Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Pope Shea Wants Austin Ruse Fired for Ridiculing Holy Pandemic Inquisition

Edit: there's a thing called Contact Tracing which involves an entire department of hall monitors at the Center for Disease Control. Not surprisingly, Archgay Wilton Gregory is helping CDC monitor American citizens. Now Shea and a large number of other Antifa are raiding Austin Ruse's page for showing blatant contempt for "legitimate authority". It might be going out on a limb here, but it seems like Shea does't just want to cancel Ruse, but really cancel him for good. Shea wants to do this on behalf of something which doesnt exist.

Even Black Lives Matter supporter, Schoolmarm Pox Clamantis wanted to take a piece of Austin Ruse, and get in on all the gay rage. So Holy!



Anonymous said...

Great. Nanny Fatty and Nanny Faggy wagging the finger.

Anthony said...

Shea Guevara is getting more and more unhinged by the day with all the frothing at the mouth and communist vomit that comes out of it. All that sugar from the dozens of Crispy Kreme donuts must be shooting up to his brain.

Anonymous said...

That fat, sloppy red headed heretic still around? Dang. I remember him spewing lies twenty years ago when I was converting to the Faith!

Anonymous said...

All of you simply need to comply NOW when answers are demanded of you!
State knows best! It's our highest authority!

Dymphna said...

Are the contract tracers at all DC diocese churches or just the Basilica and the Cathedral?