Thursday, July 23, 2020

General Flynn Calls to Battle and Prayer

General Michael T. Flynn, on two public appearances: he was the whipping boy of a staged criminalization. Now he has been rehabilitated and is directly addressing the Americans with an appeal to fight and prayer.

US General Michael T. Flynn became a victim of Obamagate. What is meant is the scandal that came to light through recently released secret documents. In his most recent requests to speak, the general addressed the Americans directly.

From the documents that have now been released, it appears that the general, who was appointed National Security Advisor at the beginning of President Donald Trump's term in office but had to resign after only three weeks, was the victim of a targeted intrigue by the then FBI director James Comey. Comey, whom Trump's predecessor had appointed, did not act on his own initiative, but at the request of ex-President Barack Obama, under the co-operation of his Vice President and now Democratic Party presidential candidate, Joe Biden, and other Democrats.

General Flynn was attacked because they couldn't hit Trump directly, but at least wanted to weaken him. The attack also affected the general personally and his foreign policy and geopolitical convictions. Flynn had been accused of those ominous contacts with Russia that Trump opponents have alleged but have not proven over the past four years as charges against the incumbent US President. At the beginning of the year, they literally vanished into thin air.

The documents now available reveal that the "Russia Connection" was nothing more than a dirty invention, as attentive observers had suspected from the start.

Flynn is one of the most famous and charismatic generals in the US Army. His reputation was so great that he managed to influence the foreign policy of the US presidents he served by interfering with plans by the Clinton and Obama governments.

In 2014, when he publicly addressed the background to the rise of the Islamic State (IS) jihad militia, it cost him his position as DIA director (Defense Intelligence Agency). Flynn had said in an Al Jazeera interview that he had informed Obama about the rise of Syrian terrorism, but "the government has decided to ignore our information deliberately, by continuing to do what it does," namely to promote the IS.

The general said even more: in 2016, he was one of the first and highest-ranking personalities to speak of the existence of a corrupt deep state. On Twitter he described the Pizza gate scandal as true. Hillary Clinton, the wife of former US President Bill Clinton and then Democratic Party presidential candidate, and some of her campaign strategists, the general said, were involved in pedophile and money laundering rings. Flynn's reputation also let those take notice that Pizza Gate had been previously dismissed as an election year "conspiracy theory".

A few months later, Donald Trump won the presidential election to the horror of Hillary Clinton, the U.S. establishment, and the globalists. Trump brought the general in his government team and appointed him National Security Adviser . But just a few weeks later, General Flynn was hunted down by those he had criticized.

In May 2020, all charges against him were dropped. A federal judge still did not want to let him off the hook. A well-known way to paralyze someone through the Damocles sword of trial. Now the general was finally relieved and rehabilitated.

A conversation between two FBI agents about the general had appeared in the Obamagate files. It discussed how a false charge could be constructed against the general to bring him to justice and to drive him out of office. The conversation also shows that the intrigue against the general was controlled by the FBI leadership.

Flynn has since written two articles addressing Americans directly, stating that the struggle is more important than the previous presidential election. A struggle that cannot be won unless you look at it from an eschatological perspective.

Just as Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò wrote in a letter to US President Trump, General Flynn stated in Western Journal that "there is a small, zealous group of people who are working hard to destroy our American way of life."

It is two percent who want to take possession of the rest of the population because they are indifferent. The general wrote on June 29:

"If we don't act, two percent of the people are going to control the other 98 percent."

He stressed that the majority of the American people, the "silent majority", must act. They must act consciously that this is a collision between "two opposing forces: the 'children of light' and the 'children of darkness'."

And further:

"As a Virginia police officer told me, people in their homes no longer feel safe and our police forces are so demoralized that we cannot operate as we should. In my 23 years of service I have never seen such depressed morale."

The general describes urban guerrilla warfare as an attack on democracy.

"It is necessary to support the police", but also "to challenge every politician at all levels" to do his duty. According to the general, this attack on the order and symbols of American history aims to establish socialism.

"And in the final analysis, to chase God out of our families, our schools and our courts ... even our churches, with the aim of banishing God from our daily lives."

According to General Flynn, "most mistakes in war and life result from inertia," but in the action described above where the silent majority rises can ensure that "we can prevail." It should not be forgotten, according to the General, "that even our enemies (the dark forces) have difficulties." And even if "for the majority of Americans these forces seem to be strong," said the military strategist, "only a little pressure is required on our part, that's all we have to do to defeat these forces." To do this, however, indolence must be overcome and the willingness to resist must grow. The General informed US citizens that this "little pressure", which was enough, consisted of "action" and "prayer". At an earlier article he had written:
"Although we feel that we have descended into a hellish state of existence, we must never forget that hell is not invincible."
It could be defeated by prayer, a fearful conscience, willingness to make sacrifices, and the awareness of good and evil "that we have received from God."
"If we want to survive, we have to fall back on the God-given values and ideals that form the basis of our constitutional republic."
And further:
"Prayer is the greatest weapon, and becoming aware of God is the ultimate 'thought of the day.'"
The scenario for the children of light is now terrifying, but one should not "fear the uncertainty that results from the unknown, but accept it and we fight through this feeling of fear." Optimism, which should not become exuberance, which turns into despair at the first difficulty, is necessary in war.
"We have to remember: The power of hell is strong, but limited. God is the final judge and decision maker. As long as we accept God as the elixir of life for our nation, we will be safe. "

Otherwise you would really "go to a hellish existence".

Text: Andreas Becker / Giuseppe Nardi Image: Wikicommons / VCA
Trans: Tancred AMDG

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