Saturday, August 1, 2020

Is Anti-Trump Media Blasting Backfiring on Democrats?

By David Martin

The unending media-blasting against President Trump could be back-firing on Democrats since it is showing the American people that the radical-left is all about violence and revolution, not about a free and peace-loving America. 

For instance, Trump's intervention in Portland to halt violence is being dubbed by Democrats an "act of thuggery" while those who assist him are referred to as "budding authoritarians."  (Paul Thornton, LA Times, Opinion, August 1 , 2020)

From whence did sound logic fly out the window? Courageously standing up in defense of the people is not authoritarian but noble. The "budding authoritarians" are the Marxist democrats — Inslee, Newsom, Cuomo, Whitmer, Bernie, Obama — who labor for the lock-down of the people while securing their own elitist power. All done of course under the guise of "public health and safety."

Accordingly, these dictators all take hydroxychloroquine for the prevention of COVID-19 while forbidding the common folk from taking it. It is Trump who has sought to procure this and other remedies for the people and who has labored relentlessly to keep America free for them, for which he is called "racist," "authoritarian," "white-supremacist," etc. Has the discernment between good and evil become a lost cause? It is tyrants like Bernie and Cuomo who are the killer thugs, and their open support of infanticide proves it! 

Similarly, the Black Lives Matter organizers are Marxist race-baiters who use Blacks to tear down the government. It is Trump who has sought to emancipate them from these slave masters. Trump is the man of the people — the Republican — who acts in their best interests while the radical left are the dictators who use minorities to advance their own power-trip. 

No, Trump doesn't act in the interests of thuggery, violence, and revolution, but in the best interests of Christian America. He is the true lover of life and liberty, which even some democrats admit, so in the spirit of liberty Americans should think for themselves and not allow themselves to be puppeteered by Marxist elite-masters who have pre-determined that we're supposed to assist their anti-American plan of destruction.


Dipshit said...

I don’t know. Most Trump supporters I know say they’re voting for Biden because they want to go back to work and they don’t want to have to wear the masks after November.

Joe Byrne said...

It's not the Democrats that are doing the most damage to Trump. He's himself the MVP in that area.

David Martin said...

Re: Joe Byrne - Not so. It is the envy against him that has wrought this problem. He himself has performed exceptionally well. He keeps his promises better than he makes them! Let us not be influenced by the media.

AL Meggers said...

Yes indeed I think that’s The Marxist Democrat’s ultimate objective but then a profound
Statement by our forefather comes to mind. I think his name was Ben Franklin
“Those willing to sacrifice freedom for some liberty deserve neither “

Anonymous said...

Al Meggers:
I think the word was security not liberty. The Founders were unclear
about the distinction btwn Liberty and Licence.

Anonymous said...

You must not know many Trump supporters.
I have never heard one that said that they were voting for Biden, under any circumstances.

Litacanaman said...

I think you should wake up,Look up what he has done to the Country,The mass Medias are control,The TV are Propaganda Machines to destroy,The Democrats are gone to far,So sad some of them are Catholics,unfortunately they have forgotten Our CREATOR, Lord JESUS CHRIST.

4:47 said...

I hear a lot of Republicans saying the same thing.

Unknown said...

Yes Our Beloved President Donald Trump has strong Christian values and stands firm in what he believes in to protect our GOD given rights. DEC

Anonymous said...

Everyone in my Hood is either going straight Repub or not voting.
The few debt slaves who held faint hope in the
"Party of Lincoln" lost it during 2016 anti-Nationalism debacle.
One embarrassing cringe manifestation of 2020 is
Richard Spencer morphing into a full time cheerleader for
"Biden 2020!"
Even though I'm not a fan of his Dugunist 3rd position bs,he still seemed intelligent & educated.
"Sin darkens the Intellect."
God bless -Andrew-

Anonymous said...

Me either.