Saturday, July 18, 2020

Aberrosexual Activists Attack Catholic Prayer for the Family in Italy — Mayor Sides With Reprobates — Police Ignore Mayor

Two days ago, the parish-priest of San Nicola in Lizzano, Taranto Archdiocese, called for a prayer for the Family. The Family is presently threatened in Italy by aborrosexual propaganda.

[] At the same time, militant homosexuals gathered outside his church for an unauthorised demonstration.

Therefore, the local priest called the police to re-establish order, while the militants alarmed the mayor, Antionietta D’Oria, who did not defend the freedom of worship but sided with the lawbreakers and asked the police to identify those who participated at the prayer.

In keeping with the law, police refused to do so. At this point D’Oria who calls herself a “Catholic” attacked the Church in a written statement.

At the moment, the leftwing Italian parliament is working on introducing a muzzle law which will prohibit criticizing gay propaganda.


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