Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Archbishop Negri "A Litany of Loreto for Migrants? Political Correctness."

Archbishop Luigi Negri: "I would not have inserted the appeal to migrants into the Lauretian Litany."
(Rome) Archbishop Luigi Negri is a top shepherd of firm faith and clear thoughts and words. Pope Benedict XVI appointed him bishop of San Marino-Montefeltro and then archbishop of Ferrara-Comacchio. No bishop was more opposed to the choice of Pope Francis and he was directly intrigued against. Now he commented on Mary's new appeal as "Helping the Migrants".

Now Archbishop Luigi gave an interview on another current, albeit very different, question. The archbishop, the Chapel of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was adapted next to the presbytery for the celebration in the Immemorial Roman Rite in his diocesan church, which his successor again reversed it, commented on the changes in the Litany of Loreto that Pope Francis last made on June 20th. 

Monsignor Negri was able to hold office until he was 75. But then he was retired by Francis despite good health and like Cardinal Caffarra in nearby Bologna he was replaced by a " street priest" whose self and understanding of the Church could not be more different. The archbishop is one of the high-ranking prelates who participated in Veritas liberabit vos in early May. In it, they warned of forces that are using the Corona virus as an excuse to establish a new world order. The mainstream media rolled over it with the steamroller. 

The ARD Tagesschau knew what it was all about: "Bishops spread conspiracy theories". 

The Domradio put one better and said: "With conspiracy against the Pope". The fashion in public discussion is new, but efficient and above all one-sided: Whoever does not want to hear certain voices and opinions talks about the "conspiracy theory". After the press flattened everything, the topic was hushed up.

Francis recently introduced three new invocations of the Virgin Mary: Mater misericordiae (Mother of Mercy), Mater spei (Mother of Hope) and Solacium migrantium (consolation of migrants). The first two appeals come from the first millennium, but the third is a new creation with a hint of daily politics. It is known that Pope Francis sees unrestricted migration as his special concern and is its first apologist. Archbishop Negri, on the other hand, disagrees in an interview with La Fede quotidiana: “It is difficult for the people of God to understand why. I wouldn't have done it."

Question: Excellency, are you convinced by this novelty?

Archbishop Luigi Negri:
 I'm not surprised about it, but I prefer to go to the roots, to the why. I think that motivation is based on a worldly way of thinking that is also present in the Church, which is connected with the things of the world and not with those of heaven, with the immanent and not with the transcendent. Furthermore, and I affirm this without any polemics, the Church has always lived its millennial tradition. Why question everything with constant changes and additions?

Question: Most of the incoming migrants are Muslims. Do you think it makes sense to call Maria for them?

Archbishop Luigi Negri: Mary is loved from a certain point of view by Catholics and Muslims who respect her. I'm not overly concerned about this. There is an ecumenism that unites Catholics and Muslims in the name of Mary.

Question: What is the essential?

Archbishop Luigi Negri: That we should not forget who Mary is to us. It is not a matter of the world, but a clear statement that God loves us through her. Maria never leaves us, that is our certainty, and she lets us as mother accept the most difficult things and situations. A person who is in daily contact with Maria will never be disappointed.

Question: Would you have introduced this invocation?

Archbishop Luigi Negri: No, I wouldn't have. They could have done without it because it complicates things, but of course it's not a heretical thing. Heresy allegations must be handled with care.

Question: What does this addition call for?

Archbishop Luigi Negri: Probably to employ a worldly key to support the logic of political correctness. 

Text: Giuseppe Nardi 
Image: MiL
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com



Catholic Mission said...

Mons. Luigi Negri, Emeritus Archbishop of Ferrara [2013-2017] and previously Bishop of the Diocese of San Marino-Montefeltro [2005-2012] does not interpret Vatcan Council II without the false premse. It is the same with Archbishop Carlo Vigano and Bishop Athanasius Schneider.
So doctrinal confusion still remains at Ferrara.
The Lega political party is unable to see the truth of the Faith since the conservative bishops do not interpret Vatican Council II without the false premise.
if they interpreted the Council without the false premise they could appeal to Mons. Giancarlo Peregro to do the same.-Lionel Andrades

MARCH 11, 2020
The young people in Ferrara could produce another video showing what is the Catholic faith for them, when Vatican Council II is interpreted rationally. They need to show the Lega Mayor Alan Fabri and the Lega Senators that the Archbishop of Ferrara-Commacchio, Mons. Giancarlo Peregro rejects a rational interpretation of Vatican Council II. He then suppresses the young priests in his diocese who reject the irrational interpretation of Vatican Council II.

MARCH 11, 2020
The Lega, as a Catholic political party must decide what is their policy on this issue. How will they interpret Vatican Council II so that there is no more doctrinal confusion in the Church which is politically motivated

nazareusrex said...

Monsignor Negri I disagree with you this is a Marxist addiction that is part of the modernist heresy and the heresy of religious indifferentism.

nazareusrex said...

​Thursday, July 2, 2020 6:48:09 am PDT
"The line contradicts Mother of God's unique mission in protecting Christendom and Her children of God exemplified in many wars against islam and violent barbarians flooding latin civilization and Christian culture, especially in Europe. This multi-cultural agenda with end to destroy Europe and the West is now dynamically implemented by all sorts of globalists aided by Vatican under rule of Francis. Such agenda opposes Catholic ordo - Mother of God and Mother Church, as well as civil order with nations and races created by Almighty God." (Gloria Tv Forum)

nazareusrex said...

If Archbishop Luigi Negri wishes to be honest and faithful to Catholic doctrine, he must go a little deeper, then he will realize that this "inclusion" is heretical, since by recognizing that it is "politically correct" as a product of a "worldly way of thinking" he is acknowledging that it is liberal and liberalism is heresy and sin. That way of thinking is not Catholic but part of the Masonic Marxist ideology. This heretical novelty is part of the modernist heresy and belongs to the heresy of religious indifferentism.

Tancred said...

Political correctness is synonymous with Marxism.