Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Not All Black Lives Matter

Edit: from Orbis Catholicus who shared this piece from Lawrence Hill's FB. These #Woke medical professionals were having a Black Lives Matter rally outside of University Hospital. I was nervous, but had some words for them. Notice how quiet they got when I mentioned blacks killed by other blacks, as well as abortion. https://www.facebook.com/lawrence.hill.18847/videos/574820473238794/ AMDG


John F. Kennedy said...

Mind numbed robots.


Anonymous said...

Stupid White ppl standing up for other races who are beating attacking and destroying us for 3 straight weeks and counting.
"What time is the $uper Bowl on?
I just ate 45 pounds of hot wings and listened to Public Enemy and NWA to show I'm not racist.
Huuuh huuuh huuuh I'm a White Boy."

Constantine said...

Most non-Americans don't even know what a US black person is like. When non-Americans look at events from outside the context they know, it's plain discrimination and racism. They don't know how cunning and politically astute these US black ghetto people can be with a "Jewish" lawyer standing next to them.

Tancred said...

Nonsense, many Europeans, from Sweden to Malta get a chance to be enriched by cultural diversity from various parts of Africa, including the Magrib.

John Seipso said...

True but it's those reactionary bloody immigrant Swedes, Germans, Poles, Slovaks etc in States such as Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin that don't appreciate the enrichment of multiculturalism. How quickly they have forgotten.

Tancred said...

Germans, Slavs and most of the Irish set about working at building and defending their adopted country by force of arms as soon as they came off the boats. Irish Regiments covered themselves in glory at Gettysburg just as soon as they got off the ships.