Thursday, July 9, 2020

Emanuele Ferrario Founder of Radio Maria Has Died

In a first statement, the Rev. Kocher/Program Director of radio horeb paid tribute to the merits and unique personality of the late founding president.

Balderschwang ( Horeb) The founding president of Radio Maria, Italy and founding President of the Radio Maria World Family, Emanuele Ferrario, died on Wednesday at the age of 90. For decades, Ferrario has led the fortunes of Radio Maria Italy and the Radio Maria World Family, to which radio horeb belongs. Until recently, Ferrario was the acting President of Radio Maria Italy.

There are now Radio Maria stations in over 80 countries. At the end of the 1980s, Ferrario was encouraged by Pope John Paul II's call to use the modern media for the proclamation of the Christian faith, to found Radio Maria in Erba in northern Italy. In this, laymen and priests set out to spread the Gospel over the radio.

Emanule Ferrario saw this as the recipe for success of Radio Maria, which is heard daily by millions of listeners worldwide, with a particular focus on prayer and catechesis. Ferrario focused in particular on the transmission of Holy Mass.

Program director of radio horeb, the Rev. Dr. Richard Kocher paid tribute in an initial statement in the evening to the merits and unique personality of the late founding president. Kocher: "May the Lord give him eternal rest and recompense him all his merits and his commitment to the work of the Mother of God." 

Trans: Tancred



Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the death of this dedicated Catholic layman. How do we, in the US, connect with this network? Thank you and God bless, AW

Tancred said...

English broadcasts are available here.

I don't think the English service is as political, but some of that may well be changing.