Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Wrath of God Hits Narco-Republic

(CNN)A 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit the southern coastline of Mexico on Tuesday, prompting a forecast of possible tsunami waves.

The earthquake occurred at 10:29 a.m. local time (11:29 a.m. ET), with an epicenter near El Coyul, 6.8 miles southwest of Santa María Zapotitlán in Oaxaca state. 

The earthquake could be felt as far as Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. In capital Mexico City, approximately 190 miles north of El Coyul, tremors were felt and sirens were heard wailing.




BrotherBeowulf said...

Vigil of St John the Baptist
23rd June, A. D. MMXX


Try the Land of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

She's still there, with the long-suffering Mexican people.

You'd think this site of all people would remember:

Viva Cristo Rey!

Tancred said...

*Cues Mariachi music.

I forgot, bro, the God of surprises only smiles on Latin America.


BrotherBeowulf said...

I love mariachi music--thanks it's so beautiful. It's one of the three things Jalisco is nationally known for, the other two being Tequila, (beautiful women,) and La Fe! (The Faith.)

Well I confess I don't know about that, where God only smiles, Bre'r Tancred.

But hard to argue the effect of Masonry and the U. S. gov't on Mexico for at least a century and a half has been helpful. We shored up Calles and the Revolution to the death of the Cristeros, and several hundred priests and other martyrs (San Miguel Pro; San Justino Orona Madrigal, S. Cristobal Magallanes, etc). A perfect historical vignette illustrating the ol' Mexican saw:

"Poor Mexico, so far from God, and so near to the United States."

Rose said...

Blood Drenched Altars.

Constantine said...

I was rather saddened that it wasn't the West Coast, instead of Mexico. In particular, Hollywood. Immagine Fema helping them.

Constantine said...

We should keep Mexico in our penances, and prayers. They really don't deserve it. Maybe God puts suffering on those good people because they can offer more in sacrifice.

Tancred said...

Have you been to Mexico?

newguy40 said...

I've been to Mexico many times. Tijuana mainly but also Guadalajara several times for my job. It's a land of great poverty with great people who are trying (like most of us) to live life and raise their kids in safety. I have close Catholic Mexican friends too. Dont like your reference to Narco republic. Understand why you say that but doesnt tell anything about the country or people. If our Lady favored them by converting them, then they are ok with me and mine.

Tancred said...

It's also a very dangerous, low trust, high crime society (Thanks in large part to the Marxist Revolution ongoing, but it's also a legacy of the bloody Aztecs tbh) where people who try to do the right thing are rubbed out and the central authorities are subject to powerful drug lords. None of this has been helped during the Revolution to gain independence from Spain where Europeans were murdered in great numbers throughout Latin America.

The amusing part is seeing them commit horrific crimes under the banner of Guadalupe, whether it's tattooed on an arm raised to strike with a machete or fire a gun, or on the back window of the Ford truck they are running someone over with.

José said...

🎼 One ton tomato 🍅 🎵
I eat on one to to-May-toe .... 🎶

José said...

🎼 One ton tomato 🍅 🎵
I eat on one ton to-May-toe .... 🎶