Monday, July 20, 2020

It's on!


JBQ said...

I watched the complete video. I was interested because I am in St. Louis. The video evidently was broadcast from South Bend. My comment is that Michael Jones is a "lightning rod". His views on Umar Lee, a former cabbie and director of the effort to take down the statue, were very interesting.----He is now linked to Tihaura Jones who is the current treasurer with mayoral ambitions. She controls the parking meter money and millions are missing. Her daddy Virvus went to jail for stealing from the City.---Actually, she controls the "mob" which is moving to overthrow the City government. Mayor Lyda Krewson received 32% of the vote in the primary while the rest went to a group of black candidates. Tishaura got 18% and believes that she will get the needed amount next time around.

Anonymous said...

Excellent video with Dr.Jones +
Peter Helland + is worth every second.
Watch this when you all have time.
You can speed up video to 1.25 and save 10 mins or so.(top right icon on video)
God bless -Andrew-

Dov Shapiro said...

You’re all looking in the wrong place for answers.

Anonymous said...

@Dov that's not even true according to the Talmud and the halaka.

Goy clearly aren't as important as Jews.

Anonymous said...

Peter Helland rules!
Thanks for sharing