Tuesday, June 23, 2020

"Restorer" in Spain Destroys Priceless Madonna

Edit: this strikes me as a kind of metaphor for the destruction of the West. Did the immigrant day laborer who executed the restoration expect to be paid? This could easily be classed along with other kinds of vandalism by barbarians now ongoing in the West. Has everyone seen Bergoglio's new invocation to the Blessed Mother of the Migrant, or whatever they try to call her? The first attempt looks like Cher and the second one looks like an attempt at a family portrait by one of Dick Masterson's cousins in Los Angeles. 

An art professor calls for laws to regulate art preservation, but the thought of Spain's Marxist government presiding over Spains cultural heritage more than it already does, doesn't sound like a solution, either.

A UK tabloid discovered the story:

[The SunA private art collector is said to have been charged €1,200 (£1,084) by a furniture restorer to have Bartolome Esteban Murillo’s painting of the Immaculate Conception cleaned and repaired.

However, things did not go as planned and the face of the Virgin Mary was left unrecognisable even though two attempts to restore it to its original condition were made.
The botched restoration job has echoes of the “Monkey Christ” eight years ago when a devout parishioner attempted to restore a painting of Christ on the wall of a church in the north-eastern Spanish town of Borja.
The Ecce Homo Jesus fresco was 'restored' by the untrained artist Cecilia Gimenez in 2012.
Initially painted around 1930 by the Spanish painter Elias Garcia Martinez, the altered fresco was widely slammed for making Jesus look like a monkey.



Anonymous said...

I remember a large reproduction of Murillo's Immaculate Conception was centrally displayed by the nuns who taught at the Catholic grammar school I attended in NY in the 1950's. All of us white kids blessed ourselves every time we walked by the painting. Now the original painting has been destroyed by the diversity pandering V2 "church" More sacrilege to come.

Tancred said...

Even the more conservative CSJ sisters in the 70s we had would have punished such acts of piety with a stern rebuke. Things were already well on their way down at that point. I remember the various soft-spoken seminarians we got who "taught" religion. It was all very working class, but the kids were still pretty wholesome then.

I also remember Sister HT battling with some of the pious eastern European parishioners who objected to the horrible altar girls. Quite traumatic, it was attempted and quickly abandoned and hasn't been reintroduced at the parish since, but plenty of other bad stuff is ongoing.

SD19 said...

Please, don't read the Sun. This was only a copy of an Immaculate Conception.
The Guardian has a much better article.
The problem here is the owner not wanting to pay a painting conservation specialist.

Tancred said...

Agree. At least the Sun has some working class associations while the Guardian is just irredeemably evil.

Yes, the owner was an even bigger idiot than the restorer in the scheme of things.