Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Minneapolis in Flames

Edit:  a perceived injustice has fueled city-wide unrest in Minneapolis, but this thing is being touched off in several cities nationwide.

Rioters are trying to attack and burn as many stores as possible to stretch resources thin.  Meanwhile, shop keepers have armed themselves.

During the Martin Luther King riots over 50 years ago, minorities burned down North Minneapolis and the corridor which is still bare half-a-century later.

Here is a Livestream in Uptown.



Anonymous said...

Dump a truck load of watermelons in the street and they’ll stop burning the place down.

Vox Cantoris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vox Cantoris said...

You disgusting racist. I'm Lebanese Canadian and love watermelon. My wife is South African and probably more Catholic and conservative than you.

The man was murdered. He was crying out, "I can't breathe, Officer." You dare to make such a disgusting statement.



Constantine said...

Granted that watermelons are irrelevant. My fellow American probably did not mean contempt or disrespect. But as I mentioned in a previous thread, the unfortunate experience we in the US have experienced is of a large population of former American slaves dependant on money and benefits from Masonic and leftist carpetbaggers and politicians. And the attacks are no doubt from American black Protestant, Masons and/or Secularists, or their dependent political clientele. Most of them antiLife; most of them antiFamily; and many of them recently released from jails that were advised to release them prematurely by CCD "experts"

Anonymous said...

We have more protection from our guardian angel than from the police.

Hans Kniesvonbumpsendaise said...

No wonder many people believe that the US is the most dangerous country on earth.

TF said...

Pace Vox! I'm sure you realize that there are anti-Catholics that leave inflammatory comments on Catholic websites like this just to discredit them. Comments like that could even be automatically generated by software, and it's hard for small sites to detect and delete them.

Constantine said...

Many countries may think the US dangerous, because they may not have cynical minds questioning their thought engineering media

Anonymous said...

Take your tablets Vox.
I’m just trying to stop further bloodshed with a technique that worked brilliantly in St. Louis at least a decade ago. Were some people offended? Yes. Did the rioting stop? Yes.

Take your pick.

Tancred said...

I’ve been working all morning and only had a brief moment to look.

I don’t do well with profanity-laced demands for my compliance to a progressive political agenda.

Osusanna said...

Agree with Constantine. I have their roaming pit bulls as neighbors.

Tancred said...

Just out of curiosity, David, would you rather live in a Lebanese neighborhood or Forest Park?


Jesús said...

You know what I think is funny and made me go: hmmm? Tancred didn't mention the race of the protestors and somehow Anonymous AND Vox Cantoris knew. One offers a solution, the other offers excuses and further protests.

Anonymous said...

It’s trial by the media and activists, a political circus. I wonder which political action group have organized the attendance. I wonder who was bused in. I wonder how many signs look the same, now many websites the protesters can be linked to. I wonder which protests these protesters attended before, and where they will be sent next. Political Theater.

Irenaeus said...

The solution is to give people watermelon so they will stop rioting? Oh, please. That's a stupid suggestion to make regardless of the race. Nor is a good solution.

Vox was referring to George Floyd, which is what started the protests in Minnesota, and those around the country.

Tancred said...

David was presuming to know a great deal about the situation, being that he lives in a wealthy neighborhood in Canada and all. The annonymous comment may have even been someone with his left-wing political orientation, or may have even been left by himself.

You'd think having a South African wife might help him see that these things are more nuanced, after all.

Meanwhile, black violence and hatred against Europeans goes largely unnoticed, and unpunished.

Tancred said...

Great comment, anonymous 11:52.

This thing is going to be going on every night.

It's meant to stoke the never-ending dialogue about racism and injustice, the usual Marxist talking points.

Obviously, our society isn't diverse enough, and as soon as it has as much diversity as say, Equatorial Africa, then we'll have a paradise, a real Wakanda!

Irenaeus said...

David would not have written the comment he responded to. I know from personal experience he does not take racism lightly, and I know he has torn self-proclaimed racists to shreds.

Also, David is an ardent conservative and is no left-wing political activist. Again, I know this from personal experience.

Yeah, having a South African wife (who is a lovely soul, by the way) and being Lebanese himself gives him the advantage of seeing things as they are and calling them out. Which is what he has done. (He is also a good reader and so he knows what he's talking about.)

I don't think you know David very well.

Anonymous said...

)ewish Revolutionary spirit before our eyes.

James said...


Wow. Didn't realize that you were such a potty mouth, Vox.
Be careful. You will break a tooth on the carpet that you are chewing over this.
Canadians usually never let the rest of us forget how correct and polite the people of your country are.
Your vile language sounds very....American.

Tancred said...

@Iranaeus, lol, he's tearing his carpet to bits with seething and inarticulate rage.


Vox Cantoris said...

I am not the issue. The comment about a truckload of watermelons and its blatant racism is. I am not leftist or modernist, but there is only one race and we are all the children of a loving God. I, in know way, defend the violence. The issue the unjust murder of an innocent man and you, Tancred, as a Catholic, tolerating racist hate in your combox.

You made the response about me, not about the racist that posted the comment. You have chosen to leave the comment and mock me.

Therefore, I will de-link The Eponymous Flower from my blog roll effective immediately. You can de-link me, if you so choose.

And the word "fuck" is simply a word. It is a lot less offensive than the watermelon phrase that you tolerate here.

David Anthony Domet
Vox Cantoris

Anonymous said...

What about the staggering amount of Black on White AND
Arab on White rapes and racial attacks?!?!

Anonymous said...

How is giving free food to a mob racist? It’s worth a try even if it hurts your feelings. I just worry about the day I see a truckload of watermelons 🍉 going down the road and everyone just assumes it’s off to quell a riot. It’ll have become another entitlement like gold chains.

Tancred said...

David, the problem is that Floyd wasn’t innocent and he was resisting arrest. You’re going to look pretty foolish when the toxicology report comes out and indicates that his death was likely caused by drugs.

You’re the one who presumed that watermelons were connected to black people. You know, and Greeks and Lebos love watermelons! Just look at how Greek neighborhoods are extremely dangerous and all of the racial hostility one experiences in Chicago Greek Communities. One day, I went in to get some Kefalakia and some Raki, and they told me that “Franggi” weren’t being served and some of the proprietor’s mustachioed sons stared malevolently at me from a dark corner of the Taverna. As I left, Greek children threw rocks and rotten fruit as I tried to make my way down the street to the safety of the tube! ��

All I can say is, don’t go into Greek town after dark! Or ever!

The monks at Mount Athos were the meanest ever!

James said...

Wow, Tancred!
You have been "de-linked". Take THAT!
I hope that you won't have to take an anti-depressant.

Tancred said...

Oh no! The bossy organ player de-linked me!!

Anonymous said...

It's still profanity, which is against the Second Commandment. There's other ways of disagreeing with people without offending God.

Every Catholic should set a good example for others, albeit in person or online, and especially if you influence others. Since you have your own blog, you are in a position to influence people for good - or not. (Lest you think I'm playing favourites, the same applies to anyone who has a blog.)

I'm very disappointed that you would use such language. It's not like you.

I've never met you or Tancred in person but I'm sure he hates racism just as much as you do - and I detest racism as well.

What happened to that man was despicable. If human justice fails then it falls to Divine Justice to avenge him - and it will.

Anonymous said...

May 30 1:02,

Well, aren't you just the little goody-two-shoes Mommy?
Take your feminine, nanny-scold baloney somewhere else. It is tiresome.
To paraphrase an old saying "who died and put you in charge of everyone else's behavior"?

Tancred said...

Thanks Anonymous May 30 1:02.

I don't think what happened to Floyd was despicable at all.

He led a violent life and died a violent death which didn't have much to do with the police officer as it turns out.

He overdosed on Fentanyl.