Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Looks Bad for Peddler of Maudlin Fake Catholic Ditties GIA as Sex Abuse Claims Mount Against Degenerate Folk Singer

Edit: make Catholic music more relevant they said! The “investigation” by GIA should read damage control. Why is everyone shocked that a lisping, ugly, third tier folk singer is a sexual predator, especially in a Conciliar free-to-be you and me context?

Garrison Keillor anyone? 

These people are scum, and so is GIA.

[Fishwrap] As allegations of serial sexual misconduct against Catholic composer David Haas continue to mount, a leading supplier of sacred music has vowed an investigation into how one of the church's best selling musicians' record of predatory behavior avoided scrutiny and accountability.

GIA Publications, which distributed the Gatherhymnals that included some of Haas' best known works, told NCR in a statement that "a third-party assessment will create a strong survivor-centered structure to report incidents of alleged harassment or abuse."

"In addition to the assessment, we are in the process of establishing a Code of Conduct for all composers and authors we publish," said Kate Williams, senior managing editor of GIA Publications. "These changes will facilitate the community's ability to take prompt action in response to reports of behavioral misconduct."




Anonymous said...

Get thee to a TLM and avoid all V2 schmaltzy music.

Aaron Aukema said...

GIA and their ilk are simply awful. They have been know to paraphrase Psalms and slightly re-word classic traditional hymns SPECIFICALLY so they can copyright them and receive the proceeds. All while destroying Catholics' understanding of sacred music. Nothing like cashing in on the destruction of Holy Church...

Anonymous said...

A "Catholic" music publisher wants to establish "a code of conduct" for its producers? How do you even unpack a loaded statement like that?