create the United Nations for the purpose of enslaving America under a godless one-world government—a machination that would be orchestrated under the guise of "peace." The CFR unfortunately lied to President Truman about the obstinacy of the Japanese to secure his approval for the nuking. 

With plans to solidify the establishment of the U.N. that fall, their objective in nuking Hiroshima was to create worldwide terror to ensure worldwide support for this "peace keeping organization" that would "prevent" such a thing from ever happening again. Sure enough, the U.N. was solidified six weeks later, on October 24, 1945, with unanimous support from the nations. 

This is typical of how U.N. globalists create the problem so they can come along and "solve" it, just like they created COVID-19 (through Bill Gates and the WHO) to provide an excuse to lock down on religion and private business (the "solution") in keeping with their plans for a world government that restricts the freedom of the people. 

U.N. Globalists see COVID-19 as "Great Opportunity"

Far from lamenting the coronavirus, these globalists, including World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab, are openly saying that the COVID-19 crisis is a "great opportunity for global reset" to bring about a "new normal" for the world. The "new normal" they plan is a society where a satanic elite can reign and BLM mobsters can raid the malls with no restrictions while churches are locked up and private shops are put out of business.

At this point in time, most American patriots are on to the fact that high ranking CFR globalists are members of the Illuminati, a satanic cabal founded by Adam Weishaupt and Amschel Rothschild in 1776 with the objective of destroying Catholicism and bringing about a tyrannical one-world government to which the world's people would be subjugated. 

A Brief History of the U.N.

The North American branch of the Illuminati is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which was founded in 1921 by Edward House, a high ranking Illuminati member who also served as Woodrow Wilson's chief advisor. The CFR in turn created the United Nations in 1945 for the purpose of submerging the nations under the authority of the aforementioned world government.

A group of CFR members in the State Department calling themselves the Informal Agenda Group conceived the idea of the U.N. They played their advantage knowing that the proposal of a "world peace-keeping organization” would go over big in the wake of all the heartbreaks of World War II. They drafted the original plan and secured the approval of President Roosevelt, a secret society initiate himself, who then made establishing the U.N. his highest postwar priority. At the UN’s founding meeting in San Francisco in 1945, forty-seven of the American delegates were CFR members! 
Hence it is just and right that President Trump has distanced himself from the United Nations, seeing that they labor incessantly for the downfall of America through their push for population-control (abortion), LGBT political agenda, pornography, child corruption, Antifa training, race riots, and all that is murderous and anti-Christian. It is no secret that high echelon members of the U.N. (e.g. the Rothschilds) conduct satanic Black Mass in their mansions, so why would anyone take them seriously? While they deceptively articulate nice sounding words of "peace" and "global harmony" they drool over the prospect of America's destruction. 

The U.N. should be sent from our shores at once!  



Unknown said...

That's exactly right the U.N. wants to undermine our Christian values with their wicked agenda to try and control us. DEC

Peter Comestor said...

"It is no secret that high echelon members of the UN (e.g. the Rothschilds) conduct satanic Black Mass in their mansions, so why would anyone take them seriously?"

If it's no secret, then please share the evidence. Amaze your friend.

I suspect that the claim has the same credibility as the rest of this concocted nonsense.

David Martin said...

RE: Peter Comestor - A this stage of the game, most American patriots are on to the well founded fact that the high echelon members of the U.N. are members of the Illuminati, the same who founded the U.N. This is a satanic cabal that labors for Lucifer under the pain of death. For this reason they call themselves "Luciferians." These satanists conduct regular Black Mass in their quarters. When Stanley Kubrick made his 2001 Space Odyssey flick in 1968 he filmed the Black Mass at the Rothschild mansion.

You might also recall that satanists this past June were calling for a one-world government under the U.N. The Church of Satan, the Illuminati, and the Communists are all together on this, and accordingly, are all globalists.

Peter Comestor said...

"It is no secret that high echelon members of the UN (e.g. the Rothschilds) conduct satanic Black Mass in their mansions, so why would anyone take them seriously?"
Where's your proof?

Assertions don't stand up in a court of law unless they are substantiated with credible, verifiable evidence. Where's yours for any of the claims you are making?

Anonymous said...

Japan surrendered 5 months earlier?!? WOW. Do you have a link for that?


AL Meggers said...

The proof is in the pudding PETER
And we will have that recipe again!
Despite the pleas for verification the truth is right before us for those that wish to see it. Fortunately
I Personally have seen the the truth through all the lies that those that see and hear in Congress today
In the caricatures of a human Nader and Schumer
Where was their verification of their character assassination of Kavanaugh ? Did you know Peter that The Japanese language had no equivalent word for surrender at the time?
The history books are filled with affirmations that the authors believed were accurate in order to sell
Their story to “authenticate” their ulterior motives!
Any common observer with any ability to discern the truth in what they hear and even see is a rare gift indeed and David Martin is that gift to us who sincerely wish to see!

Anonymous said...

The first session of the UN was presided over by Alger Hiss , a Soviet agent, at the insistence of the American government! The Deep State in DC has a long history.

David Martin said...

Re: Anonymous - Excellent point, though I might clarify that it wasn't the truly American gov't but the infiltrated deep-state gov't that insisted on the presidency of Alger Hiss at the U.N. opening session. But yes, the U.N. by nature is communistic as its objective is to bring about a one-world government of communistic nature, i.e. a police state. And who was it that primarily funded the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia but Jacob Schiff of the Rothschild banking dynasty. Note the Communist-Globalist union, evidenced too by the fact that CFR founder Edward House was an avowed Marxist. That is, both an Illuminati and a Marxist. All revolution A.D. including the French Revolution and the Bolshevik Revolutions are grounded in the Illuminati, founded in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt and Mayer Amschel Rothschild. The Illuminati in turn founded on the Talmud, which in turn was penned by the descendants of the Pharisees who murdered the Christ. Hence this Marxist-Globalist revolt culminating today goes back to the Crucifixion, which means the best remedy for defeating it is to repair to the Institution of the Cross - the Mass. Reverently of course, not alla "Novus Ordo Seclorum" (New World Order)

Anonymous said...

President Truman supported the selection of Alger Hiss to preside at the first session of the UN in SF. I think the POTUS of 1945 qualifies more than anybody as the American government. Also 1952 and 1956 presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson and SCOTUS justice Felix Frankfurter were both character witnesses for Hiss at his federal perjury trial.

David Martin said...

Re: Anonymous - Truman perhaps was misled but his predecessor FDR was a full-fledged 33rd degree Freemason and no American - A Zionist snake. In the same way infiltrators like McCarrick and Bernadine have discredited the Catholic Church so agents like Obama and FDR have discredited the U.S. While enemies like Haym Solomon tried to get their hand in the pie in the setting up of America, even bribing the founding fathers with a $22 million grant, they were not successful. Our country was set up as a free country rooted in Biblical principle - a gift from God - for which we are indebted.

Now if Truman was conscionably colluding with Hiss then it would make him UN-American but it seems that he was misled in a similar way Benedict was misled in appointing Bertone as the Vatican Secretary of State or Trump was misled in appointing Gorsuch to the SCOTUS. But they meant well. We're not in their shoes and the temptations they receive are much greater than ours so we do need to pray for our leaders.

Anonymous said...

heh....ya' sure Japan "surrendered" but they still had an intact military, weapons, and warlike culture. How gullible are you?

And yeah, we should have bombed Germany too! Germany was a very evil part of the 20th Century!

Anonymous said...

Truman called the Hiss investigation a red herring, for Truman it was always the Democrat machine first America was a distant second. General MacArthur had trouble with Truman too. Truman was a lot like Joe Biden a partisan Democrat hack with a phony common man media concocted image. Anyway that's my opinion but while you can't vote for Truman you can vote for Biden and get the same kind of guy in the WH.

Anonymous said...

They attempted to surrender while keeping their Emperor. We said “no conditions”
Then, after nuking them, we let them keep their Emperor.


MyronM said...

The United Nations was founded on October 24 [1945]. On this day, the Church commemorates Saint Anthony Mary Claret. He was and is an implacable enemy of Freemasonry, so the U.N. will collapse - soon I think.

Peter said...

Typical conspiracy lunacy from a blog that regularly embarrasses itself.

Constantine said...


Constantine said...


Constantine said...

@"Peter" whether these " conspiracy theories" are true or not is not the point. The "Enlightenment" has spread havoc throughout the world through support and inspiration throughout history. The US is the primary tool of the spread of this revolution. From the Cromwellian wars against the Catholic Spanish Monarchy; with the colonial support in the Indian American Wars in its fight against Catholic monarchical France, and its allied Catholic Indian converts; to the colonial declaration and self-justication stated in the Suffolk Resolves of 1774, which stated that the Catholic Church should not be allowed to take roots in the New World;
To the US alliance with the Napoleanic Revolutionary armies in the War of 1812; To the destruction of Catholic Spain in the war of 1898;To the destruction of most of Europe and Catholic Monarchies in the First World War; To the surrender of all of Eastern Europe to Communism; To the spread of Marxism throughout Asia and the world through its "balanced" and "freethinking" journalism and university education; To the rise of an "Arab Spring" Muslim Majority which killed off large numbers of Orthodox and Catholic Christians; To the US spy and financial incentive operations to persuade Vatican conclaves to vote for Conciliarist Popes who support US values. The United States has been a danger to the spreading of Catholic Stated and especially Catholic Monarchies.
The Americanist view supporting the US as an ideal form of Constitution and Society has been condemned by Pope Leo XIII in 1899.

Anna said...

Constantine, 👏👏👏👏, thank you.
Let's also add the dropping the nuk on Catholic Nagasaki 😡

Pradeep Sharma said...

The Golan Hts and Nagasaki are both on the 33rd parallel

David Martin said...

Re: Constantine - Your talk is a red flag unveiled. Americans do not talk that way, Communists do. Accordingly, your talk doesn't match what the Catholic Church says about this great Christian nation of America.

In his encyclical, Longinqua, Pope Leo XIII expressed great hope in the opportunity America gave for the true Faith to flourish, and he praised early explorers like Columbus for "how they converted the natives from superstition to Christianity, sealing their labors in many instances with the testimony of their blood. The names newly given to so many of your towns and rivers and mountains and lakes teach and clearly witness how deeply your beginnings were marked with the footprints of the Catholic Church."

His entire encyclical is filled with praise and hope for America, acknowledging it as a true Christian nation, which in no way matches your claim that he "condemned" our form of society. It is you who condemn it because you don't believe in freedom. It is the Communists that seek to rob us of liberty, but God gave us our nation that we may live freely under His Law with no interference. We answer to a higher authority and the Constitution was drafted solely for the purpose of defending that liberty. It has no other purpose, just as the state has no other purpose than to protect our Christian religious liberty in keeping with the Constitution.

Naturally, with scoundrels like Newsom and Cuomo at the controls today, we don't see this ideal reflected because they are Communists, not Americans. They envy Trump as all Communists do, but they are their own worst enemies for doing so. Foolish pride!

David Martin said...

Re: Margaret - >> "They [the Japanese] attempted to surrender while keeping their Emperor. We said “no conditions.” Then, after nuking them, we let them keep their Emperor."

This is stark proof that the Japanese surrendered. Wanting to keep their emperor was not wrong as long as they surrendered, which they did. But Truman under the CFR's spell used this an an excuse to nuke them. This was UN-American. There were a LOT of loyal Catholics in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, something the U.N. founders did not like, and not wanting Catholicism to spread was one of their objectives in nuking them.

However, their main reason was to sell their new found org to a fear ridden world.

Constantine said...

@David Martin- David you are an intelligent person and realize that empires come and go. The US is also a country that will disappear one day. To place a hope in the US is not prudent. It is not Christian, it is Protestant, at best. Masonic in more precise reality. But even Protestants are not Christian. Mimicking Masons, Protestants also have created an idol mimicking Jesus Christ.They worship a Jesus Christ that is shaped in their image, or in the image of a founder of one of their sects. One Protestant sect is called "Islam". In Orthodox Catholic Teaching the Truth will set one free. Protestants are Outside the Truth with a fig leaf. True freedom is in the Truth, not in heresy, or to be more to the point, in a form of Pagan ism that is believing the Jesus inside himself is created in his mind's subjective image. Just as a Protestant thinks he is right, because his personal feelings make it right, does not make it right; In the same way a woman committing an abortion does not want to say she murdered. A homosexual committing sodomy does not want to believe that his sexual relations are abhorrent and contrary to nature. Both justify themselves "its what she or he thinks that make it right.". The "Truth will set you free" is exactly right. And because of this as Pope Pius XII explained in Quas Primas:"All nations and States whether they know Christ or not owe Him obedience". There in no true freedom in "Democracy" shaped by the "Enlightenment", which I hope you have not also Deified.
Your ideas of Left and Right seem shaped by the "Enlightenment" paradigm of thinking.
Was there no State in your mind Christian and orthodox Catholic in all of history you can think of? Again, you leave me the impression that you think the world is made up of Communist enemies of God, and the Mason/Protestant States of America,as the Great Defender of God, which to you is the "Enlightenment".
Dear Mr Martin, God allows people to think, say and even do things that are false and sinful, but it does mean that God wants us to do these things, and he does not want us to stand aside and not limit the free expression of false and sinful principles, so thst weak and simple people are more easily seduced. The "Truth sets you free", means we do not allow false expression of speech, press and assembly. None of us, under pain of serious sin, should fight for the right of abortionists, sodomites, feminists or anarchists to express their errors to lead people astray, or to impliment leagal changes in their favor. And Protestants they fall under all these categories. For whenever one sect condemns one thing, they condone something else the Catholic Church condemns.
Bring back Christ to people, families and States. "Freedom to choose or speak" outside the Catholic Church, is the freedom to choose evil, which is never Truth.

Constantine said...

@"Margaret" and @"Anna"- You are both correct! CATHOLIC NAGASAKI did not need to be bombed at all.
@ MR "David Martin", the reason you give to these 2 ladies is that Japan needed an "unconditional" surrender before they can keep their Emperor. Well, then when talking about human life, you defend the US with Phariseeic double-talk. The most obvious answer to the ladies should be that the US should not want an unconditional surrender and be such a stickler to rules. Human Life is precious, but the arrogance if this Americanist Regime knows no limits to its evil Puritanical self-pride.

Anonymous said...

Peter Comestor said...

Martin is a Lepantoist plus a bit of dodgy politics with shallow pietism sprinkled on top.

Constantine said...

@"Peter Comestor", Mr. "Peter Martin" is not a "Lepantoist", because he believes Catholics and nonCatholics can, and should co-exist. He has made into dogma that the US regime is what God wants ideally. God wants a Catholic State with a Catholic majority. God does not want "religious diversity". Religious "Diversity" is not willed by God, contrary to what Pope Francis and "David Martin" believe. In 1899, in the document "Testem Benevolentiae", after praising the good aspects of the US, and the beauty created in nature there, he comes to the point of saying that it is not the ideal form of government, where we know, given we have an insufficient majority to make a Catholic State, a good compromise was establisbed in America. But he warned that it should not presented and spread as the best political regime for other countries in the world.
The US Constitution and society can be tolerated, but not idealized.

Anonymous said...

The UN was bought and paid for by the Rockefeller family hence its location in NYC. Even the UN building an international style Bauhaus glass tower monstrosity reveals the godless nature of the beast dwelling within.

Tancred said...

I love the battle of Lepanto.

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