Saturday, July 25, 2020

All of Your Politicians Are Corrupt and Controlled by a Foreign Power

Edit: thanks to a reader for this. These revelations tell us a lot about who really controls America and how they view us.



James Joseph said...

I suggest you read the Tanya.

Also read: his entire encyclopedia...


Mosley was right.
D'Israeli was a no good deceiver.
Churchill's family was compromised all the way back to Marlborough.

This entire channel is spot on.

José said...

Tanya is awesome!

Paul Jackson said...

Literally how they view the politicians they blackmail.

Not sure how far back the people & sex trafficking through Columbus, Ohio goes, but I find it interesting that two-way interactive TV was trialled first there by Time Warner, back in 1977.

Imagine the "content" possibilities that would have arisen, if the two activities had "coincided".

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Well, it is true that The Jews are the negative image of the Nazis in that the Jews are racial supremacists as were the Nazis

Anonymous said...

NSDAP was mainly concerned with fighting Bolshevism and could see what was coming our way if the Bolsheviks won WW2,which they did anyway.
At least we're not speaking German,correct?

Reagan's Bush said...

Yes. I agree. Tanya's Tucker is awesome.