Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Viganò Calls Francis An "Argentinian Liquidator”

[Gloria.tv] Already before Vatican II, the Faith was weak, Archbishop Viganò wrote on June 24 to Italian Father Alfredo Morselli (MarcoTosatti.com, July 14).

Viganò explains that many bishops at Vatican II were intellectually corrupt, since the solid preparatory documents could so easily be replaced with cheap innovation texts.

For Viganò, Vatican II was a "dishonest operation" and a "scam carried out against the faithful and the clergy.”

Since Vatican II, he explains, the Church went on a "slippery, unfortunate and destructive path” that finally reached "the bankruptcy of the company at the hands of its Argentinian liquidator" who is "ready to deliver the Church of Mercy Co. into the hands of the New World Order.”

Viganò suspects that Francis is confident to be given "some sort of managerial role" in this new structure "if only out of recognition for the work of destruction he has accomplished."



Anonymous said...

Too bad this great man isn't a CArdinal, and isn't a bit younger. He's just about the only Bishop I have ever read to condemn Vatican II, and so truthfully and bluntly.
I've studies Vatican II. I know that John XXIII didn't want the kind of Council that Vatican II turned out to be.
Before Vatican II in 1962-65, John XXIII convened what was known as "The Roman Synod" (1960). It was somewhat of a preliminary for Vatican II, and the outcoome of it is what John XXIII hoped Vatican II would be.
Even in 1960, in Rome there were liberal aggitators, Bishops, priests, and a handfulof Cardinals who wanted sweeping progressive reforms from the Roman Synod. What the got, was 100% the opposite. It was a breathtakingly hard line, orthodox re-affirmation of all the sacred traditions of the Catholic Faith. Among the things the Roman Synod insisted on (and which would be mandatory for all of Italy), was the continuation of wearing traditional religious habits, cassocks and soutanes for priests, monastic tonsure for monks and friars, a re-emphasis on THomism/Scolasticism(study of Thomas Aquinas), stricter seminaries and monasteries, the abolishing of liberal "experimentations"that had crept into the Mass in some places, and the discontinuing of modification of nuns habits and convent life. Also the uniqueness of the Catholic Faith and its traditions was emphasized.
The liberals in Rome and elsewhere were horrified and grief stricken by the rulings. John XXIII had no sympathy for them.
The preparatory papers for Vatican II were supposed to be a mirror image of the Roman Synod, and John XXIII appointed many hard line orthodox Caridnals in the preparatory committees. But unfortunatly, a small group, lead by Caridnals Lecaro, Suenens, Alfrink, Koenig, Bea, and some bishops, including Anibale Bugnini, wormed their way into John XXIII's favor. When Vatican II actually opened, the original documents that had been prepared, and were expected to be voted on and approved, were scrapped, and a whole new series of documents were created......the garbage that actually became Vatican II.
John XXIII was outraged, but by this time (early 1963), he was dying of cancer, and knew that he was dying. He considered any attempt he would make to change course a lost cause. So he did nothing. He died in June, 1963.
Along came Paul VI, who supported some of the liberal agenda, but not all. But was too much of a jellyfish (like Benedict XVI in resigning), to counter or put an end to the things he did not like. He rubber stamped it all. Only later, when the disaster set in, did he regret it. (That was 1976----far too late).
I didn't mean to give a lesson......but I wanted people to know that John XXIII was not the rad liberal who would have approved of all this trash. He even said at his coronation, when even conservative Cardinals complained to him that his coronation would run too long and be too filled with pomp, he said regarding the pomp and glitter "the more the better."
Vigano speaks the 100% truth about Vatican II. He is a HERO in the Church for what he is doing. I wish he would reveal much more.....for it is very possible that he could bring down the heretical papacy of Pope Francis (who isn't very well anyway if anyone saw him at his Angelus appearance at the window last Sunday), and also could bring down the legitimacy of the whole of VAtican II. Speak out and publish more, Archbishop Vigano. As John XXIII said......."the more the better"
Damian M. Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

God willing,he will address Pius XII liturgy demolition 1951-1958.
Pius XII destroyed the ancient after Midnight Holy Communion fast in 1953/1957.
The Eastern Orthodox still fast after Midnight to this day.
Council of Trent,session 7 canon 13.
All sessions have been Archived on the Internet.
Could our punishments since the 1950's partially stem from not receiving Holy Communion worthily?

JBQ said...

I made my First Holy Communion in Houston. I remember lining up to go to the Mass. One little boy in the front stopped at the water fountain on the way in. He could not make his First Communion that day because of the silly rule on "fasting after midnight". ----Pius XII was right to reform this stupid regulation. To try to make Pius XII into a liberal is quite a stretch and also a disservice to cover for the horrid travesty of the evolution of Vatican II. This is like comparing "a grain of sand" to Mt. Everest.

Tancred said...

Stupid? Lol.

Even the midnight fast was a relaxation of a more ancient discipline.

Anonymous said...

Pius XII was a great Pope, and no liberal. But he did allow for liturgical changes, some were long overdue, others were imprudent (pushed by people like Annibale Bugnini, who had a hand in wrecking the Holy Week ceremonies and traditions in the mid 1950's (streamlining ceremonies, eliminating others).
Pius XII made only a few mistakes as Pope, all wellmeaning, and not percieved as mistakes at the time. One which turned out to be a big mistake, was a speech he gave in 1955 to superiors of Orders of nuns, stating that religious habits which had become too combersome or even physically dangerous, should be modified. Except for a few communities, this advice was ignored for 10-15 years, until after Vatican II when it was misinterpreted for the wholesale dmodificiation and then abandonment of the habit. The results are plain to see.
1955-56- 1.1 million nuns world wide
2020- 703.000 sisters today
Hundreds of Orders which were tiny even before Vatican II, are gone now...because of the habit issues and general modernizations after Vatican II. Some dated back to the 14th century. Many like that all thru Europe. Sad.

Damian M. Malliapalli

Tancred said...

You don’t think that his speech to religious wasn’t emblematic of other unfortunate changes he initiated?

CJ said...

This “managerial position” for a job well done....we talkin’ in Hell?

Anonymous said...

To all Catholics regarding the Pius XII
1950's liturgical demolition...
"If any one saith,that the received and approved rites of the Catholic Church, wont to be used in the solemn administration of the sacraments,may be contemned,or without sin be omitted at pleasure by the ministers,or be changed,
by whomsoever pastor of the churches, into other new ones;let him be anathema."
-Council of Trent Session 7 Canon 13

Anonymous said...

To falsely attribute then condemn someone for words and ideas they didn't say is stupid.
I did NOT say he was a
"Liberal" nor was Vatican 2 mentioned in my comment.
Besides,valid Catholic clerics are not "Liberal" nor
"Conservative" and it's not a term I would use in describing such clerics.
They are either Catholic,heretics,apostates,or going through spiritual dryness.
God bless -Andrew-

Tancred said...

Pius XII just appointed Liberals.

Constantine said...

If we go back one, to the time of Pius XI, he threatened excommunication to the Cristeros that would not desist.

Tancred said...

You could go back to the Pope backing the Protestants at the Battle of the Boyne.

Wanda said...

In 1960 the Third Secret was to be revealed; it was not and never has been to this day.
Russia was to be consecrated by the Pope with all the Bishops of the World to the IHM. Never happened.
We have been suffering the consequences of these omissions for over 50 years.

Tancred said...

Rather than gathering the bishops together to worship Amazonian fertility goddesses, they could venerate the Blessed Mother and Consecrate Russia to Her.

bride said...

Its not Russia that need to be consecrated its the West and all its stands for. Russia has its standards and its Church has not mixed the cup of Christ with the cup of satan and abandoned God/Christ for a gereric god, manufactured by the of the NWO. This is what has happened to Rome , as Cardinal Basil Hume once said of Vatican 11 , I was forced to change my religion without my consent. The same is true for all of us , the Catholic Church abandoned its Creed, and traditional religious doctrine and Mass and Sacraments and foisted a different religion on the Catholics of the world, they are the enemies of the true church and they have filled the true Church with with crafty enemies and in doing so they have laid their impious hands on her sacred possessions , and the Chair of Peter is now occupied by an abomination, with the iniquitous design,that when the Pastor has been struck the sheep are scattered. Its destruction is in plain sight and the bishops of the world never raised their voice and said STOP.

Anonymous said...

AB Vigano is completely accurate in his assessment of V2 and Bergoglio. May AB Vigano continue to inveigh against the V2 scam and its supporters.

Timothy said...

I fantasize about Vigáno going Epic Beard Goy of Bergoglio

Timothy said...

Bitch slap him

Anonymous said...

What's that have to do with Liturgy and improper fasting?

Anonymous said...

Have a Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered for Bp.Vigano.
Cost $15 or $20 depending upon the chapel.