Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Excommunicated Priest Guilty of Horrific Crimes Against Parishioners and Seal of Confessional

Edit: this reminds me of Father Eutener, who allegedly used Exorcism to groom his victims. Father has admitted to his crimes and is submitting to laicisation.

Readers should be advised that this story contains potentially disturbing details of sexual abuse allegations.

The Catholic Herald has learned that the Sacramento priest excommunicated for schism earlier this month is accused of grave crimes, including sexual abuse of at least one adult woman, spiritual and psychological abuse, abuse of the Sacrament of Confession and other Sacraments, and multiple violations of the Seal of Confession.

Church officials in both Sacramento and Rome declined to comment on the investigation or canonical process, but the nature of the allegations the Catholic Herald has heard from one of his victims is such, that under Church law, the crimes of which Fr Jeremy Leatherby of Sacramento is accused would be tried in the tribunal of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

The Catholic Herald has obtained several documents supporting her construction of events and showing that Church officials including the Bishop of Sacramento, Jaime Soto, believe she did suffer serious abuse and are deeply consternated by the delay of justice in her case.



Anonymous said...

Perverting Scriptural lessons and abusing priestly authority......sounds like the creeps of the SSPX!

Dennis Boggai said...

But not as creepy as Zuhlsdorf and the legion of other clerical grifters and sleaze merchants.

Anonymous said...

Oh. So you don't have a problem with SSPX using their collars and authoritay to demean and intimidate people? I guess you've never been shamed for "daring to accost a man of the cloth". You do know, I hope, that creepy men get ordained in "Traditionalist" communities because they know the sheeple there will overlook their obvious evils (with all holiness!).

Anonymous said...

Dennis, Please elaborate, clearly and concisely relating to the creepiness of Father Zuhlsdorf? And Anonymous, what is your perspective regarding Catholicism? Not a doctoral dissertation just in a couple or a few paragraphs, so I understand from where you are coming. I am curious due to these posts made, here. I generally am conservative, traditional, not what I would consider Traditionalist, in my understanding and practice of Catholicism. I am one who has crossed swords with practices and clerics in the Catholic hierarchy. But, I am not looking for an argument. I am looking for perspectives.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead and research the creepy homo-Trad-cult of the Society of St John, who scurried out of Bp Timlin's Scranton diocese when the law was coming down on their heads! They duped many so-called Traditionalists with their fakery and used "holiness-moves" (He's a priest so gosh! He must be hoooly!) methods on the sheeple who gave them millions $$! A few of their top guys were prosecuted civilly, the criminal statutes had expired.

Search "college of st justin martyr"

And guess where they went to seminary to prepare them to prepare their sexual deviancy........that's right....WINONA MINNESOTA.....yayyyyyyy!

Don't be fooled by a "Trad fruitcake" in lacy fiddleback!

Tancred said...

Paul G, And they found refuge where?

Levine got ordained, after all!

Guess where Levine matriculated?

Thomas Aquinas College!! Totally Gay!


James Joseph said...

So... Let me get this straight:

1. Parish priest is not an ugly dude.
2. Discovers what even fat ugly rich Jews know about women and power.
3. Married woman made a fetish priests and confesses to being a slut.
4. Priest begins to act like Jew.
5. Married woman feels bad after she gets her jolly.
6. Married woman looks for coping device.
7. Dr. E. Michael Jones is right.

Anonymous said...

Society of S.John was started by a Priest who left the SSPX.
Fr.Urrigoity was not in the SSPX when he was in Fr.Timlin's dioceses.

Tancred said...

That’s a good point, thanks.

Tancred said...

That’s a good point. I’ve told this moron that before but he doesn’t care.

Anonymous said...

Be careful motherfucker, or I’ll dox you!

You ridiculous mentally ill bitch! How’s your quality woman, Rose? Clown

Tancred said...

Ok, Paul G.

Anonymous said...

leave it at that......fair have more to lose than i do...and I'm a better writer than you are.....snicker....

I may continue to post occasionally here because, although you have some good content, many of your commenters are clowns and need to be ridiculed.

It's 2 minutes of entertainment for me from time to time.......

Looks like others are beginning to see serious problems here. Let's see if you can pull out of your nose dive into the ground!

Tancred said...

I was happy to forget you exist. You don’t have much to offer.

I wonder if you’re still posing as a law enforcement officer to intimidate fellow parishioners you tailgate after Mass and accusing people of being “homophobic”?

I saved all of your correspondence.

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