Sunday, August 2, 2020

TFP Guys Make Cop Cry — You’re Not Alone

Edit: almost no one is wearing a mask.


James Joseph said...

My gut says, this is something to keep the easily fooled in check. Much like the United States opening relations with the Vatican, somebody likely sees no testicles and thus allows it; neutralizing a potential opposition before it leaves the seed bed.

1. Tradition
2. Family
3. Property

Those words are blown away in the wind. These are subjective. Define them to remove wiggle room. Give them definitive action.

It's clear they are nice boys. And are fooled easily. An example of trickery is Matteo Salvini in Lega Nord. Salvini a full-blown Zionist promoting racial and ethnic
miscegenation. With Jewish approval his advisors said hold up a rosary and pray in public.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

A trinity of truths for our times

Women blame men for the problems they have.

Blacks blame whites for the problems they have.

The Orthodox * blame Catholics for the problems they have.

* The schismatic heretics of the east, The Orthodox, are protestants who love incense and icons

Anonymous said...

It is a cult..
No Tradition
No Family
No Property
Bishop Castro Meyer warned of them constantly.
They're all about themselves and their organization causing damage to souls, vocations,
other Catholic movements and themselves.

Anonymous said...

A lot of traditional Catholic associations, particularly hostorical ones, can be described as "cultish".

Anonymous said...

Western Civilization,since 1968,has gradually morphed into a Satanic cult which engulfs Continents + Nations.
Trad Catholic cults may be our only means of survival in 5-10 years.
Let's hope I'm wrong...

Tancred said...

I like the TFP. There’s infighting between people who seem good hearted on both sides as there is a rift now after Pliñio’s death.

The first person who told me about TFP was horrified by their militancy and fervour. But I’ve got to tell you, I’ll take a TFP guy over Opus Dei CUFF Catholics all day long..