Thursday, August 20, 2020

Newark Switches Diocesan Radio Station to Heavy Metal Format

Edit: nobody listens to their station because Catholic Radio and Media in modern America is awful and not even authentically Catholic. Looking at you Relevant Radio. Even when they get clergy who sound Catholic, they cancel them. Steve Koob with Radio Maria is starting to interview interesting people, and RM has a tradition of making Catholic presentation from its Italian namesake. (I’m assuming that they have some connection to Radio Maria in Italy and Radio Marya in Poland.) 

Thanks to Michael Hichborn:

[Lepanto] On June 4, 1986, Archbishop Peter Gerety formally stepped down as the head of the Archdiocese of Newark, paving the way for his young successor, Theodore McCarrick.  Speaking of the then 56-year-old McCarrick, Abp. Gerety said, “I believe it is time for a younger man to take over the reigns of office here in Newark.”    He also said that McCarrick’s ”outstanding success” in the Diocese of Metuchen ”augurs well for the future of this archdiocese.

As recent history well notes, McCarrick’s move to the Archdiocese of Newark would spell disaster for souls, marking the beginning of a long trail of scandals and ruined vocations.  Amid the sexual advances made toward seminarians, the notorious beach house bed-parties, and general rise in financial and personal prominence, McCarrick’s legacy of notoriety can now include the spread of openly satanic music.

Founded in 1948, WSOU 89.5 FM is a student-run radio station owned and operated by the Catholic University of New Jersey, Seton Hall.  Seton Hall, in turn, is a Diocesan university, belonging to the Archdiocese of Newark.  Mere months after McCarrick assumed the office of Newark’s new archbishop, WSOU changed its broadcasting format to hard rock and heavy metal.



Anonymous said...

The hills of NJ are alive with the sound of Satan.

Anonymous said...

People don't want to hear the local
72 yr old
"Eucharistic Ministress" talk about
new age spirituality + yoga?
She was speaking from her
"interior eye" you close minded fascist bigots!
I'm absolutely appalled,this is outrageous.

James said...


How dare you!?!
You have driven her off to find her safe space, sit between two crystals and light Patchouli incense.

You beast!

Anonymous said...

Listening to "On Eagles Wings"
and buying her a floral print button up shirt to match her new flat tap haircut as penance.

James said...

Donning her dangling, two inch ,Indian turquoise earrings, while leading a "two-spirit" ceremony at the Zuni Reservation and stoking the campfire with David Haas CD's.

Anonymous said...

I grew up novus ordo during 80's + 90's.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tancred....what's your real name?

How come even women can post elsewhere and use their real names?

Why are you such a simping coward? Seems to go along with your real persona.

Anonymous said...

Now, now, TGjr.
You seem to be all triggered so early on a Saturday.
Detroit not quite the paradise that you had envisioned?
Maybe you should order another cake and not pick it up.

Anonymous said...

Newark Diocese and Seton Hall Univ for decades has been controlled by the opposition.