Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Mark Shea is in good company.

 Dick hates just as much as Shea but he has a little more between the ears.


Anonymous said...

In another time, Dick Spencer and Jared Taylor would have been would have suggested that Catholic Ethnic neighborhoods (and unions) be flooded with Blacks. Spencer's time has come and gone.

Stop Voris said...

So true

Anonymous said...

Dangerous Dickie's destabilization.
Personally I was against the killing of the Iranian General and bombing Syria.
However Joseph Biden is an old school Communist and sucks A**.

Bob Ellis said...
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Anonymous said...

Methinks that Dickie is auditioning to be Milo's next husband.
Typical "say anything to get attention, no matter how stupid".

Sr. Mary Handlebars said...

Mark Shea has much in common with the alt Right not the least of which is his contempt for authentic Catholicism.

James Joseph said...

Richard Spencer doesn't believe the Jew Kallergi's plan european Christian replacement is real. It's obviously being carried out. It's an obligatory step Talmudically. We don't require any other evidence.

This is akin to the Protocols. It is happening even if by an amazing coincidence. He's right on one thing the MAGA Trump moment is over. It never really happened.

The President of the United States hates white people full stop.

Anonymous said...

He went on + on about every race except White people during his acceptance speech.