Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Bishop Schneider Launches Worldwide Crusade of Eucharistic Reparation

By David Martin

Bishop Athanasius Schneider is calling on Catholics the world over to unite in a crusade of reparation for sins against Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. The call comes in the wake of increased profanation and sacrilege against the Blessed Sacrament resulting from the irreligious response to the coronavirus, and after five decades of what he sees as unprecedented abuse against the Eucharistic Lord.

The bishop cites Communion in the hand as the major abuse through which Christ today is "being continuously trampled underfoot" and calls upon the Church to return to its knees “in the attitude of a child, opening the mouth and allowing oneself to be fed by Christ Himself in the spirit of humility.” 

It was the heretical Arians that first introduced Communion in the hand as a means of expressing their belief that Christ was not divine. Unfortunately, it has served to express the same in our time and has contributed mightily to undermining the Faith. 

Ironclad Clericalism

Bishop Schneider deplores how in response to COVID-19 "Many dioceses around the world [have] mandated Communion in the hand, and in those places the clergy, in an often-humiliating manner, deny the faithful the possibility to receive the Lord kneeling and on the tongue, thus demonstrating a deplorable clericalism and exhibiting the behavior of rigid neo-Pelagians.” 

Moreover, he laments how "in some places the adorable Eucharistic Body of Christ is distributed by the clergy and received by the faithful with household or disposable gloves. The treating of the Blessed Sacrament with gloves suitable for treating garbage is an unspeakable Eucharistic abuse.”

He assures us that Jesus “is affected and touched in His Sacred Heart [hurt] by the abuses and outrages against the Divine majesty and the immensity of His Love in the Blessed Sacrament.” 

He also says:

The height of the abuses of the Holy Eucharist is seen in the admittance to Holy Communion of couples who are living in a public and objective state of adultery, violating thereby their indissoluble valid sacramental marriage bonds, as in the case of the so-called ‘divorced and remarried,’ such admittance being in some regions officially legalized by specific norms, and, in the case of the Buenos Aires region in Argentina, norms even approved by the Pope.”

According to the bishop, no true Catholic can remain silent in the face of this mounting sacrilege.  

“In view of the horrible maltreatments of Our Eucharistic LordHe being continuously trampled underfoot because of Communion in the hand, during which almost always little fragments of the host fall on the floor; He being treated in a minimalistic manner, deprived of sacredness, like a cookie, or treated like garbage by the use of household gloves—no true Catholic bishop, priest or lay faithful can remain indifferent and simply stand by and watch.

“There must be initiated a world-wide crusade of reparation to and consolation of the Eucharistic Lord. As a concrete measure to offer to the Eucharistic Lord urgently needed acts of reparation and consolation, each Catholic could promise to offer monthly at least one full hour of Eucharistic adoration, either before the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle or before the Blessed Sacrament exposed in the monstrance. The Holy Scripture says: ‘Where sin abounded, grace did more abound’ (Rm. 5:20) and we can add analogously: ‘Where Eucharistic abuses abounded, acts of reparation will more abound.’”

His Excellency urges Catholics to imitate the example of the children of Fatima to “console the Hidden Jesus,” i.e. the Eucharistic Lord, and is suggesting that each Catholic “promise to offer monthly at least one full hour of Eucharistic adoration, either before the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle or before the Blessed Sacrament exposed in the monstrance.”
He is also recommending that the Church establish an annual “Day of Reparation for the crimes against the Most Holy Eucharist.”

“There has never been in the history of the Church a time, where the sacrament of the Eucharist has been abused and outraged to such an alarming and grievous extent as in the past five decades
                                           — Bishop Athanasius Schneider

Bishop Schneider makes it clear that the Church will never be restored to holiness until that day “when, in all the churches of the Catholic world, the faithful will receive the Eucharistic Lord, veiled under the species of the little sacred host, with true faith and a pure heart, in the biblical gesture of adoration (proskynesis), that is, kneeling, and in the attitude of a child, opening the mouth and allowing oneself to be fed by Christ Himself in the spirit of humility.”

He adds that when the Church returns to its knees with child-like simplicity, “The Church will grow in the purity of the Catholic Faith, in the missionary zeal of salvation of souls, and in the holiness of the clergy and the faithful. Indeed, the Lord will visit His Church with His graces to the extent that we venerate Him in His ineffable sacrament of love (sic nos Tu visita, sicut Te colimus).”

Bishop Schneider’s call for worldwide reparation is long overdue since the Church through modern practice—especially that of Communion in the hand—has all but lost the awareness of the supernatural presence of Christ in His sanctuary. If Catholics today no longer believe that the Eucharist is the Creator Himself in person, it is because of this diabolical practice that has cheapened their religion and nurtured this apostate mentality. Satan seeks to destroy the monarchical concept of the Church where Christ is seen as a mere man “symbolized” by the Host, and Communion in the hand has been an effective tool in hand to advance this heresy.

A Chastisement From God

Catholic experts have cited how COVID-19 is a divine chastisement for our profanation of the Church through modern practice. When chastisements are given by God, we’re supposed to learn by them. Have we learned our lesson or are the bishops continuing like Pharisees to impose sin upon God’s people?

In His prayer for His Apostles, Jesus said, “Father, I will that where I am, they also whom thou hast given me may be with me.” (John 17:24) And where is Jesus but at the tabernacles of the world!

Let us then repair to these tabernacles in heartfelt reparation to Christ who today is being profaned in His Own Church. We pray that clergy and laity everywhere will answer Bishop Schneider’s call for worldwide reparation to the Holy Eucharist with the confidence that such action will draw upon us much needed mercy and light to dispel the present-day darkness. 

The complete text of Bishop Schneider’s statement is found at this link.


Mike S. said...

Why is only a Siberian bishop speaking up for the Eucharist?

Mike S.

David Martin said...

Good question, but it obviously has nothing to do with being "Siberian."

DM said...

Maybe he was “sent to Siberia” for failure to understand the church’s latitude and generosity in this matter.
If someone has his email address, kindly forward this video to him:

David Martin said...

Who is more generous with respect to the Eucharist than Bishop Schneider? If he was 'sent to Siberia' it was for his public witness for Christ, the likes of which are not found among the other bishops, save a few. Schneider invites all people to convert and partake of the Bread of Life that they might live. A great many bishops behave like Nazis in that they would rather have the Jews and outsiders remain in their own prison-yard and starve.

Anonymous said...

+Schneider has a connection to Kazakhstan.

Unknown said...

I agree our poor Jesus is being abused now more than ever. I think we Catholics should do a hour of reparation at least once a week and offer an extra MASS too.
This abuse is bringing down the heavy hand of divine justice upon us! DEC

PW said...

Schneider is a stunning example of a bishop who masks his incompetence with cloying piety and the low cunning of a scammer. He has become a classic example of the 'airport' bishop, out of his jurisdiction for months every year, that he has to get permission from Rome to attend his overseas junkets.
He' a bogus, shallow purveyor of ecclesiastical snake oil and very bad Christology.
Don't get me started on his 'ecclesiology.
Still, now that Trump has acknowledged that the Coronavirus is not a hoax, Martin has had to do a swift repositioning of ideology. It's still a wank, whatever the name.

Wanda said...

Bishop Schneider is the Auxiliary Bishop of Astana in Kazakhstan. He is an ethnic German; one of many who emigrated to Russia at the invitation of Catherine the Great, who was also a German. His family was eventually able to leave the Soviet Union and emigrate to Germany.

Anonymous said...

Boy, PW you are not a very niceperson. Maybe what you say is correct? I will never know because your appalling lack of charity is a complete turn OFF. And as we are told, one may even move mountains but without charity...we’ll, you know.

Unknown said...

PW Who are you to attack this Holy Bishop with your rude remarks. You are in dire need to pray to the Holy Ghost. DEC

Tancred said...

Gaybrielle is obviously a Communist aberrosexual thrall who despises Catholic clergy.

Tancred said...

He was literally instrumental in serving underground Catholics in the Soviet years.

David Martin said...

Re: PW - Human envy will produce some strange things.

Catholic Mission said...

JULY 27, 2020
Kiko Arguello could appeal to Bishop Athanasius Schneider to interpret Vatican Council II without the false premise

JULY 27, 2020
Vtaican Council II with the false premise is obsolete : traditionalist/progressivist distinction based on the Council ends

JULY 27, 2020
Michael Sean Winters has to use the false premise to interpret Vatican Council II or he would affirm the strict interpretation of EENS : it is the same with John Allen Jr and Massimo Faggioli
-Lionel Andrades

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