Sunday, June 21, 2020

Do Black Lives Matter, to Blacks?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The killing of George Floyd was a tragedy. One-two days of protest was legit. But nearlytwo months, ruined cities, hundreds of shootings (90 just in NYC over the weekend). This is b.s
Bring in the cops, the National Guard/

Damian M. Malliapalli

Tancred said...

The death of George Floyd was justifiable homicide.

He lived as he died.

Peter said...

Do Black Lives Matter? Absolutely not when the abortion rate of pregnant urban black women in the US is approaching 70%.

TR said...

No black lives do not matter. At least to those who claim they do. A black person is far more likely to be killed by another black than any white including a Klansman. When FBI agents infiltrate the Klan they report that they can't stop bumping into one another.

Ask a city cop who calls the police more Blacks or Whites?

Reading up on the capital punishment debate has been enlightening. We all hear how it is disproportionately applied to blacks. The fact is, that a white who commits murder is far more likely to be caught. If caught, far more likely to be convicted (even with better financial resources). And, if convicted, far more likely to get the chair. All DAs are looking for The Great White Defendant. Blacks kill each other all the time with impunity because no one cares. In America, a black person is just a piece of obsolete farm equipment (unless, he gets killed by a white dude)