Sunday, June 21, 2020

So, who started all of this Catholic blogging?

I'm sure many will claim to be the first, but no one will be able to deny that Amy Welborn was a trailblazer. For many Catholics who have gone through the farce of the annulment process, the apologetics business in general, and blogging in particular can be cathartic.
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A decade and a half ago, the late Thomas Herron was quick to figure out that these tools were acting as a Stoßtrupp pushing an agenda within the Church with backing coming from Neo-Conservative groups often outside the Church.  Now, their usefulness has been served.  Some soldier on, others have become disillusioned, and a few like Mark Shea and Simcha Fisher have become frustrated and bitter leftists.

Our present hindsight makes this column (note the link has been removed but interested readers can find it themselves by going to the duckduckgo dot com website and entering culturewars + double life in the search field) by Thomas Herron all the more enjoyable to read about a pathetic group who lost sight of what the Church's mission really is by insisting on leaving their own little mark of vanity.

Chris Jackson explored the sorry state at St. Blog's eleven years later.

Update:   We suspect Welborn ordered a hit on this blog:

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She didn't write either the Jackson or the Herron piece.   Mugshot photos are public. E.g:


Amy Welborn said...

You are welcome to contact me. Thank you, and God bless.

Anonymous said...

Got them ni**as shackled like Slaves!

Jonah said...

Wow. Herron's material sure got scrubbed fast. Just a few scraps left in the Wayback Machine.

Bill said...

I was thinking the same.

Tancred said...

Btw, Amy sure be mad.

I had a real soft spot to her for years because I sort of liked her. She was kind of easy on the eyes. She was also much more civilized, cultured, writerly (almost actually Christian) than the garrulous Puzzulo, flatulent Shea, scamming Scalia, Gaydanus and Deacon's Stench
or the lackadaisical Longenecker. She was kind, but in the final analysis, pushing an un-Catholic agenda with the rest of these celebrity cloggers.

She used to have a quote from Flannery O'Connor on her blog, pointing to a certain degree of acedia, and that points, in my mind, to where this crap really started: The Catholic Worker Movement and places like that coven of lesbians in Highland Park.

Anonymous said...

What's your beef with blogs? This is one. I think they do a lot of good keeping the all important dialog going, whether they be sede or normal.


Tancred said...

@Steph So you don't mind blogs that are obviously puppets of various agendas hostile or alien to Catholicism?

TR said...

The Catholic Blogs like those mentioned are like Protestant churches: Fronts for Political Movements.
Of all of them, Welborn's seemed the most innocuous. If she hadn't opened the door for others who pushed the envelope further, I doubt anyone would care. Hers would be little different from all the religious and ethnic blogs run as hobbies by housewives who share recipes and knitting tips.

Nevertheless, blogging on theFaith can be the near occasion of sin for all:

Tancred said...

IF you do anything Church related, there's always a price to be paid, and the various people who promote themselves for money will already have received their reward when the last trumpet sounds.

If you blog, write on the Church, or declare yourself a Christian, be prepared to be nailed to a cross and raised up for the ridicule of the world.

Pico Della Mirandola said...

"So you don't mind blogs that are obviously puppets of various agendas hostile or alien to Catholicism?"
What's your whinge about Tancred? Your site is certainly hostile to and subvertive of Catholicism.

Tancred said...

But Fakeo de Wankerella, your gay definition of Catholicism, involving the canonization of buggery, would have at least been horrible to most people prior to 1960, except perhaps in certain areas in the Languedoc, Galicia and Bosnia from the 6th to the 13th centuries.

Anonymous said...

Why not hit the site hosting the article instead of EF for linking it?